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1. Hillary Clinton calls Putin 'WHITE SUPREMACIST leader' in fiery speech20:45[−]

HILLARY Clinton has laid into her former presidential opponent and President Vladimir Putin of Russia in a fiery speech in Oxford.Комментарии

2. BREAKING: Royal Navy intercepts two Russian warships sailing past English Channel20:40[−]

TWO RUSSIAN warships were followed by the Royal Navy's HMS Montrose as they passed close to Britain in the North Sea.Комментарии

3. Heatwave sparks travel CHAOS as train station in rush hour ‘meltdown’ – hundreds stuck20:40[−]

SCROCHING temperatures have sparked rush-hour travel chaos at one of London's busiest stations tonight.Комментарии

4. Russia and North Korea cyber attack threat RISING, warns UK security chief20:24[−]

THE head of British cyber security has warned MPs the risk of an attack by Russia and North Korea on the UK is rising. Комментарии

5. London tube attack: Bloke beaten and kicked by FOUR women in savage assault20:20[−]

SHOCK footage shows women repeatedly stamping a man on the floor during a chaotic fight at a London tube station.Комментарии

6. Huge blaze breaks out near M6 motorway — dozens of firefighters scrambled20:15[−]

DOZENS of firefighters have been scrambled to the scene of a huge blaze close to the M6 motorway.Комментарии

7. BREAKING: Man stabbed outside bookies on London high street in broad daylight19:55[−]

A MAN has been stabbed on a London high street, as the crime surge continues to grip the capital.Комментарии

8. Russia's hottest World Cup fan claims she is NOT a porn star and victim of 'revenge video'19:10[−]

A BLONDE Russian supporter who has been hailed the “World Cup’s hottest fan” has sensationally denied reports she is a porn movie actress.Комментарии

9. WATCH: Baying mob attack driver and passenger on Brit council estate as Mercedes destroyed16:40[−]

THIS is the moment residents armed with weapons attacked a Mercedes driver and his passenger in the middle of a Leeds council estate.Комментарии

10. Brit couple buy locked safe at auction for ?1,500 – what they find inside is AMAZING11:10[−]

THIS is the moment a British couple made the find of their life inside a locked safe – having bought it for ?1,500 at an auction.Комментарии

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