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1. Elon Musk blasts Apple's OpenAI deal over alleged privacy issues. Does he have a point?Ср, 12 июн[-/+]

The Tesla and SpaceX leader's beef with OpenAI flared up again after Apple unveiled its plans to use ChatGPT to support some of its AI features. Apple said privacy is a key component of its entry into the space.

2. California lawmakers revive debate over bill requiring tech platforms to pay for newsВт, 11 июн[-/+]

New amendments to the California Journalism Preservation Act aim to make it more like a similar law in Canada.

3. Apple announces deal with OpenAI. Will it be a game-changer?Пн, 10 июн[-/+]

Apple announced new artificial intelligence-powered tools, including a partnership with OpenAI that allows Siri to surface answers from ChatGPT.

4. Trump raises millions in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills in post-conviction appearancesСб, 08 июн[-/+]

Former President Trump, in his first post-conviction fundraising swing, raises millions of dollars throughout California.

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5. In Silicon Valley, more support for Trump is trickling in. Is it a big threat to Biden?Сб, 08 июн[-/+]

In the deeply Democratic Silicon Valley, there are some defectors. They're setting their sights — and their money — on Trump in the 2024 election.

6. Inside the race to train more workers in the chip-making capital of the worldЧт, 06 июн[-/+]

Taiwan, which makes one-fifth of the world's semiconductors, is facing a severe shortage of workers.

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7. Op-comic: What one doctor learned as a guinea pig for AIПн, 03 июн[-/+]

I was skeptical of bringing artificial intelligence into the exam room, but it promised to reduce my screen time and shift the focus back to the patients.

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8. Trump plans to raise money in California in the aftermath of felony convictionПт, 31 мая[-/+]

Former President Trump is scheduled to headline fundraisers in San Francisco, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach next week after his felony convictions.

9. How Netflix is using 'Too Hot to Handle' games to build its reality TV audienceЧт, 30 мая[-/+]

As Netflix continues to invest more in games, it is expanding its titles based on its popular reality shows including 'Too Hot to Handle' and 'Selling Sunset.'

10. What's behind the anti-Biden 'wildfire' among TikTok influencersЧт, 30 мая[-/+]

About a third of adults under 30 get their news from short, punchy videos on TikTok, and that's a big challenge for the Biden campaign.

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11. OpenAI forms safety and security committee as concerns mount about AIВт, 28 мая[-/+]

The company said it formed a safety and security committee, which is expected to make recommendations within 90 days. The move comes after a number of controversies, including a dustup with actor Scarlett Johansson.

12. Opinion: Why the push to legalize gambling on U.S. elections is so dangerousВт, 28 мая[-/+]

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission denied financial services firm Kalshi's bid to allow betting on control of Congress. Now the company is suing to overturn the decision.

13. TikTok said to plan job cuts amid a wave of tech industry layoffsСр, 22 мая[-/+]

TikTok plans to lay off employees this week, according to a report in the Information. The job cuts come as other companies have recently cut staff, including Apple and Google in California.

14. Scarlett Johansson also thinks OpenAI's new voice sounds like her. She's not happy about itПн, 20 мая[-/+]

Johansson, who portrayed the voice of a computer program in 'Her,' was not behind OpenAI's 'Sky' voice assistant. Another actor provided the voice, OpenAI said.

15. Opinion: AI and privacy rules meant for Big Tech could hurt small businesses mostПн, 20 мая[-/+]

Knee-jerk regulations of AI and privacy issues could end up serving the biggest companies and hurting consumers by stifling future competition.

16. Sony Music warns tech companies: Don't use our music to train your AIЧт, 16 мая[-/+]

Sony Music Group is sending more than 700 letters to tech companies and music streaming services, calling on them to not use its music to train AI without authorization from the label.

17. How YouTube became must-see TV: Shorts, sports and Coachella livestreamsЧт, 16 мая[-/+]

YouTube said more people are watching live events like Coachella and short form videos on TV sets. Sports, including the NFL, are also boosting viewership.

18. TikTok creators sue U.S. government in a bid to stop potential banСр, 15 мая[-/+]

TikTok creators sued the U.S. government on Tuesday, alleging a new law that could ban the app violates their free speech rights under the 1st Amendment. The legislation is meant to force Chinese owner ByteDance to sell the service.

19. Pro-Palestinian activists protest at Google developer conference amid Israel-Hamas warВт, 14 мая[-/+]

A group of protesters blocked the entrance of Google's developer conference in Mountain View, Calif. The demonstrators have condemned the tech giant's cloud computing contract with Israel's government.

20. Randy Travis releases new music with the help of AI after a strokeВт, 07 мая[-/+]

Randy Travis has released a new song, "Where That Came From," with the help of artificial intelligence. It's his first single since he had a stroke.

21. To find masked mob members who attacked UCLA camp, police are using Jan. 6 tacticsВт, 07 мая[-/+]

Campus police are scanning hundreds of images and using facial-recognition technology to identify the attackers. Similar tools were used to identify Jan. 6 attackers.

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22. L.A. influencers, businesses live or die on TikTok's algorithm. Now they fear for the futureПн, 06 мая[-/+]

After President Biden signed a bill that could ban TikTok in the U.S., experts say the economic ramifications could be significant.

23. Meta now has an AI chatbot. Experts say get ready for more AI-powered social mediaЧт, 02 мая[-/+]

Artificial intelligence experts said social media users can expect to see more of chatbots and other AI technology influencing their experience — for better or possibly worse.

24. Washed Out's new music video was created with AI. Is it a watershed moment for Sora?Чт, 02 мая[-/+]

Washed Out is the first major music artist to commission a music video using OpenAI's Sora text-to-video technology.

25. Former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joins cryptocurrency company Coinbase as advisorВт, 30 апр[-/+]

Villaraigosa will focus on more equitable financial systems for Black and Latino customers, the cryptocurrency trading platform said.

26. Will hackers, trolls and AI deepfakes upset the 2024 election?Вт, 30 апр[-/+]

AI is bending reality into a video game world of deepfakes to sow confusion and chaos during the 2024 election. Disinformation is a danger, especially in swing states.

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27. Opinion: Americans might finally get a real privacy law to fight Big Tech intrusionsПн, 29 апр[-/+]

Congress is considering ways to protect our data at a crucial time, after Biden authorized a surveillance law and a TikTok 'ban' with a narrow focus.

28. Opinion: Does social media rewire kids' brains? Here's what the science really saysПт, 26 апр[-/+]

Jonathan Haidt's "The Anxious Generation" feeds the latest technology panic. But the research says something different.

29. Questions swirl over the future of TikTok. Who could own it? How will the platform operate?Чт, 25 апр[-/+]

Congress passed a bill that could ban TikTok. What could happen next, and who might buy the social media platform?

30. Google fired at least 20 additional workers after last week's Gaza protest, group saysВт, 23 апр[-/+]

The group that led protests last week at Google over a cloud computing contract with Israel said more Google workers were fired, bringing the total to more than 50.

31. Opinion: You don't need to own an iPhone for the government lawsuit against Apple to benefit youПн, 22 апр[-/+]

The Justice Department is arguing that Apple has degraded the iPhone user experience and the products of competitors. A victory would give consumers more choice in our digital lives.

32. Millions could lose internet access in California if this program expiresПн, 22 апр[-/+]

The Affordable Connectivity Program, which offers a $30 subsidy, helping millions of households across the U.S. connect to the internet, is slated to expire.

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33. Netflix's password-sharing crackdown is paying off as profits beat Wall Street's forecastЧт, 18 апр[-/+]

Netflix on Thursday released its first-quarter earnings, which topped analyst estimates in terms of subscriber additions and profit.

34. Google fires 28 employees who protested Israel cloud contractЧт, 18 апр[-/+]

The protests, organized by the No Tech for Apartheid campaign, raised concerns about Google and Amazon's $1.2 billion contract with the Israeli government and military called Project Nimbus.

35. Google employees stage sit-ins to protest company's contract with IsraelСр, 17 апр[-/+]

Dozens of Google employees stage sit-ins in California and New York, calling for the company to end its cloud computing contract with Israel's military amid war with Hamas.

36. News publishers' alliance calls on feds to investigate Google for limiting California linksСр, 17 апр[-/+]

The tech giant said it would limit some users' access on its search engine to articles from California news outlets, in response to proposed legislation to help publishers.

37. Google says it will reduce some user access to California news sitesПт, 12 апр[-/+]

Google said it will remove links to California news sites for some users because of concerns about a state bill that may require Google to pay publishers.

38. Roku says 576,000 accounts were hacked in latest breachПт, 12 апр[-/+]

Roku on Tuesday said that 576,000 accounts were accessed by unauthorized actors who gained login credentials from another source.

39. This L.A. escape room explores corporate greed — and shows how corruptible you really areСр, 10 апр[-/+]

The Ladder from Hatch Escapes has become one of the most buzzed-about escape rooms in the country, redefining how puzzles can tell stories.

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40. An AI app claims it can detect sexually transmitted infections. Doctors say it's a disasterВс, 07 апр[-/+]

'There are so many things wrong with this app that I don't even know where to begin,' one doctor said about Calmara, which says it can identify sexually transmitted infections from photos of penises.

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41. Hollywood celebs are scared of deepfakes. This talent agency will use AI to fight themВт, 02 апр[-/+]

WME is partnering with Seattle-based AI and image recognition company Loti to stop unauthorized digital use of images from WME clients, including deepfakes.

42. Opinion: The real AI nightmare: What if it serves humans too well?Вс, 31 мар[-/+]

A system with safeguards that prioritize people could do enormous harm. Artificial intelligence should be programmed to consider the interests of other animals as well.

43. Opinion: Why a TikTok ban isn't what we needПт, 29 мар[-/+]

U.S. lawmakers want to force a sale of the Chinese-owned app. But where's the action to protect Americans' personal data from any company?

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44. AI companies are courting Hollywood. Do they come in peace?Пт, 29 мар[-/+]

Hollywood talent agencies and producers have met with AI companies, including ChatGPT maker OpenAI, to learn about how their technologies could be used in entertainment.

45. Aerospace Corp. to invest $100 million in El Segundo campus, moves headquarters to Washington, D.C., areaСб, 23 мар[-/+]

Aerospace Corp., a federally funded R&D lab that supports the space industry, moved its headquarters to Chantilly, Va., but doubled down on its El Segundo campus with an announced $100-million investment.

46. What the DOJ's antitrust suit against Apple means for everyone with an iPhoneПт, 22 мар[-/+]

Consumers may see lower prices on app subscriptions and purchases if the Department of Justice succeeds in its lawsuit against Apple, consumer advocates said.

47. Caltech receives $100-million gift to develop new technologies at the speed of SpaceXЧт, 21 мар[-/+]

Inspired by the approach followed by Elon Musk's SpaceX, the gift from a longtime Caltech donor will create the Brinson Exploration Hub to facilitate faster research by Caltech and JPL scientists and engineers.

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48. AI a job killer? In California it's complicatedСр, 20 мар[-/+]

While the tech industry has been roiled by layoffs, the greater focus on AI could lead to new jobs in the future.

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49. Opinion: There's a clear way to regulate Facebook, TikTok and other social mediaСр, 20 мар[-/+]

With Google, Amazon, Twitter and other companies scaling back their safety teams, self-regulation is less likely, and AI poses big risks.

50. Is your smart device safe from hackers? New FCC program will label cybersecure technologyСр, 20 мар[-/+]

Internet-connecting devices that meet standards will soon come with a "U.S. Cyber Trust Mark" to help consumers choose products that protect their private information.

51. Congress is threatening to ban TikTok. Here's what you should knowЧт, 14 мар[-/+]

The House's overwhelming vote to ban TikTok unless it is freed from Chinese control suggests that a ban might be coming soon. But it's not that simple.

52. Why 'economic headwinds' are suddenly to blame for everythingСр, 13 мар[-/+]

Batten down the hatches: We're facing "economic headwinds." Why are so many corporate leaders suddenly using this euphemism when announcing layoffs?

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53. $600, free video game: How EA Sports got players to opt in to 'College Football 25'Чт, 07 мар[-/+]

Electronic Arts Sports is releasing its NCAA football video game — 'College Football 25' — this summer for the first time in 11 years. Players opting in receive $600 and a free copy.

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54. Mike Tyson to fight Jake Paul. Yes, an ex-heavyweight champ is boxing a YouTuber on NetflixЧт, 07 мар[-/+]

Jake Paul has been criticized for facing no-name boxers. The 27-year-old's next bout is against all-time great Mike Tyson, who will be 58 for the July 20 match on Netflix.

55. How Netflix survived the streaming wars to stay the subscription video kingСр, 06 мар[-/+]

Netflix faced a formidable challenge to its streaming dominance during the streaming wars. But the company has bounced back in a big way with its stock up nearly 90% in the last year.

56. He claims to have saved California homeowners billions. The insurance industry hates himПт, 01 мар[-/+]

Insurance companies deride him. The state insurance commissioner calls him out. But Harvey Rosenfield and his organization, Consumer Watchdog, have saved Californians lots of money.

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57. Opinion: How the Supreme Court should rule on Texas and Florida laws against social media moderationПн, 26 фев[-/+]

The cases, NetChoice vs. Paxton and Moody vs. NetChoice, concern Florida and Texas laws prohibiting moderation by platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

58. Supreme Court questions whether Texas and Florida can regulate social media to 'protect' speechПн, 26 фев[-/+]

The conservative Supreme Court cast doubt on whether Texas and Florida, the two largest Republican states, can regulate what appears on social media sites.

59. A major auto insurer returns to California — with a 30% price hikeПт, 16 фев[-/+]

Allstate, one of the largest insurers in the country, has resumed writing new policies through its website. But the costs are going up.

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60. 'Behind the times': Washington tries to catch up with AI's use in healthcareСр, 14 фев[-/+]

Policymakers are starting to puzzle over how to regulate artificial intelligence in healthcare — and likely to mess it up, the AI industry thinks.

61. Everyone on dating apps wants banter. But what does that even mean?Вт, 13 фев[-/+]

At its most thrilling, banter mimics the buildup and climax of good sex. At its most disappointing, banter may be branded on dating app bios but never experienced on a real date.

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62. You have until midnight on Friday to sign up for Covered CaliforniaПт, 09 фев[-/+]

The window to sign up for health insurance through California's state marketplace, Covered California, ends Friday at midnight. But there are exceptions.

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63. How the 'cool aunties' of pop culture flout the growing restrictions imposed on womenВт, 06 фев[-/+]

At a time in which women's bodily autonomy is constricted, the 'cool auntie' offers a model of glamorous independence — and a counter to the 'tradwife.'

64. Does insurance cover flooding and mudslides?Пн, 05 фев[-/+]

Probably not. That's because in Los Angeles County, home to nearly 10 million people, there are just 14,580 flood insurance policies on the books.

65. A floor that feels like magic? Just another marvel from this legendary Disney inventorСр, 31 янв[-/+]

The HoloTile Floor, Lanny Smoot's latest invention, was inspired by the 'Holodeck' from the 'Star Trek' universe.

66. Which entertainment jobs are most likely to be disrupted by AI? New study has answersВт, 30 янв[-/+]

A new study estimates that 62,000 entertainment jobs in California will be disrupted by artificial intelligence in the next three years.

67. Taylor Swift searches return to X after temporary block: 'We will continue to be vigilant'Вт, 30 янв[-/+]

Taylor Swift is searchable once again on X (formerly Twitter), days after the social media platform implemented a temporary block on searches for the singer.

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68. To protect kids, California might require chronological feeds on social mediaПн, 29 янв[-/+]

A proposed California law would require social media companies make chronological feeds the default for users under 18.

69. Those explicit Taylor Swift deepfakes are 'sexual exploitation,' lawmakers sayЧт, 25 янв[-/+]

Several lawmakers now have bad blood with the creators behind those explicit AI images of Taylor Swift. 'It's sexual exploitation,' said Rep. Joe Morelle (D-N.Y.).

70. Oprah's 'spiritual guru,' a longtime Californian, tests whether new age can win votes in New HampshireВт, 23 янв[-/+]

Marianne Williamson, who spent the bulk of her life in California as a new-age guru, is the most prominent Democrat on Tuesday's ballot in New Hampshire.

71. How plagiarism-detection programs became an unlikely political weaponВс, 21 янв[-/+]

In academia particularly, a charge of plagiarism can be devastating. Software makes it easier than ever to spot attribution errors in published works, which can then be weaponized for political gain.

72. Brian Eno on AI (he's a fan) and the Sundance documentary that bears his nameЧт, 18 янв[-/+]

The prolific artist, musician and producer has never agreed to be the subject of a documentary until now. "Eno" uses AI to be different each time it is shown.

73. Column: The George Carlin auto-generated comedy special is everything that's wrong with AI right nowЧт, 18 янв[-/+]

To a meaningful degree, the entire AI industry right now is one opaquely sourced fake George Carlin comedy special: a crass stunt whose only purpose is to serve as an advertisement for itself.

74. Internet trolls flooded UC Irvine chat groups with gore. Then students mounted a counterattackЧт, 18 янв[-/+]

After UC Irvine-affiliated groups on the instant messaging platform Discord were targeted by trolls spreading gory images, students banded together to block the attack.

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75. Meet the Netflix executive responsible for your recommendationsСр, 17 янв[-/+]

Netflix Chief Product Officer Eunice Kim discusses how the streamer recommends content and how the platform will evolve as other types of contents like games are added.

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76. All is lost in San Francisco? City loyalists take issue with naysayers. Data may back them upВт, 16 янв[-/+]

Bucking the 'doom loop' narrative, many tech entrepreneurs say San Francisco is still the 'it city' for innovation and opportunity — especially with the rise of AI.

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77. Opinion: I bought a flip phone and tried to get by without my smartphone. Here's how that wentСб, 13 янв[-/+]

A middle school principal and father grew concerned about people's relationships with their smartphones. So he opted for a dramatic tech downgrade.

78. Column: The AI industry has a battle-tested plan to keep using our content without paying for itПт, 12 янв[-/+]

ChatGPT and other generative AI applications rely on copyrighted material to do what they do. But rather than compensate creators, the companies are turning to one of Silicon Valley's most reliable playbooks.

79. George Carlin's daughter slams AI-generated comedy special: 'No machine will ever replace his genius'Пт, 12 янв[-/+]

George Carlin's daughter has criticized the AI-generated comedy special "George Carlin: I'm Glad I'm Dead," which features the re-created voice of her father.

80. Twitch is laying off 500 workers. Its CEO is upset the news leaked earlyПт, 12 янв[-/+]

Twitch Chief Executive Dan Clancy criticized employees for leaking news to the media about the layoffs of more than 500 employees this week.

81. Meta will limit reach of harmful content to teens on Facebook and Instagram amid scrutinyЧт, 11 янв[-/+]

Meta is making changes that will make content concerning self-harm and eating disorders be less visible to teens on Facebook and Instagram.

82. Beware Taylor Swift, the AI edition: The singer is not giving away free Le Creuset cookwareЧт, 11 янв[-/+]

Taylor Swift is not giving away Le Creuset cookware, despite ads that feature an AI-generated version of the singer and aim to scam bargain-hunting Swifties.

83. Actors can start selling AI voice clones to game companies under this new dealСр, 10 янв[-/+]

A new deal between the actors' union and an AI startup opens the door for performers to make and license "clones" of their voices for video games and other digital projects.

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84. California wants to reduce traffic. The Newsom administration thinks AI can helpВт, 09 янв[-/+]

Caltrans says AI can help generate recommendations so workers can take steps to improve the flow of traffic and potentially prevent accidents on the road.

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85. So you want to be a social media star? Here's how to make money as an influencer in 2024Пн, 08 янв[-/+]

The $250-billion creator economy is growing up. Here's what that means for you and your earning potential this year.

86. An FAQ from the future — how we struggled and defeated deepfakesВс, 07 янв[-/+]

We haven't agreed on guardrails against deepfakes. But this fictional FAQ (from five years in the future) shows the events of 2024 may force the issue.

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87. Column: Excited about AI and self-driving cars? A top roboticist is here to burst your bubbleПт, 05 янв[-/+]

Will self-driving cars and artificial intelligence take over the world? A distinguished technology expert says don't hold your breath.

88. What AI will bring in 2024: 4 predictionsВт, 02 янв[-/+]

If 2023 was the year AI broke into the mainstream, 2024 will almost certainly bring a whole new slate of developments. We asked several experts what we can expect.

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89. Why Netflix is turning 'Yu Yu Hakusho,' 'One Piece' and other manga series into live-action showsВт, 02 янв[-/+]

As it looks to build its global audience, Netflix in the last five years has released more than 10 TV and film adaptations based on popular Japanese manga or anime.

90. Worried about AI? How California lawmakers plan to tackle the technology's risks in 2024Чт, 28 дек 2023[-/+]

California politicians set the stage for more AI regulation in 2024, but they'll also face challenges as they try to place more guardrails around AI's impact on jobs, safety and discrimination.

91. Column: What tech would we be better off without? I asked, you answeredСр, 27 дек 2023[-/+]

Ring doorbell cameras, self-checkout kiosks, "smart" everything: These are the technologies readers said they'd most like to eliminate, if they could.

92. Column: The 10 best tech books of 2023Пт, 22 дек 2023[-/+]

From meditations on AI to investigations of cryptocurrency, this year brought a bumper crop of great books about tech. These are required reading for those who would understand this moment.

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93. Granderson: ChatGPT hasn't fueled cheating in schools. Do teens know something adults don't?Чт, 21 дек 2023[-/+]

AI will become a common tool for students, but it doesn't have to atrophy their minds.

94. Do you have a friend worth $130? Inside the shopping app that puts a price tag on all your contactsЧт, 21 дек 2023[-/+]

Flip, which competes with TikTok Shop and Amazon Inspire, bills itself as the only marketplace with honest reviews. It will pay you — and your friends — cash to check it out.

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95. George Santos' Ziwe interview shows the promise — and limits — of his Hollywood dreamsВт, 19 дек 2023[-/+]

George Santos has become an even bigger internet star since being expelled from Congress. But he still has those pesky federal criminal charges to worry about.

96. Why Google's lobbying in California skyrocketed this yearВт, 19 дек 2023[-/+]

Google funded advertising against legislation that would require large tech platforms to pay news publishers.

97. Apple is pulling two of its watches off shelves by Christmas due to patent disputeПн, 18 дек 2023[-/+]

Apple is pulling two of its most popular watch models from shelves this week. By Christmas Day, if a trade ruling stands, they will be illegal to import into the U.S.

98. Opinion: Amazon's takeover of the Inland Empire is a textbook case of corporate manipulationПн, 18 дек 2023[-/+]

Warehouses and freight trucks take a toll on residents, while corporate "community engagement" plans do little but silence local voices.

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99. A weirdly candid interview with Elon Musk's new AI chatbot, about Elon MuskЧт, 14 дек 2023[-/+]

The Times sat down — or logged in, rather — to interview Grok, Elon Musk's new AI chatbot, about the billionaire tech mogul and his various controversies.

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100. Column: This was the year of AI. Next year is when you should worry about your jobЧт, 14 дек 2023[-/+]

Questions that have swirled this year — Will my boss try to replace my job with AI? Can my work really be automated away? — are about to become a whole lot more urgent and existential.

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