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1. Drug that prevents half of breast cancers carries on workingЧт, 12 дек[−]
Anastrozole is available already, but doctors say substantially more women should be taking it.

2. Could talking about football help combat dementia?Чт, 12 дек[−]
Patients and their carers in Birmingham meet to reminisce about players and the game they love.

3. 'My boss lets us book hangover days'Чт, 12 дек[−]
One firm lets employees work from the comfort of their own sofa, even after they've been out drinking.

4. White Island volcano: Why New Zealand is importing skinСр, 11 дек[−]
The number of people with severe burns means doctors are sourcing donor skin from the US.

5. 'Four hours to walk off pizza calories' warning works, experts sayСр, 11 дек[−]
Consumers should be told it takes four hours to walk off the calories in a pizza, researchers say.

6. Boy's rare eye cancer spotted in photographВт, 10 дек[−]
Noah Blanks, aged six, had an eye removed after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

7. GP Manish Shah guilty of sex assaults on 23 female patientsВт, 10 дек[−]
Manish Shah cited Angelina Jolie and Jade Goody to instil fear in his patients about their health.

8. Czech shooting: Gunman kills six at hospital in OstravaВт, 10 дек[−]
The man opened fire at the hospital in Ostrava before going on the run and shooting himself dead.

9. 'There were no beds on the children's ward'Вт, 10 дек[−]
Louise Webb says she waited six hours in hospital for her daughter Lily to be seen by a paediatrician.

10. Online prescribing 'must get safer'Вт, 10 дек[−]
A UK coroner warns there could be more deaths unless regulation is tightened.

11. A third of hospitals 'increased parking charges'Вт, 10 дек[−]
Income from fees jumps 10% in a year, with hourly charges of up to ?4 levied.

12. Why can't this doctor work in the UK?Вт, 10 дек[−]
An refugee doctor would love to work in the UK, and the NHS would love to have him - but there's a hitch.

13. Yeovil Hospital agrees patient not properly anaesthetisedВт, 10 дек[−]
The patient said she was "traumatised" after feeling a cut in her belly button during surgery.

14. Surgeons withdraw support for heart disease adviceВт, 10 дек[−]
European guidelines on a form of heart disease are under review, following a Newsnight investigation.

15. Group B Strep: ‘A common bug could have killed my baby’Вс, 08 дек[−]
A mother whose baby got meningitis because of Group B Strep says all pregnant women should be tested.

16. Microblading: Therapist tattoos eyebrows for cancer patientsВс, 08 дек[−]
Beautician Laura Woodward is giving women their confidence back through beauty treatments.

17. 'My heart was dead for over six hours'Пт, 06 дек[−]
Audrey Schoeman's heart stopped beating after she developed hypothermia in a snowstorm.

18. Measles deaths 'staggering and tragic'Чт, 05 дек[−]
Global estimates suggest 142,000 people - mostly children - died from the disease in 2018

19. How a wrong injection helped cause Samoa's measles epidemicПн, 02 дек[−]
Two babies died after being given a wrongly-mixed vaccination - and the effects are still being felt.

20. Latex allergy: 'A balloon could kill me'Пн, 02 дек[−]
Liz Knight's latex allergy is so severe she cannot touch a newspaper or the buttons on the remote controls.

21. Zimbabwe health crisis: 'My cousin died as the doctors are all on strike'Пт, 29 ноя[−]
Health staff cannot afford to work, the government is now firing them amid what some call a "silent genocide".

22. Shropshire baby deaths: 'This review is our babies' legacy'Пт, 29 ноя[−]
The stories of parents whose babies died or were seriously harmed at a Shropshire hospital trust.

23. 'How do I go back to the Debbie I was?'Вт, 26 ноя[−]
BBC News meets women reversing a gender transition and hears from experts concerned for this vulnerable group.

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