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1. ARM-Based MacBook Air Could Be Cheaper Than The Intel Version16:59[−]

Without a doubt, many are wondering what Apple’s shift to their own custom ARM chipsets could mean in terms of pricing. Will Apple’s ARM computers cost more than Intel computers? According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he speculates that there is a chance that it could actually be cheaper, and that we could actually be seeing a cheaper MacBook Air launch either later this year or 2021.

According to Kuo, “In an optimistic scenario, if Apple lowers the price of Apple Silicon’s MacBook Air to reflect the cost reduction, and if the newly-designed 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro are better than the old MacBook Pro, we expect… shipment volume to grow significantly to 18-20 million units in 2021.”

Now Kuo doesn’t explicitly state that he knows for sure that there could be cheaper models, but he speculates there could be. It’s actually interesting because according to an earlier report, it was suggested that Apple’s custom silicon chipsets could be priced more expensive than Intel, but that could be due initial costs and new technology.

However, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple’s ARM computers could end up being cheaper, especially since it means that in the long-run, Apple will save money by not having to pay Intel to purchase or license their technology. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see.

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2. 14-inch And 16-inch ARM MacBook Pros Coming In 202116:58[−]

During WWDC 2020, Apple announced that they would be transitioning away from Intel processors to custom ARM-based chipsets. It is largely expected that the first ARM-based MacBook Pro will be arriving later in the year, and now thanks to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we might have an idea of what to expect in 2021.

According to Kuo’s latest research note, he claims that in 2021, Apple will be launching 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros that will use the new ARM chipset, while the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro will be coming this year with the new ARM chipset. It is unclear as to what this means for the future of the 13-inch and 16-inch models.

Will Apple launch Intel and ARM-based 13-inch and 16-inch models? Or will they only offer it in ARM? Apple did state that during this transition period, they will continue to create Intel-based products, but stopped short of saying which models will be Intel and which will use the new custom Apple silicon.

Also, does this mean that we won’t be seeing a refresh of the 16-inch MacBook Pro this year and that Apple will “save” it for 2021? Either way, we guess we’ll have to wait and see, so take it with a grain of salt for now and hopefully Apple will have more details later this year.

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3. iPhone 12 Pro Models To Come With 6GB Of RAM16:57[−]

When it comes to RAM on the iPhone, Apple hasn’t exactly rushed to try and cram as much RAM as possible into their handsets. This has been a slight point of contention amongst iPhone users who feel that their devices could benefit from extra RAM, and the good news is that Apple is willing to oblige.

According to a tweet by @L0vetodream, it alleges that for the iPhone 12 Pro models, they are expected to come with as much as 6GB of RAM. This will be an upgrade over its predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro Max which comes with 4GB of RAM. However, it seems that for the non-Pro models, they will be sticking with just 4GB of RAM.

We imagine that this shouldn’t really pose too much of a problem since the previous models performed just fine with 4GB of RAM, but presumably the difference could encourage users to upgrade to the Pro models.

Apple is rumored to be launching as many as four iPhone models this year. There will be the base iPhone 12, followed by the iPhone 12 Max, both of which will sport 4GB of RAM. Then there will be two Pro models – the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, both of which will sport the rumored 6GB of RAM. Recent rumors have also “confirmed” that they will all use an OLED display.

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4. Crash Bandicoot Will Be Coming To Mobile As A Runner Game04:45[−]

Endless runners are fun, but after a while, it tends to get stale due to the fact that there is really no “end game”. This means that players essentially keep playing until they’re bored and get a score as high as they possibly can, and this is something that Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is hoping to tackle.

Based on the Crash Bandicoot franchise, On The Run will be a new game developed by King (best known for the Candy Crush series) that will bring Crash Bandicoot onto mobile. The gameplay for On The Run is basically the same as one might expect from a runner-style game, where players swipe left or right to avoid obstacles.

However, according to the developers, they plan on introducing more challenges such as bosses which should help shake up the gameplay a bit. There will also be custom skins (which we imagine are locked behind microtransactions), as well as various levels from the Crash Bandicoot franchise that gamers might be familiar with.

The game isn’t out yet but it is planned for both iOS and Android. Gamers who are interested in checking it out can go and pre-register their interest on the website where they’ll receive an exclusive Blue Hyena skin upon the game’s launch.

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5. This Is How Sony Could Handle Backwards Compatibility On The PS504:45[−]

When it comes to backwards compatibility on consoles, it’s safe to say that Microsoft has done a much better job compared to Sony. For instance, the PS4 supports backwards compatibility with PS3 games, but that’s pretty much it, whereas the Xbox One supports the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

However, in a tweet by @Renak_schedule, they have discovered what appears to be a patent by Sony in which the company is looking at an idea on how to make its consoles more backwards compatible with older consoles, like the PS4, PS3, PS2, and the original PlayStation through the use of cloud gaming.

Essentially what this does is that it will create a virtual machine on the PS5 (like how Mac users can run Windows using Boot Camp) where they can then stream and play games designed for older consoles on the PS5. To a certain extent, Sony kind of already does this with the PS4 where through the PS Now streaming service, they can play PS3 games.

However, the issue here is that gamers would need to pay for games they might already own, which can be annoying and is an additional cost that some might not be too willing to pay. This patent sounds like an extension of that, but assuming Sony can find a way to verify game purchases, it would be pretty awesome.

It would also make the PS5 a much more compelling purchase, where right out of the box, players would also be able to access a ton of older games while waiting for newer releases. However, given that this is a patent, there’s no telling if it will ever be made a reality, so maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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6. You Can Now Use The GoPro Hero 8 Black As A Webcam04:44[−]

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people are working and studying from home, and as such, video conferencing software is on the rise. While most of us have webcams, they aren’t necessarily the best in terms of quality, but thankfully, camera makers have since released software that turns their cameras into higher quality webcams.

Now it looks like GoPro has joined the list of camera makers to offer up software solutions as the company has announced the release of a beta firmware and desktop software. The release of this new firmware and software will basically turn the company’s current flagship camera, the Hero 8 Black, into a full-fledged webcam.

The best part about these official software solutions is that it makes it incredibly easy to use. All users need to do is connect their Hero 8 Black to their computer, run the software, and they’ll be good to go! Right now, the software is only available for the Hero 8 Black and is only available on macOS, but GoPro does note that they are working on a Windows version that will be released later on.

GoPro now joins other camera makers such as Fujifilm, Canon, and Olympus who have all released similar software for their cameras.

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7. Canon Takes The Fight To Sony With Its New EOS R6 Camera04:33[−]

When it comes to full frame mirrorless cameras, it’s hard to deny that Sony has pretty much the market cornered. However, in the past few years, we’ve started to see more efforts from other camera makers looking to challenge Sony’s position on the throne, and it looks like Canon might have a potential camera that could rival Sony.

The company has officially announced its latest full frame mirrorless camera in the form of the Canon EOS R6. The camera will come with a 20.1MP full-frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC X image processor, and if you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because this is the same sensor used in Canon’s flagship EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR camera, so you should be able to expect similar performance, but in a smaller package.

The EOS R6 also comes with a relatively large grip that should make it easier to hold, and we’re looking at other features such as an ISO range of 100-102,400 that can be extended to 204,800 if absolutely necessary. It also supports 4K video recording up to 59.94 fps, 1080p Full HD up to 119.88 fps, along with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, support for dual UHS-II SD card slots.

There is also weather sealing, a 3-inch LCD touchscreen on the back, and a 0.5-inch OLED EVF. If you’re interested in grabbing the EOS R6, Canon has announced that it will be available at the end of August where it will be priced starting at $2,499 for the body-only, for $2,899 for the body and the RF 24-105 F4-7.1 IS STM lens kit, or $3,599 for the body and the RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens kit.

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8. Your iPhone Can Now Be Used For Motion Capture04:33[−]

If you thought that motion capture would be an expensive process that would require a lot of equipment, for the most part you might be right. This means that for small time or indie developers, trying to create a game involving motion capture could be out of their budgets, but Epic wants to change that.

The company has since announced a new app designed for the iPhone called Live Link Face for Unreal Engine. Basically what the app does is that it relies on the iPhone’s front-facing TrueDepth camera system to assist with motion capture. While it might not necessarily be as comprehensive as a “true” motion capture setup, it might still prove to be invaluable for indie developers who are starting out.

According to Epic, “Live Link Face streams high-quality facial animation in real time from your iPhone directly onto characters in Unreal Engine. The app’s tracking leverages Apple’s ARKit and the iPhone’s TrueDepth front-facing camera to interactively track a performer’s face, transmitting this data directly to Unreal Engine via Live Link over a network.”

So far, the TrueDepth camera system on the iPhone feels more novel than functional. Apart from Face ID, there really isn’t too much else that it can be used for other than for fun features like Animojis. While this app still feels rather niche as it is aimed at developers, at the very least it does expand on the technology which could open up the door to more apps in the future. If you’re interested in checking out the app, you can download it from the iOS App Store.

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9. Japanese AI App Can Tell How Good Is Your Tuna Sashimi04:32[−]

When you eat tuna sashimi or sushi, there are some that are more expensive, and some that are cheaper. This is due to the different grades of tuna, where usually higher-end restaurants tend to get the better/more premium cuts, and it usually takes an experienced buyer to be able to tell how good the quality is when selecting the fish.

However, it seems that Japan wants to take some of the guesswork out of buying tuna because a chain of Japanese sushi restaurants have recently turned to the use of a new app called Tuna Scope. Developed by Japanese advertising company Dentsu, it is a machine learning powered app that can tell the user how good the tuna they’re buying is.

The app learns by being fed thousands of images of the cross-section of the tuna tail, where based on what it has learnt, it will be able to tell the user various characteristics of the fish they’re buying like the sheen of the flesh, the fat, and so on. These are things a more experienced buyer might know, but like we said, the app intends to help take out some of the guesswork for less experienced buyers and make it easier for them to spot a higher grade tuna, or at least a cut of tuna that suits their needs.

Some have expressed their skepticism about the app, saying that while visuals are one aspect of judging the quality of the fish, there are other nuances like the feel of the flesh that might be harder to gauge.

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10. Samsung Might Ditch Accessories In Future Handsets As Well02:52[−]

According to the rumors, Apple is said to be planning on ditching the accessories they typically bundle with their smartphones. This includes the earphones and the power adapter (they will include the cable though). Now it looks like other companies could soon follow suit, and Samsung is rumored to be one of them.

In a report from Korean publication ETNews, they claim to have received tips from industry sources who claim that Samsung might be considering making a similar move for its 2021 smartphones. This means that for now, the company’s upcoming Galaxy Note 20 (which is set for an announcement on the 5th of August) will still be bundled with earphones and a power adapter.

As to why companies might be considering this move, the answer is rather simple: costs. By not including these accessories, it means that companies like Apple and Samsung will need to make less components, which in turn can help them reduce their overall costs. However, since we can’t say for sure how much these parts cost in the first place, this decision seems to be more advantageous for these companies rather than consumers.

In fact, it was recently suggested that the iPhone 12, despite it not being bundled with accessories, could actually end up being priced $50 more expensive than its predecessor. Take this with a grain of salt for now, but we imagine that other companies are probably looking to see how the public’s reaction is when Apple makes their move before considering something similar themselves.

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11. iOS 14 Public Beta Is Now Live And Available02:51[−]

While iOS 13 was a pretty decent update, iOS 14 seems to be bringing a ton of changes to Apple’s smartphone operating system, where the company will finally make widgets a bit more front-and-center and more useful than before. This will no doubt change the way that iPhone users use their devices, and the good news is that you can now check it out.

After being available for developers to test, Apple has finally released iOS 14 as a public beta. This means that just about anyone with an iPhone or an iPad will be able to take the new operating system for a spin and check out the upcoming new features ahead of its release. However, given that it is a beta, you should proceed with caution.

This is because the beta is more about Apple getting feedback on features and ironing out the bugs and kinks that are no doubt still in the update. It’s probably not a good idea to use this as your daily driver due to various problems that might occur. For example, you might run into certain issues with your apps as some of them might encounter errors due to compatibility and optimization.

Also, as this is a beta, certain aspects of the OS might not necessarily work as intended, so your experience might not necessarily be consistent. However, for those who don’t mind taking the update for a spin, then head on over to Apple’s website for the details on how you can download it.

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12. This Gaming Mouse Comes With A Built-In Fan To Deal With Sweaty Palms02:49[−]

Some of us have sweaty palms and after an extended period of using our mouse, it can get kind of gross (they say our peripherals are actually dirtier than a toilet bowl). If you do suffer from sweaty palms, then you might be interested in checking out the Zephyr gaming mouse which actually comes with a built-in cooling fan.

The trend in mice these days seem to sport designs where they have holes on the surface, presumably to better facilitate airflow and also to create a lighter mouse (due to there being less materials), but the Zephyr will be the first mouse that we are aware of that comes with an active cooling fan built into it.

The fan speed can also be adjusted between 4,000 to 10,000 RPM, although we have to wonder at 10,000 RPM, will it be loud enough to be annoying. Also, as PCGamer points out, there is also the issue of cleaning and how gamers are expected to maintain the fan to prevent dust build up.

Apart from that, the Zephyr looks like a pretty standard mouse with two side buttons, three top buttons, and a scroll wheel that doubles as a button as well. The mouse is expected to be launched on Kickstarter on the 22nd of July with a “Super Early Bird” special priced at $79, so if you’re interested, you can sign up on its website to be notified when it eventually launches.

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13. The Sims Will Be Getting Its Own Reality TV ShowЧт, 09 июл[−]

Many of you might be familiar with EA’s The Sims. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s basically a game where you create characters in a virtual world, control them, and live out your fantasy life, sort of. It is a fun game, but for whatever reason, it seems that EA has deemed that it might actually be worth launching a TV show around it.

Dubbed Spark’d, this will be a reality TV show where it will task people to create characters, worlds, and stories in The Sims game in hopes of walking away with a $100,00 prize. According to EA, “For decades, diverse storytellers have been telling millions of stories in The Sims, inspired by their own lives and limitless creativity. Now, the competition is underway as twelve Simmers take on timed creativity challenges to build characters, worlds, and stories in the hopes of impressing the judges—and winning the $100,000 prize.”

It sounds like an interesting premise, although how entertaining it might be remains to be seen. It also seems to highlight the growing interest in watching people play video games, so if you’ve enjoyed watching live streams of people playing games, then this could be interesting to you as well. The first episode will premiere on the 17th of July at 11pm ET/PT on TBS, and will also be available through BuzzFeed Multiplayer on the 20th of July at 8AM.

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14. Upcoming Google Chrome Update Could Prove To Be A Huge Battery SaverЧт, 09 июл[−]

While Google’s Chrome is a fantastic browser in terms of its features and tight integration with its various products and services, there is no denying that Chrome is guilty of being a resource hog in terms of memory consumption and also a drain on devices that runs on a battery, like laptops.

However, according to TheWindowsClub, they have discovered some changes that Google could be making to Chrome that could help conserve battery in a big way. This comes in the form of an experimental feature that limits the JavaScript timer to wake up in background webpages to just one wake per minute.

This is actually a feature that Apple has employed in Safari, so it’s nice to see that Chrome users could potentially get the feature as well. So what does this mean for end-users? Similar to background app refreshes, by limiting the number of JavaScript wake ups in tabs in the background, it means that Chrome would use less resources, and in turn could help save battery life.

It seems that Google has tested this feature out to see its impact on battery life, and found that by enabling the feature, it could end up saving users as much as 2 hours of battery life with 36 background tabs open. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on what else you are doing, but it is still pretty good news all the same.

Like we said, the feature is currently still in its experimental phase, but if you have Chrome 86, you can enable it by typing chrome://flags in the address bar, look for Throttle Javascript Timers, and enable it.

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15. Facebook Could Introduce Cross-Platform Messaging Between WhatsApp And MessengerЧт, 09 июл[−]

Facebook currently owns several methods of communication. They have Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, all of which allow users to message each other. However, accordion to a report from WABetaInfo, it seems that Facebook could be considering cross-platform messaging where users on Messenger could potentially communicate with users on WhatsApp.

According to the discovery by WABetaInfo, they write, “Following the references listed in this image, Facebook can understand if a WhatsApp contact is blocked, sounds of push notifications, the details of a chat (that includes particular information like the phone number of the contact, a message counter, if the chat is archived..) but not its content, members of a specific group and profile pictures of the contact.”

While there is no explicit mention of cross-platform messaging, their discovery does seem to suggest that Facebook could potentially be laying down the groundwork to make that happen. If this is accurate and Facebook is planning to do what we think they are planning to do, it could actually be a pretty good idea.

This could reduce the number of messaging apps we may need, making it more efficient. However, there are also some privacy concerns since WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, while Messenger does not. In any case, it might be too early to tell, but in the meantime what do you think? Would such a feature be of interest to you?

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16. Want A New iMac? You’ll Have To Wait Until September To Get ItЧт, 09 июл[−]

According to the rumors, it was initially suggested that Apple could have new iMacs to announce at WWDC 2020, but that obviously did not happen, although we can’t say we’re too surprised. However, it seems that there is a chance that a refresh could be taking place soon, or so we hope.

This is because according to a report from MacRumors, they have discovered that the shipping estimates for the 27-inch iMac have slipped rather considerably, where the mid and high-end stock configurations are now seeing shipping estimates for September. This means that if you were to place an order now, depending on your configuration, you might only be able to expect it in two months’ time.

This has led to speculation that maybe, just maybe, Apple could have a refreshed iMac in the works which is why they aren’t necessarily keeping up with production. This actually makes sense given that the 27-inch iMac has actually not been updated in almost a year and a half, so a refresh does feel imminent.

Alternatively, it is also possible that Apple could be facing some production issues which is why shipping estimates have slipped. The coronavirus pandemic has affected production of many products around the world, and while factories are starting to reopen, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of them aren’t operating at full capacity just yet.

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17. Reddit Will Stop Copying Your Clipboard In Upcoming iOS UpdateЧт, 09 июл[−]

Apple loves touting the privacy of their products, and iOS 14 actually does a pretty good job of that by notifying users whenever an app accesses the clipboard on their devices. For those unfamiliar, the clipboard is basically where whenever you copy a text (or image or file) is stored temporarily.

Users have been discovering that quite a number of apps have actually been accessing their clipboards without their knowledge following the installation of the iOS 14 beta, and it seems that Reddit was found to be one of the offending apps. According to users, it seems that they have been receiving alerts pretty much non-stop with every keystroke they make while using the app.

Reddit has since released a statement to The Verge in which they explain what their intention was, but also note that they will be removing the feature in an upcoming update to the app. “We tracked this down to a codepath in the post composer that checks for URLs in the pasteboard and then suggests a post title based on the text contents of the URL. We do not store or send the pasteboard contents. We removed this code and are releasing the fix on July 14th.”

To be fair, a lot of apps that were found to be doing this were doing it for non-nefarious/malicious reasons, but at the same time, the fact that it was done without the user’s knowledge made it feel somewhat questionable.

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18. 14-inch MacBook Pro Will Most Likely Launch In 2021Чт, 09 июл[−]

Rumors of a 14-inch MacBook Pro first made an appearance back in 2019, but if you were hoping to see it launch this year, prepare to be disappointed. This is according to a report from research firm TrendForce in which they allege that production of the laptop is only expected to begin in the first quarter of 2021.

This means that the earliest we’ll see its release would also be around the first quarter of 2021. Apple typically announces new product refreshes around that time of the year, so this actually doesn’t come as a surprise. The report also believes that this 14-inch MacBook Pro will be using a mini OLED screen opposed to LCD which is what Apple has been using for a while now.

This report also seems to corroborate some earlier rumors which claimed that Apple’s mini LED products, including the 14-inch MacBook Pro, have been delayed to 2021. That being said, we should note that back in 2019, Apple’s Phil Schiller seemed to shut down rumors of a 14-inch MacBook Pro.

However, Apple has been known to be rather cagey about their product roadmap and that most of what we know are based on rumors and speculation. However, a 14-inch MacBook Pro makes sense, especially if Apple can approach it the same way they did with the 16-inch model by shrinking the bezels so that the overall size remains the same, but will sport a larger display.

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19. iPhone 12 Could Cost $50 More Despite Lack Of AccessoriesЧт, 09 июл[−]

A popular rumor at the moment is that the iPhone 12 will not ship with accessories like the EarPods and the power adapter. Some have attributed this reasoning to a reduction in costs, while others cite environmental issues. However, if you were hoping that a reduction in costs could mean a cheaper iPhone, you could be disappointed.

This is because according to analyst Jeff Pu, he has released a research note that was obtained by MacRumors in which the analyst believes that despite the lack of accessories, the iPhone 12 could actually end up being priced $50 more than its predecessor.

According to Pu, he claims that the base 5.4-inch iPhone could be priced at $749, making it $50 more expensive than the iPhone 11 which is priced at $699. He claims that the increase in cost is due to the addition of 5G as well as the use of an OLED screen. The analyst also believes that despite the price increase, it will be “accepted by customers”, but would generate controversy nonetheless due to the removal of the accessories.

What’s interesting about Pu’s claims is that prior to this, we had actually heard rumors that the iPhone 12 could be priced starting at $649 for the base model, so this actually contradicts that. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we’ll have more official details in the coming months.

iPhone 12 Could Cost $50 More Despite Lack Of Accessories , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

20. Scientists Have Created A Chocolate With A Hologram-Like Color Changing FinishЧт, 09 июл[−]

There are many, many types of chocolates out there, so we imagine that it can be tricky to try and get people to buy a certain brand over another. This is why many confectionary makers are trying to come up with unique flavors and eye-catching packaging to try and lure customers over to their products.

However, it seems that scientists have managed to create a chocolate so unique that we think any packaging would actually detract from it. Thanks to the work of Patrick Rühs, Etienne Jeoffroy, Henning Galinski, and Anita Zingg, they have managed to create a chocolate that comes with a hologram-like color changing finish (which you can see in the video above).

While using food dyes isn’t exactly new, what makes this particular chocolate special is that the researchers managed to achieve this look without the need for special ingredients or food dye. This involved imprinting the outside of the chocolate with a specific pattern that allowed them to produce chocolates with a color changing finish that did not alter the taste or texture of the chocolate itself.

While the researchers were understandably hesitant to share how exactly they achieved this, they did hint that it was inspired by the chameleon, whose skin has microscopic surface structures that can scatter light in various wavelengths depending on the angle it is being looked at.

We’re not sure when we will start seeing these chocolates hit the market, but we imagine once it becomes available, don’t be surprised if this becomes the next food trend you see on social media.

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21. Apple Confirms ARM-Based MacBooks Will Continue To Support ThunderboltЧт, 09 июл[−]

When Apple announced their transition from Intel processors on their computers to a custom ARM-based silicon, naturally there are some questions regarding compatibility. This was mostly software related, but what about hardware? For those who might have been concerned about Thunderbolt, it seems that Apple will continue to use the standard in future devices.

In a statement made to The Verge, an Apple spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Over a decade ago, Apple partnered with Intel to design and develop Thunderbolt, and today our customers enjoy the speed and flexibility it brings to every Mac. We remain committed to the future of Thunderbolt and will support it in Macs with Apple silicon.”

As to why some were worried about this, it is because Thunderbolt has yet to be seen or offered on any of Apple’s non-Intel based products. Even the iPad Pro uses USB-C and not Thunderbolt 3, while the ARM-based Developer Transition Kit also comes with USB-C ports and not Thunderbolt 3 ports.

However, the good news is that based on this statement, it seems that Thunderbolt will continue to be supported even on ARM-based Mac computers, which is good news for those who rely on the port to connect devices or to make huge file transfers.

Apple Confirms ARM-Based MacBooks Will Continue To Support Thunderbolt , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

22. Japanese Vending Machines Now Come With Facial Recognition FeaturesЧт, 09 июл[−]

Vending machines are pretty straightforward in terms of their use. You put money into the coin/note slot, press the item you want, get your item, and you’re good to go. However, over in Japan, it seems that some vending machines are taking things to a new level by introducing facial recognition systems.

As reported by SoraNews24, it seems that beverage maker DyDo are installing facial recognition systems in their machines. These machines are made in collaboration with NEC which uses NEC’s Bio-IDion facial recognition systems. The idea is that by scanning your face, you can make payments without actually having to use cash.

Customers will be required to register an account by submitting a photo and linking a credit card, so when the machine recognizes your face, it will automatically charge your card with your purchase. This will come in handy if you don’t have any cash on you and want a potentially faster way to pay. It should be noted that some vending machines in Japan already offer alternative payment methods like using train passes, so this would not necessarily be the first contactless option.

That being said, we have to wonder about the privacy implications of using facial recognition. Cash offers a degree of anonymity, but using your face could lead to tracking, especially if they know which machines you are visiting. The new vending machines will initially be part of a 3-month trial where they’ll be limited to DyDo and NEC’s offices and factories, before being pushed out to the public assuming the trials go well.

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23. iPhone 12’s Leaked ‘Thinner, Exquisite’ Packaging Confirms The Lack Of AccessoriesЧт, 09 июл[−]

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple will make a rather controversial choice this year in which they will not be bundling earphones or a power adapter with the iPhone 12. In fact, a recent rumor claimed that Apple will modify the existing packaging of the iPhone 12 to make it “thinner” and more “exquisite”.

Whether or not those rumors are true remains to be seen, but now an image posted onto Concepts iPhone has revealed what is allegedly the packaging insert for the iPhone 12. As you can see in the render above, this insert has cutouts where the coiled Lightning to USB-C cable will go, as well as a cutout for presumably the iPhone booklet and stickers, while the iPhone itself rests on top of it.

While the page is called Concepts iPhone, suggesting that these are merely concepts, it alleges that this design is accurate and comes from a “really reliable source”. While we are a bit skeptical, it does seem to corroborate the rumors we’ve been hearing, although whether it was created in response to the rumors is unclear.

While we can appreciate Apple looking out for the environment by creating less electronics than necessary, we highly doubt that the removal of these accessories will result in drastically cheaper iPhones. In fact, we imagine that most customers might end up feeling cheated, especially if it means they’ll need to source for a USB-C power adapter of their own.

iPhone 12’s Leaked ‘Thinner, Exquisite’ Packaging Confirms The Lack Of Accessories , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

24. Google Maps Could Soon Come With Traffic Light IndicatorsЧт, 09 июл[−]

Image credit – Droid-Life

Google Maps is great for showing you which roads to take, which paths to walk on, which trains to catch, and now it looks like it might even show you where the traffic lights are. According to a recent discovery shared on Droid-Life, it appears that Google is testing out including traffic light indicators on Google Maps.

This will come incredibly handy while you are driving, especially if you’re trying to find the fastest route possible and want to avoid as many traffic lights as possible. However, the current implementation of the feature does make it a bit difficult to see as it is incredibly small, but according to the reader who sent the screenshots to Droid-Life, they claim that the icons do grow in size a bit during navigation, presumably as the user is reaching the light.

We imagine that it could also come in handy for self-driving cars that might rely on data from Google Maps, where if they know that there is a light along the route they are driving on, they can then prepare to slow down or stop. Google is actually not the first to implement such a feature. Apple had previously introduced a similar feature to Apple Maps back in iOS 13, so it’s nice to see Google play catchup for once when it comes to mapping applications.

It is unclear when the feature will be rolled out to users, but like we said, it does seem to have the potential to be rather useful and we can’t wait to see it released to the masses.

Google Maps Could Soon Come With Traffic Light Indicators , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

25. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Confirmed For August 5 AnnouncementСр, 08 июл[−]

If you’re more of a fan of Samsung’s Note series of handsets, then you might be eagerly anticipating the launch of the Galaxy Note 20. The good news is that Samsung has since officially announced and confirmed that on the 5th of August, 2020, they will be hosting a new Galaxy Unpacked event.

While the company does not mention which devices will be announced, it’s almost a guarantee that the event will see Samsung announce the Note 20 handset. We have also been hearing rumors that Samsung could have a 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip in the works, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the event saw the company announce the device as well.

There have also been various leaks of Samsung’s upcoming wearable, the Galaxy Watch 3, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the device were also to be announced at the event as well. That being said, Samsung will be hosting its Galaxy Unpacked in a virtual setting due to the coronavirus pandemic, so you should also be able to tune in to the livestream once it kicks off. It will be going live on the 5th of August at 10AM ET, so mark that date down on your calendar if you want to see Samsung unveil its new products live.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Confirmed For August 5 Announcement , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

26. Multitasking On The iPad With Gmail Just Got A Lot EasierСр, 08 июл[−]

One of the features of the iPad is that it offers Split View multitasking. This means that users will be able to run apps side-by-side, but the onus also falls onto the developer of the app to ensure that it plays nicely with the feature as well. The good news for Gmail users is that it looks like Google has finally brought the feature to its iOS app.

According to Google, “When using an iPad, you’re now able to multitask with Gmail and other iOS applications. You can use Gmail and Google Calendar at the same time with Split View to check your schedule before replying to an email to confirm a meeting time. Or, you can easily drag and drop pictures from Google Photos into an email without leaving Gmail.”

If you’ve used Split View before, then you should now be able to use with Gmail. As Google points out, this will let you use Gmail while using other apps like Google Calendar at the same time, or could also use it with native iOS apps like Photos, Safari, and so on. While multitasking on the iPad isn’t quite the same compared to on a computer, it is better than nothing and much better than what Apple used to offer to users.

These changes to Gmail should already be live in the latest version of the app and will be available to all users who are either G Suite customers or just a user with a personal Google account. In the meantime, for those who are interested in learning how to use Split View on their iPad, do check out our guide here on how to use Split Screen on the iPad.

Multitasking On The iPad With Gmail Just Got A Lot Easier , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

27. Apple’s Shift Away From Intel Could Save Them BillionsСр, 08 июл[−]

At WWDC 2020, Apple finally confirmed the long-standing rumors that they would be ditching Intel and transition to creating Mac computers using their own custom ARM chipsets. There are many reasons for Apple to do this, and it seems that costs could be one of them as it has been estimated that Apple could save billions in the process.

According to the analysts at Trefis, they think that by Apple moving away to Intel, it could end up saving the Cupertino company as much as $2.2 billion a year. This is based on how much an average Intel processor would cost, versus how much an iPhone processor might cost (with some price adjustments).

This would, in theory, allow Apple to save around $110 per chip, meaning that based on the number of Mac computers Apple ships, could save them loads. It was suggested back in June that Apple’s custom silicon could cost more than Intel, but we suppose that’s to be expected at the start and is usually the case with new technology.

In addition to potential saving billions, the move to a custom chipset also means that Apple will no longer have to be at the mercy of Intel’s roadmaps and can release updates and refreshes as and when they see fit. It would also make for better integration between hardware and software.

Apple’s Shift Away From Intel Could Save Them Billions , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

28. Microsoft Might Be Interested In Acquiring WB InteractiveСр, 08 июл[−]

According to a recent report from The Information (paywall), it seems that AT&T could be looking to sell off Warner Bros. Interactive, and apparently a bunch of companies are interested in potentially acquiring them. This includes Microsoft, EA, Activision, and Take-Two, all of whom have been listed as potential buyers.

So what does this mean? As IGN points out, there are several studios under WB Interactive such as Avalanche Software, Monolith Productions, NetherRealm Studios, Rocksteady Studios, TT Games. These are the same developers who have created popular franchises like Mortal Kombat, Batman, and Harry Potter.

However, as IGN notes, even if any of these companies were to acquire WB Interactive, it does not necessarily mean that they will get the right to continue making Batman or Harry Potter games. Instead, they will most probably need to renegotiate with the companies that own these franchises to continue licensing them.

That being said, it seems that a sale is not imminent which means that talks are probably still going on and that there is a chance that none of these companies might end up buying WB Interactive, so we’ll just have to wait and see. The reason behind the potential sale is said to be due to AT&T looking to pay off some of its debts, with investors calling on the company to sell off “non-core assets”, which includes WB Interactive.

Microsoft Might Be Interested In Acquiring WB Interactive , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

29. iPhone 12 Lineup Might All Use OLED DisplaysСр, 08 июл[−]

For the past several years, Apple’s smartphones have been a mixture between LCD and OLED displays, with the lower-end models using LCD while the more expensive offerings using OLED. However, that is expected to change this year because according to a report from Nikkei, it seems that Apple’s entire iPhone 12 lineup will use OLED screens.

This actually corroborates a claim we had heard back in January 2019 which claimed that Apple’s 2020 lineup will be 100% OLED. It also corroborates some of the claims we had heard a couple of months ago which said that the entire iPhone 12 lineup will use OLED, and that the base model could be priced as low as $649.

In addition to potentially revealing the displays of the iPhone 12 lineup, the report also confirms what we have been hearing lately, and that is Apple could be ditching including accessories with the iPhone 12. It will most likely still come with a charging cable, but it will see Apple ditch things like the EarPods and also power adapter.

Some of the reasons behind this is apparently due to cost-cutting measures and also potentially environmental factors. Given that most of us already have a USB power adapter, there is a chance we might not necessarily need a new one. It could be a controversial decision as some might feel a bit “cheated”, but we’ll have to wait and see, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

iPhone 12 Lineup Might All Use OLED Displays , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

30. OnePlus Will Be Launching Its New Smartphone Using Augmented RealityСр, 08 июл[−]

According to the rumors, OnePlus was said to be working on a new mid-range smartphone. It turns out the rumors were right and according to an announcement by OnePlus, they will be officially revealing the handset, known as the OnePlus Nord, on the 21st of July through augmented reality.

According to OnePlus, as you can see in the image above, this will be the world’s first AR smartphone launch. It is unclear as to how this will take place and what we might be able to expect, but the company does note that users will need a good internet connection if they’re hoping for a consistent experience during the stream.

Presumably through the use of AR, it might give users a chance to “hold” and maybe “unbox” the OnePlus handset without actually having to go to the store to see it for yourself. It is an interesting concept albeit somewhat novel, but given that the world is still very much in lockdown, holding an event virtually makes a lot of sense.

Some of the rumored specs of the OnePlus Nord include the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset and it is also expected to be priced less than $500. If you’re interested in checking out the event when it goes live, you can download the Nord Launch app from OnePlus which will be available on iOS (not available at this time of writing) and Android.

OnePlus Will Be Launching Its New Smartphone Using Augmented Reality , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

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