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1. UK workers who lose jobs to AI will be retrained02:07[−]
The government launches a scheme to retrain workers whose jobs may vanish because of automation.

2. Can you trust FaceApp with your face?Ср., 17 июля[−]
An app that transforms photos of people's faces into younger and older versions has gone viral.

3. Google suspends ticket site Viagogo from advertisingСр., 17 июля[−]
The move follows further legal action against the ticket resale website.

4. Google's Project Dragonfly 'terminated' in ChinaСр., 17 июля[−]
The firm's plan to launch a censored search engine in China had faced much criticism.

5. Elon Musk reveals brain-hacking plansСр., 17 июля[−]
Start-up NeuraLink wants to start testing its human computer interface on humans.

6. Data of 'nearly all adults' in Bulgaria stolenСр., 17 июля[−]
A hacker targeted the Balkan country's tax agency and reportedly offered local media access to stolen data.

7. 'Cordless' Dyson fan advert falls foul of watchdogСр., 17 июля[−]
The UK Advertising Standards Authority bans a Dyson ad for implying fan is cordless.

8. Disability emojis: Guide dog and wheelchair user revealedСр., 17 июля[−]
The Emojis have been released by Apple and Android to better represent disabled people.

9. The toy-sized satellites with an eye on the worldСр., 17 июля[−]
Small, cheap satellites can help us track pollution, crop yields and congestion like never before.

10. Juventus to be called Piemonte Calcio in Fifa after PES dealВт., 16 июля[−]
Fifa 20 will be the first game in 25 years not to feature the licence for Serie A champions Juventus.

11. Daily Stormer founder 'should pay $14m' in damages, judge saysВт., 16 июля[−]
A magistrate recommends Andrew Anglin recompense a Jewish woman over his harassment campaign.

12. Trump: Google should be probed over China treason claimВт., 16 июля[−]
President Trump tweets he will look into allegations made by the tech billionaire Peter Thiel.

13. Bianca Devins murder images flood InstagramВт., 16 июля[−]
Instagram is struggling to remove graphic images of the body of a 17-year-old girl.

14. Will ships without sailors be the future of trade?Вт., 16 июля[−]
May saw the world's first unmanned commercial shipping operation.

15. Monsters and power-ups in new go-kart experienceПн., 15 июля[−]
Drivers can score points by shooting virtual monsters while racing each other.

16. 'My son spent ?3,160 in one game'Пн., 15 июля[−]
As politicians call for more regulation, you share your stories about children spending money within games.

17. Are 5G masts dangerous or is it just fearmongering?Пн., 15 июля[−]
Exposure from mobile networks including 5G fall well below limits set by international regulators.

18. Esports: Trying to make millions through video gamingВс., 14 июля[−]
Top stars of esports, or competitive video gaming, can earn millions of dollars a year without breaking a sweat.

19. The jumping space robot SpaceBok and other newsПт., 12 июля[−]
BBC Click's Nick Kwek looks at some of the week's best technology news stories.

20. Artificial lionfish powered by ‘robotic blood’Чт., 11 июля[−]
The circulatory system fitted to the synthetic fish allows it to be powered for about 40 hours.

21. Google Doodle: Meet the artist with an audience of billionsСр., 10 июля[−]
A potential audience of 5.6bn people view the work of Matthew Cruickshank and his team.

22. Are robots getting better at football?Пн., 08 июля[−]
Robocup 2019, the world cup for autonomous robots, has been taking place in Sydney.

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