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1. Twitter launches #OneTweetCVСр., 19 сент.[−]
Twitter UK is offering five young jobseekers a unique work experience opportunity at its London HQ later this year. The twist is all applications need to be made through a single Tweet.

2. Twitter reveals first ever Golden Tweet winnersВт., 17 июля[−]
Twitter reveals it's first ever winners of the Golden Tweet - for the best Tweets to be delivered during World Cup 2018.

3. The first ever #WorldCup ‘Golden Tweet’ AwardsПн., 02 июля[−]
Twitter launches the first ever Twitter Golden Tweet awards to reward the best Tweeter of the World Cup.

4. Niche and Twitter to host 3rd annual Creator Day: #CD2018Чт., 01 февр.[−]
Taking place on 17th February, Niche and Twitter hold their annual Creator Day. Started in 2015, this event celebrates digital creators on Niche.

5. Sarah Millican’s #joinin returns to Twitter this yearСр., 20 дек. 2017[−]

6. #ThisHappened - the Top UK Retweets of 2017Вт., 05 дек. 2017[−]
As we reach the end of 2017, we’re reflecting on the year that was: from breaking news, entertainment, sports, if it happened anywhere, it happened on Twitter.

7. Twitter announces in stream video ads in the UKПт., 06 окт. 2017[−]

8. Announcing #EveryCharacterMatters, the first global Twitter video relayПт., 11 авг. 2017[−]

9. #GE2017 on Twitter - Hashtagging a hung parliamentПт., 09 июня 2017[−]
Twitter’s data team have been closely tracking how the campaign conversation and debate was shaping up.

10. #BRITs 2017Пт., 24 февр. 2017[−]

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