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1. Sean Parker built Napster and helped lead Facebook. Now he’ll guide you to the beach08:45[−]
When Sean Parker crossed California's beach access police over his wedding in Big Sur, the tech billionaire agreed to create a coastal access app for the people. The app launches Thursday after an unusual collaboration between two very different, but very California, worlds.

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2. Apple is the latest tech giant looking for a home away from home03:05[−]

Apple will expand its workforce at new and existing offices across the country and plans to build a billion-dollar campus for 5,000 additional employees in Austin, Texas.

Though Austin will land the biggest part of the Silicon Valley giant’s expansion, the Cupertino company also announced plans...

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3. Almost everyone involved in facial recognition tech sees problems with itЧт., 13 дек.[−]

An unusual consensus emerged recently among artificial intelligence researchers, activists, lawmakers and many of the largest technology companies: Facial recognition software breeds bias, risks fueling mass surveillance and should be regulated. Deciding on effective controls and acting on them...

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4. Verizon admits defeat with $4.6-billion AOL-Yahoo writedownСр., 12 дек.[−]

Verizon Communications Inc. is conceding defeat in its crusade to turn a patchwork of dot-com-era businesses into a thriving online operation.

The wireless carrier slashed the value of its AOL and Yahoo acquisitions by $4.6 billion, an acknowledgment that tough competition for digital advertising...

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5. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says yes to privacy laws, no to political bias and maybe to ChinaСр., 12 дек.[−]

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai, in his long-awaited appearance on Capitol Hill, told lawmakers Tuesday that his company’s search engine had no bias against conservatives. He also said the tech giant had no current plans to introduce a censored search engine in China, but he wouldn’t rule...

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6. Google+ is shutting sooner, after a new security bug affects 52 million usersВт., 11 дек.[−]

Google revealed Monday that its soon-to-be-shut social network Google+ has suffered from another security lapse, a software bug that could have enabled third-party apps and developers to gain access to 52 million users’ personal information without their permission.

For six days in November, an...

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7. U.S. move to restrict immigrants' healthcare access would hit California's economy, study saysСб., 08 дек.[−]

Rules that could give immigrants reason to avoid enrolling in health safety net programs would deliver a blow to California’s economy, costing the state thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic output, a new study concluded.

Under the rules proposed by the Homeland Security Department,...

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8. Microsoft calls for laws to prevent facial recognition AI from hurting consumersПт., 07 дек.[−]

Microsoft Corp. called for new legislation to govern artificial intelligence software for recognizing faces, advocating for human review and oversight of the technology in crucial cases.

“This includes where decisions may create a risk of bodily or emotional harm to a consumer, where there may...

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9. Facebook is accused of offering advertisers special access to users' dataЧт., 06 дек.[−]

A key British lawmaker alleged Wednesday that Facebook maintained “whitelisting agreements” that gave select companies preferential access to valuable user data several years ago, offering insight into how the company balanced concerns about user privacy with the business imperative of growing...

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10. Quora reports data breach affecting 100 million usersВт., 04 дек.[−]

Quora, a question-and-answer website, has reported a data breach affecting about 100 million users.

In a blog post, Chief Executive Adam D’Angelo said user account information such as user names, email addresses, encrypted passwords and data imported from linked networks “may have been compromised.”


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11. Tumblr is banning adult content, and it's already not going over wellВт., 04 дек.[−]

The internet is home to a plethora of destinations offering adults-only content. But soon, Tumblr won't be one of them.

The microblogging platform announced Monday that it is banning adult content. In, naturally, a Tumblr post, Chief Executive Jeff D’Onofrio said the move was meant to promote “...

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12. Can't wait for a 5G iPhone? You'll have toВт., 04 дек.[−]

Apple Inc. plans to hold off until at least 2020 before offering an iPhone that can connect to the next generation of high-speed phone service coming next year, according to people familiar with its plans.

The delay may make it easier for rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co. to win over consumers...

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13. U.S., China say they're open to Qualcomm buying NXP. Qualcomm says: Too lateВт., 04 дек.[−]

Qualcomm Inc. ruled out any chance of a return to its abandoned bid for NXP Semiconductors after U.S. and Chinese political leaders appeared to open the way for possible approval of the transaction.

“While we were grateful to learn of President Trump and President Xi’s comments about Qualcomm’s...

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14. Sheryl Sandberg asked Facebook staff to investigate George Soros' financesСб., 01 дек.[−]

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook Inc., told employees to investigate the financial interests of billionaire George Soros in response to his January criticism of the social media giant.

Sandberg wanted to know if Soros had a financial incentive to criticize Facebook, the...

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15. What is this meat hoodie and why is it following me around the internet?Чт., 29 нояб.[−]

The biggest complaint about advertising today is that it is creepily precise. Ads seem to know where we shop, what we like, and the exact color and size. Many live in a state of paranoia that our mobile devices are listening to us, surfacing ads for things we’ve merely discussed but never searched.


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16. 2 Iranians indicted in ransomware attacks. Targets included an L.A. hospital and San Diego's portЧт., 29 нояб.[−]

A federal grand jury has indicted two Iranian men on a charge of orchestrating a widespread ransomware cyberattack scheme targeting U.S. cities, hospitals and transportation agencies, including Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center and the Port of San Diego.

The indictment charges Faramarz Shahi...

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17. ‘Facebook has a black people problem,’ ex-employee says in public memoСр., 28 нояб.[−]

Mark Luckie, a digital strategist and former journalist, says he accepted the job offer from Facebook reluctantly.

At first, he didn’t want to move to Silicon Valley from Atlanta, where he had been living, but he said his fiance was able to convince him, telling him that the job presented an opportunity...

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18. 9 nations slam Facebook for its failures to protect data and stop fake news. Zuckerberg doesn't attendСр., 28 нояб.[−]

Facebook Inc. faced a fresh lashing Tuesday from regulators representing Canada, France, Britain and six other countries upset about the social-networking giant's inability to stop the spread of misinformation online and protect its users' personal data.

The series of rebukes — delivered in London...

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19. Lawmakers seek to quash ‘Grinch’ bots that inflate holiday toy pricesВт., 27 нояб.[−]

Were your Cyber Monday deals not as attractive as you had hoped? Lawmakers say "Grinch" bots might be to blame — and they are introducing legislation to try to curb this digital threat to e-commerce.

A group of Democratic lawmakers is trying to make it illegal for people to use automated accounts...

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20. I live with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Here’s how to choose the right one.Чт., 22 нояб.[−]

Sure, you could choose a smart speaker based on sound or price. The go-to gadget gift of the season is available from Amazon, Apple and Google with better acoustics, new touch screens and deep holiday discounts.

But you're not buying just a talking jukebox. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant also...

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21. The heat turns up on Facebook's Sheryl SandbergВт., 20 нояб.[−]

For the last decade, Sheryl Sandberg has been the poised, reliable second-in-command to Facebook Inc. chief Mark Zuckerberg, helping steer the social networking giant’s rapid growth around the world while also cultivating her brand in ways that hint at bigger personal aspirations.

But as criticism...

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22. Tech stocks' drop puts Silicon Valley on edge: Start-up investors get skittish. Home prices fallПн., 19 нояб.[−]

Steve Hoffman grabs the mic and, at once, beams Silicon Valley optimism. Decked out in his trademark purple-and-blue plaid shirt, his high-pitched voice echoing off the concrete walls, he touts his start-up incubator’s track record and rattles off the names he helped propel: Instagram, Etsy, Change.org,...

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23. Who lives with you? Facebook seeks to patent software to figure out profiles of householdsСб., 17 нояб.[−]

Facebook Inc. is applying to patent software that it could use to create profiles of users’ households by making educated guesses about how many people live in the household, what their relationships to each other are, what interests they share and what electronic devices they use.

The system would...

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24. Zuckerberg hurries to counter report that Facebook hired a firm to smear its criticsПт., 16 нояб.[−]

Facebook Inc. chief Mark Zuckerberg scrambled Thursday to distance himself from a report that his company had suppressed internal research on Russian misinformation campaigns and had hired a right-wing consulting firm that used propaganda tactics to deflect negative attention and discredit the...

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25. Apple is recruiting chip engineers to work in Qualcomm's backyardПт., 16 нояб.[−]

Apple Inc. is aggressively hiring engineers in Qualcomm Inc.’s home base of San Diego, seeking designers to develop wireless components and processors that would further weaken the chipmaker’s chances of supplying chips for the iPhone maker’s future devices.

This month, Apple published 10 job listings...

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