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1. Joomla, we have a problem.Ср., 07 авг.[−]

All volunteer communities have to address the same issues at some point. How to recognise the work of volunteers? How to acknowledge their contributions?

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2. Information about the Joomla World Conference 2019Вт., 30 июля[−]

After a year without a JWC in 2018, the board were eager to bring together the Joomla! Community with a World Conference in 2019. London was chosen as a venue and the dates were announced for November 2019.

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3. The Single Sign On, Identity and Consent Management on Joomla.orgВс., 30 июня[−]

Privacy Laws like GDPR introduced several new requirements that changed the way we think the data management and the pathway to the privacy compliance.

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4. Kazakh Language Pack Added to Joomla! 3.9Вт., 09 апр.[−]

Kazakh joins the officially released language packs for Joomla!, an award-winning Content Management System (CMS).

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5. Joomla attended the CMS Security Summit at Google in ChicagoСр., 13 февр.[−]

January 30th 2019 - It’s freezing cold in Chicago today and according to the news, it’s even colder than on the Mount Everest - so a perfect day to stay inside a warm building, sitting in front of your machine and having a (sorry, bad Everest joke) summit!

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