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1. Iraq's Abadi, once the prime minister who could do no wrong, appears to be on the way out20:18[−]

It was only a few months ago that Haider Abadi, Iraq’s avuncular prime minister, seemed to do no wrong.

He had been credited with defeating Islamic State, among other accomplishments, and was expected to easily net a second term in parliamentary elections in May. He had the backing of the U.S....

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2. Mexican authorities discover cargo trailers packed with 124 immigrants — nearly half of them children20:18[−]

Mexican authorities said Monday that they discovered three cargo trucks packed with 124 parched and starving Central Americans — nearly half of them children.

The trucks were stopped Sunday after they sped through an immigration checkpoint in the southern state of Oaxaca, according to a statement...

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3. 3-D-printed gun crusader Cody Wilson arrested in Taiwan on sexual assault charge20:18[−]

Taiwanese authorities have arrested and jailed the owner of a Texas company that sells blueprints for untraceable 3-D-printed guns, who is suspected of having sex with a minor, an immigration agency spokesman said.

The Taiwan National Immigration Agency said Cody Wilson was arrested Friday at a...

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4. Trump administration faces criticism for seeking sharp cut in refugees settled in the U.S.20:18[−]

Facing backlash over the decision to drastically limit the number of refugees who will be permitted to settle in the United States, State Department officials are attempting to defend the move and soften its impact.

But ultimately, the proposed new quota — down a third from last year’s number and...

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5. Germany still has an East-West divide — but now it's about attitudes toward refugees20:18[−]

Ingolf Koecher and his wife, Bettina, have marched in 120 anti-Islam rallies in the former East German city of Dresden during the last four years.

The retired factory workers say they fear being mugged by one of the million foreign asylum-seekers from the Middle East who have arrived in Germany...

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6. Uighurs abroad cut off from relatives in Chinese detention20:18[−]

Adil Ahmad, 15, has had no contact with his parents since February 2017, when he received a frantic phone call from his mother in the Uighur homeland of China’s western Xinjiang region.

“She said my father was in some kind of trouble with the police,” recalls Ahmad, whose parents had brought him...

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7. In Brazil's election, Lula’s out, his surrogate lags in polls, and a right-wing rival is rising since being stabbed20:18[−]

Brazilian politics has never lacked drama.

During the last 16 years, two presidents have been impeached and a third is serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption. More than 100 other high-ranking politicians from 14 parties have been implicated in the ongoing corruption investigation known...

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8. 'Resign!': Protests against Jimmy Morales mount in Guatemala amid constitutional crisis20:18[−]

Protesters shouted “Corrupt!” and “Resign!” last week as Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales began a ceremonial speech on the eve of his Central American nation’s independence day.

The protests outside the national palace were the latest to rock the administration of Morales, a key U.S. ally in...

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9. Deadly attack by phony mariachis in Mexico City is reportedly linked to gang turf war20:18[−]

The killers arrived on motorcycles to an iconic downtown spot: Plaza Garibaldi, hub of Mexico City’s thriving mariachi music scene, popular with tourists and locals alike.

They were outfitted in the embroidered jackets and slacks of mariachi artists, but they didn’t come to play music.

All were...

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10. Pakistan's former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is freed on bail in corruption case20:18[−]

A Pakistani court on Wednesday suspended the corruption sentences of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members and ordered them released on bail pending their appeals.

An anti-graft tribunal in July had convicted Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law Mohammad Safdar of...

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11. El Chapo's twin daughters had a decadent Barbie-themed birthday. Mexicans aren't happy about it20:18[−]

It was a Barbie-themed birthday party most kids could only dream about, with carnival rides, hundreds of pink balloons and a theater-worthy set featuring gold chandeliers and a ros?-colored throne.

The guests of honor were the 7-year-old twin daughters of the world’s most notorious drug lord, Joaquin...

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12. U.S. praises North Korea's offer to shutter missile site and extends invitation for more high-level diplomatic talks20:18[−]

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un offered Wednesday to shut down a nuclear missile testing and launch site in a development welcomed by President Trump, raising hopes of a second meeting between the two leaders in the quest for a long-sought Korean peninsula denuclearization deal.

Kim made the offer...

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13. U.N. report says cultivation of the plant used to make cocaine is surging in Colombia20:18[−]

Colombia saw a record level of coca plant cultivation last year, according to a United Nations report released Wednesday, raising renewed concerns about the war on drugs.

Reasons for the increased cultivation of the plant used to make cocaine include the suspension three years ago of an aerial...

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14. For Americans in China, trade war will make the comforts of home more expensive. And that's just the beginning20:18[−]

The shelves of Beijing’s luxury supermarkets are crammed with familiar products that American expatriates cannot seem to do without, from breakfast cereals with just the right level of sugar and crunch to smoky salted nuts and cleaning products with the correct amount of oomph.

But Westerners —...

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15. The Mexico City quake last year took his mother and sister. Now he wants their permission to move on20:18[−]
Few people lost more than Fernando Sanchez Lira when a violent earthquake struck Mexico City one year ago. Since then, he has grappled with loss and an essential question: What does it mean to live in a place where you can't count on the ground standing still?

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16. Junked cranes, empty barrels, spilled chemicals: This refinery shows how far the once-mighty Venezuelan oil industry has fallen20:18[−]

There was a time when a job at the Amuay refinery — the crown jewel of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company — was a ticket to the good life.

Petroleos de Venezuela, at its height, was the fifth largest oil company in the world. Salaries at the plant were high, benefits generous, and workers basked...

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17. A year later, Mexico pauses to remember deadly earthquake: 'I dreaded even thinking of this day'20:18[−]

Olga Matamoros recalls running out of her swaying apartment building, certain that the six-story structure would collapse before she reached safety.

“When I got outside I saw a disaster: Dust everywhere, the building in ruins, and I unable to move,” said Matamoros, 65, sobbing at the recollection....

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18. Tree-huggers and police battle in a 12,000-year-old German forest in fight over coal mining20:18[−]

When German riot police began removing environmental protesters from treehouses perched high in a 12,000-year-old forest, they were met with an organic response: buckets of human waste raining down on their helmets and shoulders.

Two weeks later, most of the 150 activists have been removed from...

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19. When fake news kills: Lynchings in Mexico are linked to viral child-kidnap rumors20:18[−]

Ricardo Flores’ goal was to study hard, become a lawyer and earn enough so that his parents could return from the United States — the destination of multitudes from this impoverished corner of south-central Mexico.

“Ricardo always said that once he was working, he was going to tell my mom to come...

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20. State Department announces sanctions on 33, including Russians charged with meddling in 2016 U.S. election20:18[−]

The Trump administration on Thursday imposed sanctions on 33 foreign individuals and businesses, including at least 25 Russian nationals previously indicted by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III on charges of interfering with the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

The sanctions, announced by the...

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21. Russia blames Israel after its jet is downed off Syria after breakthrough deal to avert bloodshed in the countryВт., 20 марта[−]

Russian officials Tuesday blamed Israel for the downing of a Russian military aircraft near Syria’s Mediterranean coast that killed 15 people, even though the plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses.

The aircraft, an Ilyushin Il-20 reconnaissance turboprop, disappeared from radar screens late...

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22. Saga of truck filled with bodies of homicide victims sparks scandal in MexicoВт., 20 марта[−]

In Mexico, officials and citizens routinely announce the discoveries of clandestine graves baring skeletal remains from the gang violence that has convulsed the country for years.

The official count of the “disappeared” nationwide exceeds 30,000, and relatives of the legions of missing call that...

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23. Russia blames Israel after its jet is downed off Syria, after breakthrough deal to avert bloodshed in the countryВт., 20 марта[−]

Russian officials Tuesday blamed Israel for the downing of a Russian military aircraft near Syria’s Mediterranean coast that killed 15 people, even though the plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses.

The aircraft, an Ilyushin Il-20 reconnaissance turboprop, disappeared from radar screens late...

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24. Mueller document leads to Israeli whodunit over anti-SemitismВт., 20 марта[−]

A single paragraph in lengthy legal papers filed by special counsel Robert S. Mueller in the case of President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, has provoked a political whodunit in Jerusalem, where a statement that Manafort “coordinated privately with a senior Israeli government...

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25. As Korean leaders embrace, launching key talks in Pyongyang, the U.S. looks for concrete progressВт., 20 марта[−]

South Korean President Moon Jae-in met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a summit Tuesday, hoping to salvage the stalled U.S.-North Korea denuclearization talks and to pave the way for a second summit meeting between Kim and President Trump.

Kim told Moon he wanted the two leaders to achieve...

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