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1. Italians held on suspicion of attempted MURDER as Liverpool fan attacked with BELT02:35[−]

TWO men, aged 25 and 26, have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a man was hurt before Liverpool’s Champions League match against Roma.Комментарии

2. Liverpool fan 'STABBED' as Roma followers 'with batons and belts attack pub'02:00[−]

A LIVERPOOL fan was reportedly stabbed tonight after Roma thugs were said to have ambushed home supporters with batons and belts.Комментарии

3. HALF of Brits ditch holiday abroad for staycation in UK this summer02:00[−]

FAMILIES are ditching an annual foreign holiday to stay home for a UK break.Комментарии

4. Jeremy Corbyn ADMITS anti-Semitism is 'clear' problem in Labour party02:00[−]

JEREMY Corbyn last night admitted that anti-Semitism was a “clear” problem in the Labour party.Комментарии

5. Alfie Evans hospital Alder Hey breaks silence after family loses legal fight02:00[−]

ALDER Hey hospital has spoken out after the family of Alfie Evans lost a legal bid to send the toddler to Italy for treatment.Комментарии

6. Britain's World Cup booze BOOM: Fans shunning Russia to spark ?400m boost02:00[−]

BRITAIN’S booze industry will receive a ?400million boost during the World Cup this summer – because fans are too scared to travel to Russia.Комментарии

7. Sky Sports News babe lands shock new role02:00[−]

A STUNNING ex-Sky Sports News presenter has landed a major new role after leaving the company last month.Комментарии

8. WWE star breaks silence after being fired over rape allegations00:40[−]

A FORMER WWE star who was fired from the company after being accused of rape has posted a cryptic message hinting at his retirement from wrestling.Комментарии

9. Alfie Evans parents claim they're giving him 'mouth-to-mouth resuscitation'00:30[−]

THE PARENTS of Alfie Evans claim they are giving the toddler mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after losing a bid to send him to Italy for treatment.Комментарии

10. Car hits pedestrians in London with toddler in critical condition00:00[−]

A TODDLER is in a critical condition after a car hit pedestrians in east London.Комментарии

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