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1. Lombok struck by 6.9 and 5.9-magnitude earthquakes within MINUTES as tremors plague island18:25[−]

THE Indonesian island of Lombok has been rocked by two strong earthquakes measuring magnitude-5.9 and 6.9 within minutes as the island reels from a wave of deadly tremors.Комментарии

2. Huge 6.3 earthquake hits holiday island DAYS after deadly quake killed 43018:10[−]

AN island has been by a huge earthquake, as it continues to recover from the recent quake which killed hundreds.Комментарии

3. Would you visit the North Korean BENIDORM? Kim Jong-un unveils beach resort plans17:44[−]

NORTH Korea is hoping to pull in the punters with an all new “five-star holiday resort”.Комментарии

4. Is a killer ‘Jaws’ great white shark stalking US coast? Four attacks in week spark FRENZY15:00[−]

AN apparent upturn in great white shark activity off the US coast has sparked fears that humans could be more at risk in the water.Комментарии

5. Life after death is REAL: Souls 'continue INDEFINITELY' when we die – HUGE breakthrough14:20[−]

THE debate about the existence of an immortal soul has long perplexed the world’s greatest minds.Комментарии

6. Backstreet Boys concert ends in horror as roof collapses in storm — multiple casualties08:25[−]

A POP concert has been hit by tragedy after part of the roof caved in during a storm, injuring dozens.Комментарии

7. Pacific 'Ring of Fire' struck with MASSIVE 8.2 earthquake05:10[−]

A HUGE 8.2 magnitude earthquake has struck in the Pacific 'Ring of Fire'.Комментарии

8. Benidorm 'hookers' ROBBING Brits: UK expat attacked by Romanian gang in holiday hotspot02:00[−]

A BRITISH expat living in Benidorm was robbed by a gang of Romanian hookers within weeks of moving there.Комментарии

9. Iran vows to ‘increase long-range missile power on a daily basis’ in warning to Trump00:33[−]

IRAN has pledged to increase its long-range missile capabilities on a “daily basis” as tensions with the United States continue to simmer over the Trump administration’s sanctions.Комментарии

10. Disney World horror as body found in burning car at Florida resortСб., 18 авг.[−]

A BODY has today been found inside a burning car near Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.Комментарии

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