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1. Shares in Chinese online tutoring firms slump after shake-up11:30[−]
It is one of the biggest ever overhauls of China's $120bn private tutoring industry.

2. Tencent shares slide after Beijing crackdown on music rights07:45[−]
China's market watchdog said the technology giant broke the country's anti-competition rules.

3. Why remote working leaves us vulnerable to cyber-attacks02:00[−]
Experts warn working from home has led to complacency over security protocols

4. Face palm: When the emoji you want doesn't existСб, 24 июл[−]
There are about 3,000 emojis to choose from but what happens when the one you want isn't there?

5. Ransomware key to unlock customer data from REvil attackПт, 23 июл[−]
The gang behind the attack had previously asked for $70m to access the stolen files.

6. Printer ink pricier than champagne finds Which?Пт, 23 июл[−]
According to a Which survey a pint of printer ink could cost up to ?1,300.

7. Zuckerberg wants Facebook to become online 'metaverse'Пт, 23 июл[−]
CEO wants users to work, game and communicate in a virtual world, often using VR headsets.

8. Beach rover picks up cigarette butts and other tech newsПт, 23 июл[−]
Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

9. India Zomato: Shares of food delivery app soar on market debutПт, 23 июл[−]
The firm's stock exchange listing sets the pace for other start-ups that are thriving in the pandemic.

10. Didi shares fall on reports China is planning penaltiesПт, 23 июл[−]
The ride-hailing giant's shares are now down by more than 25% since their New York market debut last month.

11. What does a future-proofed home look like?Пт, 23 июл[−]
The technology exists to make homes more resilient to extreme weather, but it can be expensive.

12. Twitter and Snap add users as restrictions easeПт, 23 июл[−]
The social media companies passed analysts' expectations with their latest financial update.

13. Major websites hit by global outageЧт, 22 июл[−]
The websites of HSBC, British Airways and Airbnb are among those to have briefly gone offline.

14. Gun owners' fears after firearms dealer data breachЧт, 22 июл[−]
Thousands of records from the popular shotgun and rifle sales site Guntrader were posted to the dark web.

15. AI breakthrough could spark medical revolutionЧт, 22 июл[−]
A program has been used to predict the structures of nearly every protein in the human body.

16. California sues Activision Blizzard over alleged harassmentЧт, 22 июл[−]
One of the world's largest gaming companies is accused of endemic discrimination and harassment.

17. Pegasus: Who are the alleged victims of spyware targeting?Чт, 22 июл[−]
Jamal Khashoggi's wife and the editor of the Financial Times are among those said to be targeted.

18. Pegasus scandal: Are we all becoming unknowing spies?Ср, 21 июл[−]
We may be stepping into a world in which we are all spies - and at the same time are all spied on.

19. Cyber-flashing: 'I get explicit messages every day'Ср, 21 июл[−]
Influencer Elle Edwards lets us inside her DMs to show the extent of sexual abuse faced by women online.

20. Covid: Will lockdown change England's new tech habits?Вт, 20 июл[−]
The pandemic brought about big changes in the way people use tech - the question is will they last?

21. Spyware: The software that watches youПн, 19 июл[−]
BBC’s cyber reporter, Joe Tidy, agreed to be spied on to understand the spyware experience further.

22. Custom glasses: Will 3D-printing change our eyewear?Пн, 19 июл[−]
Eyewear can be more tailored to an individual’s face producing a better fit and reduce overstocking.

23. Robot helps people get dressed and other tech newsПт, 16 июл[−]
Romana Kreider looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

24. NHS Covid app: Should it stay or should it go?Ср, 14 июл[−]
There is a clash over the future of the NHS tracing app, as many delete it - or ignore its alerts.

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