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1. UK Grime artist Stormin passes away after skin cancer battleПн., 19 февр.[−]

STORMIN, a UK Grime MC, has passed away after battling skin cancer.Комментарии

2. Sir Elton John left FUMING after being hit in the face at Vegas gigПт., 16 февр.[−]

SIR Elton John was struck in the face while performing his latest show in Las Vegas.Комментарии

3. Me first, sex after: New music cleans up its act in favour of self-indulgenceСр., 14 февр.[−]

FOR years turning on the radio meant listening to rappers and singers croon about X-rated antics.Комментарии

4. Who is Nicole Appleton? Get the low-down on the All Saints star and Paddy McGuinness's palПн., 12 февр.[−]

NICOLE Appleton has been a big name in the music industry for a long while.Комментарии

5. Demi Lovato turns bedroom vixen in eye-popping sheer lingerieПн., 12 февр.[−]

DEMI Lovato wowed fans with her latest online display.Комментарии

6. X Factor's Grace Davies spills debut album secretsЧт., 08 февр.[−]

X FACTOR runner-up Grace Davies has opened up about her upcoming debut album – insisting she’s determined not to sell out in a bid to conquer the charts.Комментарии

7. Super Bowl LII performance in turmoil as Pink admits dream gig is becoming 'nightmare'Вс., 04 февр.[−]

PINK has revealed she's seriously under the weather ahead of her Super Bowl LII performance.Комментарии

8. Lana Del Rey targeted by armed stalker after 'cryptic social media posts'Вс., 04 февр.[−]

LANA Del Rey is thought to have been targeted by a possible kidnapper.Комментарии

9. Fifth Harmony 'set to split as label focuses on Camila Cabello'Сб., 03 февр.[−]

FIFTH Harmony are reportedly about to disband.Комментарии

10. LIVE REVIEW: Yungblud at Thousand Islands, Highbury, LondonПт., 02 февр.[−]

BEHOLD – a star is born.Комментарии

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