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1. M20 closed after BODY found on road in 'very serious incident'12:25[−]

THE M20 is shut after a body was found on the road – and is set to stay closed until at least midday.Комментарии

2. UK colder than ICELAND: Freeze lasting weeks starts TODAY before snow returns next week11:55[−]

A COLD snap forecast to freeze Britain until March ushered in a taste of the sub-zero conditions to come today ahead of snow next week.Комментарии

3. Rogue states and terrorists will use artificial intelligence AI to ‘destabilise the world’11:30[−]

ROGUE states and terrorists could begin using artificial intelligence to destabilise the world, Cambridge Uni experts warned today.Комментарии

4. WWE legend CM Punk trolls fans as he teases HUGE wrestling comeback11:15[−]

WWE legend CM Punk has been teasing fans on Twitter with a huge wrestling comeback after shockingly walking away from the sport four years ago.Комментарии

5. Shock as two dead in just an HOUR as London hit by TRIPLE stabbing horror10:55[−]

TWO teenage boys have been murdered after London was hit by violence last night.Комментарии

6. TOP US KFC chiefs flown in as chicken joint faces crisis08:55[−]

KFC top brass from the US have been jetted in for crisis talks as chicken shops across the UK continue to be closed.Комментарии

7. ‘Time traveller TORTURED’ for exposing secrets from 203008:00[−]

A “TIME traveller” who passed a lie detector test claims he has been tortured for revealing secrets to the world.Комментарии

8. Revellers will be ‘ON THE STREETS’ Ibiza club owners hit out at harsh new rules07:27[−]

BAR and club owners on the San Antonio strip have hit out against “draconian” new rules for the clubbing capital.Комментарии

9. ‘Nip slip’ ice dancer exposes new side in final record breaking routine06:45[−]

A FIGURE skater whose costume unhooked at the Winter Olympics exposed a brand new side in her final routine.Комментарии

10. Miss Bum Bum shows off infamous assets outside Stamford Bridge05:25[−]

BARCELONA’S most infamous fan gave Chelsea supporters a glimpse of what they were missing outside Stamford Bridge.Комментарии

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