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1. How to give her multiple orgasms TODAY – Four steps to ultimate pleasure13:15[−]

IF YOU feel like staying indoors today, find out how you can blow her mind more than once.Комментарии

2. How to last longer in bed: 9 simple ways to improve your sex skillsСб., 21 апр.[−]

THERE are several ways to help boost your performance in the sack.Комментарии

3. Man describes moment he BROKE his penis during sex: ‘It just popped’Чт., 19 апр.[−]

A COMEDIAN has shared details of the horrific moment he broke his penis during intercourse.Комментарии

4. Four surprising ways to orgasm WITHOUT having sex – from whispering to exercisingЧт., 19 апр.[−]

APPARENTLY you don't need to being doing anything sexual to enjoy an orgasm.Комментарии

5. Sex toy BREAKTHROUGH: World’s first self-erecting bionic penis goes on sale in TWO sizesВт., 17 апр.[−]

THE world’s first self-erecting sex toy has been launched – making it “the closest thing to getting an erection without a penis”.Комментарии

6. Do men prefer blondes or brunettes? We FINALLY know the answerВт., 17 апр.[−]

A NEW study reveals which hair colour guys like the most.Комментарии

7. Is YOUR partner cheating? Five subtle signs she’s thinking about having an affairПн., 16 апр.[−]

YOU might think you're in a secure and loving relationship but these hidden signs means she's thinking about having an affair.Комментарии

8. Randy blokes flock to buy THIS type of sex doll – and they love one specific hair colourСб., 14 апр.[−]

SEX doll shoppers are most drawn to silicone creations that look like this.Комментарии

9. Seven types of cheater: Is YOUR partner one of them?Пт., 13 апр.[−]

ARE you suspicious your partner is being unfaithful? Here are seven kinds of a cheater.Комментарии

10. Men reveal the BIGGEST mistake women make during sexЧт., 12 апр.[−]

BLOKES have stressed the importance of foreplay before sex.Комментарии

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