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1. Twitter DOWN: Social media login offline for THOUSANDS in UK and around the worldВт., 17 апр.[−]

TWITTER has gone down for people in the UK, EU and around the world - here's everything you need to know.Комментарии

2. Kodi WARNING - Illegal streaming jail sentences in HUGE Sky Sports and BT Sport CRACKDOWNПн., 16 апр.[−]

THE largest jail sentence ever has been handed out for Kodi illegal streaming in the UK - here's what you need to know about using the infamous boxes.Комментарии

3. Youtube PORN SHOCK: Adult webcam advert showed on popular streaming site's TRENDING videosПн., 16 апр.[−]

YOUTUBE has been seen advertising adult webcam sites on its most popular videos this week.Комментарии

4. Did Alexa EXPOSE a secret government programme? Amazon responds to weather control claimЧт., 12 апр.[−]

AMAZON has responded after a video went viral of Alexa telling users the government is secretly behind chemtrails.Комментарии

5. Overwatch Retribution: Forget skins, read the comic before new PS4, Xbox event startВт., 10 апр.[−]

BLIZZARD has been very good at offering new bits and pieces of lore via media other than its main game - and the new comic is no exception.Комментарии

6. Omar Sharif: Who was he? Google Doodle celebrates life of Lawrence of Arabia actorВт., 10 апр.[−]

OMAR Sharif is being honoured with a special animated Google Doodle on what would have been the Egyptian actor’s 86th birthday – but who was he and which films has he starred in?Комментарии

7. Who was Maya Angelou? Google Doodle honours American author and civil rights activistСр., 04 апр.[−]

DR MAYA Angelou is being celebrated today by Google on what would have been her 90th birthday with a stunning video Doodle of her poem – but who was she?Комментарии

8. Who was John Harrison? Google Doodle honours clock-maker who invented marine chronometerВт., 03 апр.[−]

JOHN HARRISON has been honoured by Google who have created a Doodle on what would have been the clockmaker’s 325th birthday – but who was he and what is he famous for?Комментарии

9. RIVA Arena REVIEW: Is this the BEST wireless multiroom speaker on the market?Пт., 30 марта[−]

RIVA is a young brand, but it's already making a big impact. Can its multiroom Arena speaker go toe-to-toe with the big audiophile favourites?Комментарии

10. Hannah Glasse: Google Doodle celebrates ‘inventor’ of Yorkshire puddings on 310th birthdayСр., 28 марта[−]

GOOGLE Doodle is honouring the British cookery writer Hannah Glasse on what would have been her 310th birthday – but who was she?Комментарии

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