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1. It’s Brextra time! Half of voters want SECOND EU referendumСб., 23 июня[−]

ALMOST half of voters want a second referendum on Brexit.Комментарии

2. Now get on with it! Theresa May survives MP rebellion vote in crunch Brexit showdownСр., 20 июня[−]

THERESA May defeated a potentially humiliating House of Commons rebellion after a last-minute U-turn by one of the ringleaders – clearing the way for Brexit.Комментарии

3. When does Brexit happen? What happens after Britain leaves the EU?Ср., 20 июня[−]

BREXIT is a topic which has been discussed for several years in the UK – but when does it happen and what does it mean for Britain?Комментарии

4. Theresa May unveils extra ?384m a WEEK for NHS as part of 'Brexit dividend'Пн., 18 июня[−]

THERESA May has pledged a Brexit dividend could pay for a ?20billion annual boost to the NHS.Комментарии

5. 'Shame' Fury as plans to make upskirting criminal offence BLOCKED – by just ONE MPПт., 15 июня[−]

CRIES of shame rang out in the House of Commons after government-backed plans to outlaw "upskirting" were blocked – by just one Tory MP.Комментарии

6. PM squeaks through in Brexit votesСр., 13 июня[−]

THERESA May saw off a threatened Brexit rebellion in a nail-biting series of Commons votes last night.Комментарии

7. MPs vote down House of Lords Brexit changes in MAJOR blow to RemainersВт., 12 июня[−]

MPS HAVE voted to reject a major House of Lords change to the Brexit Bill in a move that will be seen as a blow to Remainers.Комментарии

8. All you need to know about the EU withdrawal bill before BrexitВт., 12 июня[−]

BREXIT is one step closer as the EU withdrawal bill returns to the House of Commons. Here is everything you need to know before Britain leaves the EU.Комментарии

9. Theresa May faces Brexit REBELLION as MP resigns and calls for second referendumВт., 12 июня[−]

A TORY minister has dramatically stood down ahead of a make-or-break vote on Brexit in a humbling blow for Theresa May.Комментарии

10. End of Theresa May? Brexiteer MP 'warns of no confidence vote' in Prime MinisterВс., 10 июня[−]

THERESA May could be ousted as PM as a Brexiteer MP warns of a no confidence vote being tabled against the Prime Minister.Комментарии

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