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1. Meet the new and improved #TwitterFlightSchoolбез даты[−]
We’ve relaunched Twitter Flight School with all new coursework, look and feel, and achievement badges.

2. #TwitterForBrands - 4 Creative Wins: From Big Macs to cat walksбез даты[−]
A monthly roundup of the most creative campaigns on Twitter. This month we feature Tweets from McDonald’s UK, EE, Adidas, Burberry and Cadbury.

3. #BrandsTalkTwitter - Trebor on Manspreading and Hipster Breakfastsбез даты[−]
In #BrandsTalkTwitter @TwitterMktgUK gets a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how our favourite brands’ on Twitter use the platform to drive conversation. This week we talk to the @trebor social team.

4. Connect with Twitter in 2020 with our UK marketing calendarбез даты[−]
Download the Twitter Marketing UK calendar and connect with the biggest events of 2020, including Eurovision and Euro2020.

5. UK election conversation attracts over 15m Tweetsбез даты[−]
As the curtains close on #GE2019, we look back to see how the election conversation played out on Twitter and share some key insights into the trends, topics, themes, and Tweets that occupied the mind

6. Twitter New Year - bigger than Easter and Halloweenбез даты[−]
Christmas might be one of the most significant events of the year, but when it comes to Tweets, the New Year is not far behind. January is a busy time on Twitter with everything from the sales, to

7. What you need to know about Football Twitter and #EURO2020без даты[−]
Twitter insights on Football fans on Twitter ahead of Euro 2020. Looking at trends, communities, and what motivates football fans in the UK.

8. Twitter is the place people hunt Black Friday and Cyber Monday dealsбез даты[−]
People who use Twitter are likely to search for deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This post looks at what they want to buy and how they hunt for bargains.

9. Serving the public conversation for #GE2019без даты[−]
During any election, Twitter is the place for people to see what’s happening, participate in the conversation, and track the campaign trail. Today we’re announcing some further initiatives to help

10. Creative of the week: Classic Fanta orange turns dark for Halloweenбез даты[−]
A creative campaign chosen each week that highlights great best practice on the platform. This week it is Fanta promoting its limited-edition Dark Orange flavour.

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