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1. Snap has three years to make a profit before it runs out of moneyПт., 19 апр.[−]

In spring 2017, global markets crowned Evan Spiegel the new boy king of tech. At just 26 years old, Spiegel took his photo-message and camera company Snap Inc. public for $24 billion, making it the biggest initial public offering in years. The unprofitable company was valued more highly than Facebook...

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2. Pinterest IPO: Shares soar in their stock-market debutПт., 19 апр.[−]

Pinterest Inc. stock soared in its trading debut after the company raised $1.4 billion in the second-biggest U.S. initial public offering of the year.

Shares of the digital-scrapbooking company leaped to $24.40 on Thursday, up 28.4% from their IPO price of $19. The closing price gives Pinterest...

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3. Apple and Qualcomm begin a trial that could end their global brawlВт., 16 апр.[−]

Apple Inc. and Qualcomm Inc. have spent two years fighting around the globe over how much the chipmaker can charge Apple for iPhones using its patented technology. Neither has landed a decisive blow. That could change with a trial that began Monday in San Diego.

For the first time, a federal jury...

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4. As video games make billions, the workers behind them say it’s time to unionizeПт., 12 апр.[−]

At an industry conference for video game developers in late March, the thousands of lanyarded attendees could try new games, swap business cards and hear from experts on rendering realistic blood spatter.

Or they could talk about unionizing.

Hundreds joined a series of standing-room-only roundtables...

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5. Uber's past is still haunting its businessПт., 12 апр.[−]

Not long ago, Uber Technologies Inc.’s fast-charging, take-no-prisoners approach to growth and regulation was seen as one of its strengths. But as the ride-hailing company prepares for its much-anticipated initial public offering, the consequences of that reputation continue to cast a long shadow...

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6. Yahoo agrees to pay $117.5 million in latest settlement of massive data breachЧт., 11 апр.[−]

Nearly 200 million people who had sensitive information snatched from their Yahoo accounts would receive two years of free credit-monitoring services and other potential restitution under a legal settlement valued at $117.5 million.

The deal revises an earlier agreement that was struck last October...

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7. Hateful YouTube comments slam congressional hearing about online hateВт., 09 апр.[−]

A congressional hearing about online hate turned into a vivid demonstration of the problem Tuesday when a YouTube livestream of the proceedings was bombarded with racist and anti-Semitic comments.

YouTube disabled the live chat section of the streaming video about 30 minutes into the hearing because...

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8. Britain joins social media crackdown after livestreamed New Zealand attackПн., 08 апр.[−]

The United Kingdom joined a growing global backlash against technology companies such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc., proposing fines and bans if social-media platforms fail to curb illegal activity.

The government outlined plans for an industry-funded regulator that would police the technology...

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9. Snap rolls out Snapchat ‘Bitmoji Party’ social games, plus integration into other appsПт., 05 апр.[−]

After a dark year, Snap Inc. is letting in some light.

Evan Spiegel, Snap’s famously private 28-year-old co-founder and chief executive, took to the stage Thursday to deliver a keynote speech and announce a new suite of products for the company’s disappearing-message app Snapchat — including a...

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10. Hundreds of millions of Facebook user records exposed on Amazon cloud serversСр., 03 апр.[−]

Facebook Inc. user data is still showing up in places it shouldn’t.

Researchers at UpGuard, a cybersecurity firm, found troves of user information hiding in plain sight, inadvertently posted publicly on Amazon.com Inc.’s cloud computing servers. The discovery shows that a year after the Cambridge...

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11. CIA plans to spend billions on cloud computing with multiple tech giantsСр., 03 апр.[−]

The CIA is preparing to significantly increase its reliance on cloud-computing services, with plans to solicit tens of billions of dollars of work divided among multiple tech companies.

The program would also dramatically expand the federal market for the technology — and give a chance for other...

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12. A robot walks into a bar, doesn’t get the joke: struggling to teach humor to AIВт., 02 апр.[−]

A robot walks into a bar. It goes CLANG.

Alexa and Siri can tell jokes mined from a humor database, but they don’t get them.

Linguists and computer scientists say this is something to consider: Humor is what makes humans special. When people try to teach machines what’s funny, the results are at...

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13. U.S. officials plan for a future in which Huawei has a major share of 5G global networksВт., 02 апр.[−]

U.S. national security officials are planning for a future in which the Chinese firm Huawei will have a major share of the advanced global telecommunications market, and have begun to think about how to thwart potential espionage and disruptive cyberattacks enabled by interconnected networks.


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14. Lyft's public market debut will put its kinder, gentler image under a microscopeСб., 30 марта[−]

Lyft has worked hard to build a kinder, gentler image since its founding in 2012, when it was just a small group of drivers in San Francisco with fluffy pink mustaches adorning the grills of their cars.

It has offered its contractor workforce free bank accounts, discounted repair services and near-immediate...

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15. Lyft IPO: Shares soar in stock-market debut, close up 8.7%Сб., 30 марта[−]

Lyft Inc., the No. 2 U.S. ride-hailing giant, soared Friday in its stock-market debut after raising $2.34 billion in an initial public offering that priced at the top of an elevated range. That sends an encouraging signal to the stampede of Silicon Valley companies lining up to go public this year.


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16. Apple scraps plan for AirPower charging mat — an unprecedented retreatПт., 29 марта[−]

Apple Inc., in an unprecedented retreat, canceled its highly anticipated AirPower wireless charging mat and apologized to customers who were waiting for it.

The device, which was intended to allow users to charge an Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods earphones all at once, was originally announced...

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17. HUD accuses Facebook of housing discrimination — and eyes Google and Twitter tooПт., 29 марта[−]

The Department of Housing and Urban Development alerted Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google last year that it is scrutinizing their practices for possible housing discrimination, a sign that more technology companies could be ensnared in a government probe of their lucrative demographic ad...

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18. Britain’s spy agency delivers scathing assessment of security risks posed by HuaweiПт., 29 марта[−]

The British government on Thursday released a scathing assessment of the security risks that Chinese telecom company Huawei poses to Britain’s telecom networks, as London weighs whether to heed U.S. calls to bar the firm from the next-generation 5G network over fears it will enable spying by the...

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19. Palantir wins bid to build Army intelligence systemСр., 27 марта[−]

The Army has chosen Palantir Technologies to deploy a complex battlefield intelligence system for soldiers, according to Army documents — a significant boost for a company that has attracted a devoted following in national security circles but had struggled to win a major defense contract.


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20. Apple-Qualcomm patent spat leads to a possible iPhone import banСр., 27 марта[−]

Qualcomm Inc. has fired multiple legal shots at Apple Inc., aiming to use patents to get a ban on importing the iPhone. In separate rulings Tuesday, one missed and one hit.

The U.S. International Trade Commission on Tuesday invalidated a Qualcomm patent for a battery-saving feature. Earlier in...

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21. Apple launches Netflix-style news service; L.A. Times and Wall Street Journal participatingПн., 25 марта[−]

The Los Angeles Times is joining a new paid subscription news service created by Apple that offers customers who pay a monthly fee of $9.99 access to articles from a selection of publications, many of which are otherwise behind paywalls.

Also participating is the Wall Street Journal, along with...

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22. ‘I'm really struggling’: Facing pay cuts, some ride-hailing drivers prepare to strikeСб., 23 марта[−]

Frustrations are mounting among some Uber and Lyft drivers about wages and treatment. But because ride-hailing drivers are classified as independent contractors instead of employees, unionizing — a common way for discontented workers to bring about change — is something of a non-starter.

So in...

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23. Pinterest joins wave of upcoming unicorn IPOsСб., 23 марта[−]

Pinterest Inc., the digital-scrapbooking and image-search site, filed for an initial public offering Friday amid a burst of activity among soon-to-list technology-related companies in the United States.

Pinterest plans to list its shares as soon as April, a person familiar with the matter said...

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24. Facebook left ‘hundreds of millions’ of users’ passwords stored in plain textЧт., 21 марта[−]

Facebook Inc. said Thursday that it had left “hundreds of millions” of users’ passwords exposed in plain text, potentially visible to the company’s employees, marking another major privacy and security headache for a tech giant already under fire for mishandling people’s personal information.


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25. Google fined nearly $1.7 billion for ad practices that violated European antitrust lawsЧт., 21 марта[−]

Google was fined $1.7 billion on Wednesday by the European Union for thwarting advertising rivals, marking a third rebuke of the tech giant by the EU antitrust chief — and one that could barely come at a more politically sensitive time domestically.

The latest fine brings the total that Google...

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