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1. Playboy model rally driver has jewellery and watches stolen from home03:25[−]

A PROFESSIONAL rally driver and Playboy model was reeling this weekend after she had valuables stolen from her home.Комментарии

2. At least 3 shot including police officers in 'major incident' – gunman at large02:00[−]

AT least three people, including two police officers, have been wounded in what appears to be a violent shoplifting US incident.Комментарии

3. Robot BANK: World’s first branch with NO STAFF and groundbreaking tech opens00:56[−]

ROBOTS are the only advisers in a groundbreaking new bank that has opened in China.Комментарии

4. AI robots to spark 'world-ending NUCLEAR war by 2040’ in shock Doomsday warningВт., 24 апр.[−]

ROBOTS could spark a devastating nuclear war that destroys the world, a top think tank has warned.Комментарии

5. Teacher who romped with TWO students pleads guiltyВт., 24 апр.[−]

A FEMALE teacher could be facing jail after romping with two of her underage students.Комментарии

6. Alien life PROOF? Scientists find THREE types of bacteria not found on earthВт., 24 апр.[−]

INDIAN scientists claim to have detected three types of extra terrestrial bacteria using a high-altitude balloon.Комментарии

7. Donald Trump hits out at INSANE Iran nuclear deal and says Tehran will 'pay the price'Вт., 24 апр.[−]

DONALD Trump has thrown the world closer to conflict by branding a crucial nuclear deal with Iran "insane".Комментарии

8. PICTURED: Google Maps snaps man doing a POO in the roadВт., 24 апр.[−]

GOOGLE Maps has often been known to catch unsuspecting people out in hilarious situations, but one desperate bloke in Russia has been snapped relieving himself.Комментарии

9. Toronto horror van attack suspect charged with 10 counts of MURDERВт., 24 апр.[−]

THE suspect accused of killing 10 pedestrians who were mowed down by a van in Toronto yesterday has appeared in court.Комментарии

10. Is NASA hiding an underground base on the moon? Wild claims as 'roads and bridges found'Вт., 24 апр.[−]

FOOTAGE has emerged that proves NASA is hiding a secret underground base below the moon's surface, according to astonishing claims online.Комментарии

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