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1. Oh Alexa: Why are you such an idiot?Вт., 31 июля[−]

AMAZON’S Alexa is one of the stupidest virtual assistants on the planet.Комментарии

2. Lyudmila Rudenko: Who was the influential chess champion honoured by Google Doodle?Пт., 27 июля[−]

LYUDMILA Rudenko is being honoured in today’s Google Doodle, 114 years since her birth – but who was the chess champion?Комментарии

3. Spider filmed trapped INSIDE Apple iMac in baffling footageСр., 25 июля[−]

AN APPLE iMac user was left stunned when he appeared to spot a spider crawling inside the computer.Комментарии

4. Google’s ?4bn phone spy fineЧт., 19 июля[−]

GOOGLE has been fined a record ?3.8billion by the European Union.Комментарии

5. Georges Lema?tre: Who was priest who proposed Big Bang theory celebrated by Google Doodle?Вт., 17 июля[−]

GEORGES Lema?tre dominates the Google homepage today, surrounded by ever an expanding universe – but who was the Belgian priest and physicist celebrated by Google Doodle?Комментарии

6. Children talking to Amazon's Alexa thinking she's their FRIENDВт., 17 июля[−]

KIDS talk to Amazon’s Alexa as if it is a relative.Комментарии

7. Instagram not working: Is Instagram still down today? When will it be back?Пт., 13 июля[−]

INSTAGRAM users across the globe went into meltdown when they started experiencing problems with the app. But why is Instagram not working and when will it be working again?Комментарии

8. Apple Store celebrates 10TH birthday – here are some fascinating factsВт., 10 июля[−]

APPLE is celebrating a very appy birthday today.Комментарии

9. Hubert Cecil Booth: Who was vacuum inventor and engineer honoured by Google Doodle?Ср., 04 июля[−]

HUBERT Cecil Booth is being honoured by Google Doodle on what would have been his 147th birthday – but who is the British engineer?Комментарии

10. WhatsApp is making a MASSIVE change to its system and it's terrible news for many usersПн., 25 июня[−]

CERTAIN smartphones will no longer support WhatsApp messaging on their devices, according to reports.Комментарии

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