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1. EXCLUSIVE: Nigel Farage’s comeback SUNK by new UKIP bossСб., 18 авг.[−]

THE leader of UKIP has sunk Nigel Farage’s plan to reclaim the top job – claiming he’s only said it to “keep his viewing figures up on LBC”.Комментарии

2. Hunt U-turn is Brexit clangerСб., 18 авг.[−]

JEREMY Hunt has dropped another clanger after backing a no-deal Brexit just 24 hours after labelling it a “mistake we would regret for generations”.Комментарии

3. ‘Time is running out’ UK warned Brexit no deal is VERY likelyПт., 17 авг.[−]

THERE is a 50% chance Britain will leave the European Union without a deal, a top politician has warned.Комментарии

4. EXCLUSIVE: UKIP leader CRUSHES Steve Bannon’s dream of far-right EU supergroupЧт., 16 авг.[−]

THE leader of UKIP has crushed Steve Bannon’s dreams of a far-right EU supergroup, saying he’s “not a big admirer” of Donald Trump’s ex-campaign boss.Комментарии

5. Corbyn in NEW storm as photo shows Labour leader making salute associated with terrorismЧт., 16 авг.[−]

JEREMY Corbyn came under attack last night when a photo emerged of him making the salute of an Islamist group associated with terrorism.Комментарии

6. Jeremy Corbyn terrorist wreath row WORSENS as Israeli PM attacks Labour leaderВт., 14 авг.[−]

JEREMY Corbyn has been blasted by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his presence at a ceremony laid in memory of terrorists behind the Munich Olympics massacre.Комментарии

7. BNP backs Boris Johnson as ‘British Trump’ over burka backlashПн., 13 авг.[−]

THE British National Party has backed Boris Johnson amid a row over his comments on the burka.Комментарии

8. Government pledges ?100m to ENDING rough sleeping by 2027Вс., 12 авг.[−]

A ?100 MILLION Government drive aims to end rough sleeping in England by 2027.Комментарии

9. Boris Johnson: More than HALF of voters believe he SHOULDN'T apologise for burka commentsВс., 12 авг.[−]

A SHOCK survey has found 53% of voters think Boris should not have to apologise for his comments about the burka.Комментарии

10. Mass riots, hysteria and REVOLUTION: How second Brexit vote could plunge UK into ANARCHYВс., 12 авг.[−]

HARDCORE Brexit supporters have reacted with fury to the prospect of a second referendum stopping Brexit, with some warning of civil unrest, riots and revolution if the “will of the people” is ignored.Комментарии

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