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1. RIP underwear: Cardi B ditches knickers in scandalous sideless outfitПн., 23 апр.[−]

CARDI B is one hot mamma-to-be.Комментарии

2. Avicii True Stories documentary reveals DJ's inner struggle: 'It's too much'Пн., 23 апр.[−]

AVICII laid himself bare in a candid documentary released shortly before his untimely death.Комментарии

3. Dark truth behind Avicii's stage name revealedПн., 23 апр.[−]

AVICII'S world-famous name has become a hot topic among fans since his passing.Комментарии

4. Jennifer Lopez, 48, flashes famous peach in dress slashed to buttocksПн., 23 апр.[−]

JENNIFER Lopez just keeps on getting better with age…Комментарии

5. Jennifer Lopez sees gravity-defying assets erupt from plunging sports braЧт., 19 апр.[−]

JENNIFER Lopez was serving major curves on social media.Комментарии

6. Ariana Grande teases first music since Manchester terror attackСр., 18 апр.[−]

ARIANA Grande has teased the release of her first new music following the horrific terror attack in Manchester last year.Комментарии

7. Lana Del Rey attacked by wild fan in shocking videoСр., 18 апр.[−]

LANA Del Rey was attacked by an incident following a concert in Antwerp, according to reports.Комментарии

8. Liam Payne talks EPIC One Direction reunion: 'We've all spoken about it'Вт., 17 апр.[−]

ONE Direction are planning an epic return.Комментарии

9. Cheryl's music comeback leaked by Nicola Roberts?Сб., 14 апр.[−]

CHERYL'S fans are sure BFF Nicola Roberts has leaked a snippet of her new music.Комментарии

10. Kylie Minogue ditches bra in curve-skimming dressПт., 13 апр.[−]

KYLIE Minogue never fails to turn up the heat.Комментарии

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