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1. Brexit doesn't mean a 'Mad Max-style free-for-all'00:50[−]

BREXIT Secretary David Davis tonight denied claims there would be a “Mad Max-style” trade free-for-all.Комментарии

2. Theresa May made This Morning's Philip Schofield 'look like Paxman' in car crash interviewВт., 20 февр.[−]

THERESA May was ridiculed for making This Morning’s Philip Schofield “look like Jeremy Paxman” in another bungled telly interview.Комментарии

3. Nigel Farage 'hints at new party' after chaotic Ukip removes Henry Bolton as leaderСб., 17 февр.[−]

NIGEL Farage has reportedly hinted at starting a new party after Henry Bolton lost the leadership of Ukip.Комментарии

4. Brexit D-DAY: EU chief Barnier tells UK it’s ‘time to choose’ on Britain’s futureВт., 06 февр.[−]

THE EU’s top negotiator last night warned Theresa May to “make a choice” about Britain’s future.Комментарии

5. Home Secretary blasts Brexiteer plot to OUST Theresa May as PMПн., 05 февр.[−]

HOME secretary Amber Rudd has blasted the Brexiteers who want to oust Theresa May.Комментарии

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