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1. NEW Snapchat feature lets you see people's snaps from ANYWHEREВс., 18 февр.[−]

SNAPCHAT has just released a game-changing new feature that takes fans out of the app and online to see what users have been sharing all over the planet.Комментарии

2. Slow broadband? New contract-free deal could be ideal for unhappy BT and Sky customersВс., 18 февр.[−]

STREAMING giant NOW TV has given you another reason to pick up with their trailblazing service, in the form of a new contract-free broadband bundle.Комментарии

3. Microsoft may have solved one big issue with the iPhone XВс., 18 февр.[−]

MICROSOFT's newest patent may suggest that the company has finally fixed the problem most people have with Apple's iPhone X.Комментарии

4. Sky Sports or BT Sports? SHOCK study shows why a good TV deal is so importantВс., 18 февр.[−]

FOOTBALL FANS who regularly watch the game on TV at the pub might want to reconsider and buy a good TV package instead, either with BT Sport or Sky SportsКомментарии

5. Yahoo Mail DOWN: Login and iPhone app not working? But when will Yahoo Mail be fixed?Сб., 17 февр.[−]

YAHOO email accounts appear to be down this afternoon with hundreds of users across the UK unable to login and access their messages.Комментарии

6. Google Chrome WARNING - Have you downloaded these DANGEROUS extensions on your browser?Сб., 17 февр.[−]

MALICIOUS Google extensions coming from the Chrome store are posing a real danger to internet users, prompting calls to check certain apps.Комментарии

7. Android smartphone ALERT: Don’t use these phones, warn FBI and CIA officialsСб., 17 февр.[−]

THERE are still fears about the Chinese firm's government ties from some intelligence communities.Комментарии

8. BT Broadband BOOST: Wifi update introduces amazing new features - even for Sky and VirginСб., 17 февр.[−]

BT, SKY and Virgin broadband customers are about to get a major boost if they've been using BT's Whole Home Wi-Fi set-up, which is about to get a swathe of new features in a bid to take on rival, Google Wifi.Комментарии

9. Sky Sports TV WARNING: Two men fined ?19,000 as crackdown on illegal broadcasts continueСб., 17 февр.[−]

SKY has slapped another pair of customers with a HUGE fine of ?19,000 this week, as the company continued its efforts to combat people illegally broadcasting televised content.Комментарии

10. Snapchat DOWN: Severs down and not working as Snapchat Twitter Support responds to issuesЧт., 15 февр.[−]

SNAPCHAT has been down for the majority of the evening and not working for thousands of users around the world.Комментарии

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