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1. iPhone 12 review: Should you upgrade to Apple's latest smartphone? Maybe07:08[−]

You'll get better photos in low light and a screen that promises not to break as easily. But the 5G isn't here yet, and won't be until 2021.


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2. Don't look to stand in line at Apple Store for new iPhone, they won't let you04:53[−]

Apple is offering interest-free monthly installments to buy the new iPhone12 for users of its Apple Card credit card.


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3. Facebook gives you more control over your timeline, minus algorithm04:16[−]

The new "Recent" tab on the News Feed lets you see posts as they come in, in chronological order, minus algorithm trickery.


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4. 'The future of food is technology more than chefs': Jon Taffer of 'Bar Rescue' opens new tavern02:32[−]

The Bar rescue host says he's using technology to have safer, cleaner restaurant. The first location is Alpharetta, Georgia; Boston and DC coming soon


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5. Russian hackers target U.S. computer systems; feds say elections data not compromised02:22[−]

New wave of Russian hacking efforts detected by U.S. officials; feds say election data not compromised


6. 5 common tech problems gone with these easy solutions01:32[−]

From poor Wi-Fi connections to secretly shopping on Amazon, Kim Komando shares answers to 5 common tech problems.


7. LeBron James and Black activists are fighting efforts to misinform Black voters on social media00:36[−]

LeBron James, Black activists are mounting a counteroffensive against a surge of election misinformation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.


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8. The best smart speakers of 2020Чт, 22 окт[−]

These speakers can do it all.


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9. The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this ThursdayЧт, 22 окт[−]

Get discounts on some of the most popular products on Amazon this Thursday, including the Ember travel mug, smart thermostats and more.


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10. Facebook Oversight Board open for business, the appeals of content removed from Facebook and InstagramЧт, 22 окт[−]

The Facebook Oversight Board will take appeals who want to contest the fact they had content taken down from Facebook and Instagram.


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11. Debate sets stage for anti-conservative bias charges against Facebook and Twitter over Hunter Biden articleЧт, 22 окт[−]

When Trump and Biden take the debate stage Thursday night, Facebook and Twitter may be the ones in the hot seat over charges of anti-conservative bias


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12. The lowest prices of the season are happening right now at Kohl's—here's what to shopЧт, 22 окт[−]

Kohl's is offering up its lowest prices of the season on everything from iRobot Roomba vacuums to furniture and clothing—shop all the best deals.


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13. Senate Judiciary Committee authorizes subpoenas for Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg over Hunter Biden storiesЧт, 22 окт[−]

Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said he hoped it would give the panel "leverage" to secure testimony from the CEOs.


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14. Google's sleek new smart speaker is already a contenderЧт, 22 окт[−]

"Hey Google, turn the volume all the way up."


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15. Amazon's new Echo speakers sound better, but do you need to upgrade?Чт, 22 окт[−]

Amazon's latest generation Echo now sells for $99 while the Echo Dot is $60. The Kids Dot edition is also $60. The Echo Show 10 is "coming soon."


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16. After 6-month existence, video streaming service Quibi calls it quitsЧт, 22 окт[−]

Short-form video service Quibi, launched in April and led by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, is shutting down.


17. First impressionsСр, 21 окт[−]

iPhone 12: ??


18. Explainer ???Ср, 21 окт[−]

Google DOJ lawsuit


19. ? blowing up?Ср, 21 окт[−]

? political texts


20. 'Among Us': AOC, Ilhan Omar are fans of the popular video game. Here's what to know about itСр, 21 окт[−]

Among Us, which first launched in 2018, sparked attention following a Twitch stream featuring Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.


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21. Google antitrust: Just how much do you actually use it? Way more than you thinkСр, 21 окт[−]

E-mail, calendar, search from Google are just the tip of the iceberg. Could you live without Maps or Waze, or your Chromebook?


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22. Adobe can change a sky, add a smile in seconds with PhotoshopВт, 20 окт[−]

Photography purists will wonder whether Photoshop is further altering reality, but tools are there to make photos look better.


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23. Microsoft Teams will use artificial intelligence to better reduce background noises in video conferencesПн, 19 окт[−]

During the coronavirus pandemic, co-workers connect via video conferencing. Microsoft's Teams has a new feature coming to reduce background noises.


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24. College students struggle to spot misinformation online as 2020 election approachesПн, 19 окт[−]

As the 2020 election approaches, don't fall for the premise that young people, otherwise known as "digital natives," are immune to misinformation.


25. Apple's iPhone 12 Pro harder to getПт, 16 окт[−]

Only 2 of the 4 new iPhones went on pre-order Friday. The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max begin their pre-orders on 11/6 at 5 a.m. PT


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26. Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty: These are the biggest games launching this fall seasonВт, 01 сен[−]

Most developers save their biggest releases for the fall and holiday season, when many shoppers will purchase video games, consoles and more.


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27. These online learning tips will help parents prepare for a successful school year, even if it is virtual.Пт, 07 авг[−]

Every kid is unique and it's important to find out what works best for your child.


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28. A lesson in pop culture iconography as Pac-Man turns 40Пт, 22 мая[−]

See why Pac-Man gained and retained its popularity seen in movies like "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," "Pixels" and "Ready Player One."


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29. Coronavirus: Stressed, depressed, and feeling bad? You're not alone: Where to get free help onlineЧт, 09 апр[−]

As sheltering in place stretches into weeks for many, anxiety, isolation, stress and cabin fever are common. There's free mental health help online.


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30. ? Our daily tech podcastВт, 20 авг 2019[−]

Talking Tech


31. Reviewed.comСр, 14 авг 2019[−]

A comprehensive source for unbiased product reviews written by our team of experts.


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