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Culture at The Motley Fool

1. Mini-Fools Take HQЧт., 28 июня[−]
By Amber Knutson, Junior Software Developer This year’s Take Your Kid to Work Day gave mini-Fools a glimpse into the inner workings of our company. Core values came alive with activities that incorporated collaboration, innovation and, of course, Foolishness. Between magic tricks, a pizza feast, and trolleying the office by train, kids were also guided […]Комментарии (0)

2. At the Fool: Allen GannettВт., 12 июня[−]
Have you heard of Allen Gannett? Founder and CEO of TrackMaven, a successful marketing insights company, Allen has also been named on Forbe’s 30 Under 30 list. He recently visited FoolHQ to discuss his first book, The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time. Writing this book involved a lot […]Комментарии (0)

3. Moms Make Happy EmployeesПт., 11 мая[−]
Maintaining a leading edge on employee benefits has made The Motley Fool a great place to work over the last two decades. Flexible schedules were a perk from the start, and we’re compassionate when it comes to personal needs. Family comes first, no matter what’s on a Fool’s work plate. Says one employee, “I appreciate […]Комментарии (0)

4. HQ’s Redesign Gets NoticedВт., 08 мая[−]
The Motley Fool occupies most of 2000 Duke Street. A few years ago, company growth led to the acquisition of our building’s second floor. In partnership with Hickock Cole Architects, bare square footage was transformed into modern, functional, and Foolish digs. Hard work pays off! Hickock Cole Architects was recognized for our project with an […]Комментарии (0)

5. Outside Recognition Matters, TooПт., 04 мая[−]
A world-class group of employees works for The Motley Fool. From participating in two Ragnar Race competitions (placing #1 in the corporate division after Richmond’s trail race last weekend!) to female Fools that rock at coding, several well-deserving Fools were highlighted externally this spring. More than 600 nominations (including for Fool developer Swetha Reddy!) were […]Комментарии (0)

6. Storytelling Celebrates Fool CultureСр., 02 мая[−]
Every few years, The Fool hosts “Fireside Chats” to honor our culture. The company’s upcoming 25th anniversary seemed like the perfect reason for another edition, which was hosted last month. Content about The Motley Fool typically isn’t hard to find, but some stories slip through the cracks. With more new hires every year, it’s important […]Комментарии (0)

7. From Bezos to Hastings – 3 of Our Best InterviewsВт., 24 апр.[−]
We’ve been a mission-driven company since June 1993, when co-founders David and Tom Gardner mailed The Motley Fool’s inaugural newsletter. Twenty-five years later, Fools remain committed, perhaps more than ever, “To Help the World Invest – Better.” A nod to our namesake, the company is comprised of a Motley group of “Fools” collaborating to benefit […]Комментарии (0)

8. Getting (Financially) FitЧт., 19 апр.[−]
The Motley Fool encourages everyone to keep up with financial wellness. “Helping the World Invest – Better” starts from the ground up, so the Fool provides employees with plenty of resources. Setting aside a workday for employees to make time for personal finance solves the root of many issues. Our annual Financial Health Day sparks a […]Комментарии (0)

9. Motley MattersСр., 11 апр.[−]
When it comes to core values, “Motley” stays open to interpretation – and that’s a good thing! Our Motleys are like mantras, set purposefully by individual employees. Viewed at large, Motley values represent a diverse crew of Fools contributing to one purpose: Helping the world invest – better. What’s your motto? A Fool’s Motley might […]Комментарии (0)

10. Egg-tastic Times at the FoolСр., 04 апр.[−]
Company-wide challenges can bring awesome employee abilities to light, from impressive handwriting skills to puzzle-solving mastery and cooking talents — seriously, a chef-turned-Fool hosted a butchery course to much applause. When it comes to embracing office fun, Fools take competition very seriously. Monday’s celebration of all things spring didn’t disappoint, with activities inspiring egg-cellent examples […]Комментарии (0)

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