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1. Instagram co-founders Systrom, Krieger set to leave the company17:53[−]

Instagram's co-founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, resigned and will leave the company to move on to their next project.


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2. Instagram's founders leaving 'to explore our curiosity'17:52[−]

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are leaving the company, they said in a surprise announcement late Monday


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3. We dropped a thirsty iPhone XS into coffee, wine, beer and soda: Here's how it did17:43[−]

The iPhone XS and XS Max are water resistant like other phones. But these new devices are also supposed to withstand beer and soda spills. Did they?


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4. 'Star Trek' medical scanner able to diagnose cancer no longer sci-fi17:17[−]

Researchers from Glasgow University have developed a device that may change the way we diagnose illnesses forever. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.


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5. Dear Jeff Sessions and conservatives, don't mess with Google, Facebook or Twitter16:56[−]

Tech platforms have no incentive to inject conservative bias and drive away consumers. Sessions and GOP attorneys general should leave them alone.


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6. How to watch all your fall TV shows after cutting the cord16:34[−]

As the fall television season approaches and a lineup of new and returning series kicks off, we look at your best streaming TV options to catch up and keep up.


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7. Camera shootout: Apple iPhone XS Max vs. 8 Plus in low light16:09[−]

We went out with the new phone to see how it compared to last year's model. Differences are subtle, except in low light and in "Portrait" settings.


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8. From compact speakers to selfie sticks: Best gadgets you can find at the dollar store16:05[−]

Don’t expect to walk out with a wireless speaker or touch-screen tablet, but you might just be pleasantly surprised at what you can buy.


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9. With Sirius behind it, can Pandora now stage a comeback?14:49[−]

Pandora has been struggling for years, as consumers moved to on-demand music. But can it bounce back with Sirius XM's purchase for $3.5 billion?


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10. Two mini-rovers on an asteroid just sent back some amazing photos03:52[−]

Two tiny exploration rovers sitting on an asteroid just sent back some pretty amazing images.


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11. Report: Climate change is heating up and drying out national parks03:49[−]

Climate change might be considered by skeptics as a made up phenomenon, but a new study reveals it is actually drying out national parks throughout the country. Susana Victoria Perez has more.


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12. SiriusXM to buy Pandora streaming radio service for $3.5 billion02:12[−]

On-demand audio continues to shake up the radio business as SiriusXM said it reached a deal to acquire online streaming service Pandora Media.


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13. The best air fryers of 201800:05[−]

Can frying without the fat live up to the hype?


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14. Google's new voice is Roku00:03[−]

No. 1 streaming player Roku is integrating Google Assistant, which will let viewers control the device with just a "Hey, Google."


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15. MacOS Mojave is here: 8 ways it can update your MacПн., 24 сент.[−]

From Dark Mode to easier tools for adding pictures to your documents, MacOS Mojave can add a fresh coat to your aging Mac.


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16. Apple offering AppleCare monthly plans for new iPhones along with theft and loss optionПн., 24 сент.[−]

The new iPhones aren't the only thing that'll cost more. There's also a higher price tag on AppleCare, Apple's extended warranty policy.


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17. T-Mobile's MetroPCS changes name and adds unlimited lure: Amazon Prime and Google OneПн., 24 сент.[−]

MetroPCS is ditching the PCS tag to become Metro by T-Mobile. It is adding new tiered unlimited plans with Amazon Prime and Google One cloud storage.


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18. New NASA space laser isn't a 'Space Force' weaponПн., 24 сент.[−]

The Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 will direct six lasers at sheets of ice and glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctica to gather data on how they are changing.


19. 3D gun advocate freed on bond in minor sex chargeПн., 24 сент.[−]

The owner of a Texas company that sells plans to make untraceable 3-D printed guns is free on bond after being accused by authorities of having sex with an underage girl. (Sept. 24)


20. Raw 4K video, shot on iPhone XS MaxПн., 24 сент.[−]

Standing under the Manhattan Beach Pier, shooting with Apple's new iPhone XS Max, in 4K and 30 frames per second


21. You'll be using a fingerprint to start your car soonПн., 24 сент.[−]

With many key fobs vulnerable to hacking, automotive security experts say car companies will soon require fingerprinting to start new vehicles.


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22. Google’s latest Chrome update tightens the locks on Adobe FlashПн., 24 сент.[−]

In its latest update to Chrome, it sounds like Google doesn’t want you using Flash: Yes, that’s exactly the point.


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23. Amazon Echo and Google Home are secret bestiesПн., 24 сент.[−]

They might be competing AI's from giant companies, but Alexa and Google still play nice together.


24. These are the 5 best Amazon deals right nowПн., 24 сент.[−]

Kick off the week with a great deal on an awesome product.


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25. Watch this incredibly strange eel inflate like a balloonПн., 24 сент.[−]

There are definitely some strange things in our oceans, but even ocean researchers were blown away by this gulper eel.


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26. We drowned an iPhone XS in beer, wine, soda and coffee.Пн., 24 сент.[−]

We put an iPhone XS through a liquid torture test. the latest models are also able to withstand accident spills, from beer, wine, soda and more.


27. SiriusXM to buy Pandora in $3.5 billion dealПн., 24 сент.[−]

SiriusXM is buying music streaming service Pandora for around $3.5 billion dollars. Veuer's Sam Berman has the full story.


28. Your daily Talking Tech podcasts right hereПн., 24 сент.[−]

The audio quick hit gives you the latest on the newest gadgets, trends and tech news, delivered in USA TODAY's quick hit format. You can listen to Talking Tech on Apple and Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio and other audio providers.


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29. Ways to spot hidden cameras in your Airbnb rentalПн., 24 сент.[−]

While Airbnb's are great hotel alternatives, here's how to make sure your rental pad doesn't have a hidden camera. Buzz60's Natasha Abellard has the story.


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30. New iPhone cameras strut their stuff in low lightПн., 24 сент.[−]

Results from a back to back comparison of the new iPhone camera to an older model look identical, except in low light and with a new software trick. Jefferson Graham reports on Talking Tech.


31. PayPal drops Infowars, becoming latest tech giant to distance itself from Alex JonesВс., 23 сент.[−]

PayPal is the latest in a succession of businesses to part ways or limit Alex Jones' influence. Others include: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Spotify.


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32. 20 of the best-selling Halloween decorations on Amazon—and if they're worth itВс., 23 сент.[−]

Sure, they look spooky, but are they worth buying?


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33. Here are the best deals you can get on Amazon this weekendСб., 22 сент.[−]

You've got the day off! Time to shop!


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34. Coming this fall: Amazon will be listening to us more than everСб., 22 сент.[−]

From the living room to the den, kitchen and even the car, Amazon's Echo speakers are listening to us every time we use the "Alexa" wake word.


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35. Cyber crooks try to divert direct-deposit paychecks into their accounts, FBI warnsСб., 22 сент.[−]

Scammers are re-routing the direct deposit of paychecks into their own accounts. As of July, about 47 payroll diversion cases had been reported.


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36. Why suddenly redid its ethnicity estimates, and why it will likely happen againСб., 22 сент.[−]

The science behind the popular genealogical tests from and 23andme is actually becoming so strong that even population geneticists defer to it. But as they expand their pool of consumers, results will likely change.


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37. Tour: the Amazon store with no cashiersСб., 22 сент.[−]

Jefferson Graham visits an Amazon Go store in Seattle, where an app gains you entrance to the store, and there are no lines or cashiers to check you out./


38. How potentially dangerous fake Apple products reach the US consumer marketПт., 21 сент.[−]

Potentially dangerous knockoffs of Apple accessories traveled an international trail before reaching the U.S. consumer market on


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39. This is your chance to get All-Clad cookware at crazy low pricesПт., 21 сент.[−]

Access this 24-hour sale while you still can!


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40. From Echo Auto to Alexa: Hits and misses from Amazon's new product revealПт., 21 сент.[−]

Echo Auto, a little $50 dongle, will bring Alexa into the car. Here's what else we saw at Amazon's preview of new holiday products.


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41. Google say it still allows third parties to scan and share your Gmail dataПт., 21 сент.[−]

In a letter to federal lawmakers, Google defended the practice of allowing third parties to scan data from its email client Gmail.


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42. Here are the best deals you can get on Amazon right nowПт., 21 сент.[−]

Snag them before the weekend!


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43. Clothing, jewelry, prescription drugs among America’s most counterfeited itemsПт., 21 сент.[−]

U.S. customs and border officers seized and destroyed some 34,143 shipments containing counterfeit items in the 2017 fiscal year.


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44. There are three new iPhones—here's how to pick the right oneПт., 21 сент.[−]

Need help deciding on a new iPhone? Don't worry—we've got you covered.


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45. New iPhones go on sale in New YorkПт., 21 сент.[−]

Apple's latest iPhones went on sale Friday in New York City. Dozens of customers waited on line outside Apple's SoHo store, waiting to purchase the upgraded devices. Sept. 21)


46. Selfie awareness is sending people to the plastic surgeonПт., 21 сент.[−]

Selfie awareness is sending people straight to the plastic surgeon. Buzz60's Keri Lumm reports on a new favorite procedure.


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47. New iPhones, Apple Watch announced at Apple eventСр., 12 сент.[−]

Apple Watch and iPhone updates are expected at the September 12, 2018 Special Event at Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California


48. Facebook and Twitter executives testify at Senate hearingСр., 05 сент.[−]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg testify before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Google exec Larry Page was absent.


49. 2018 IFA tech trade showЧт., 30 авг.[−]

The 2018 IFA tech trade show features new 8K TVs and other products from consumer electronics companies including LG, Samsung, Google and DJI.


50. First look: SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft for NASA astronautsВт., 14 авг.[−]


51. Samsung's best and worst smartphonesЧт., 09 авг.[−]


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