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1. Easyjet flight from Manchester to Gibraltar diverted due to DRUNK passenger20:32[−]

AN Easyjet flight from Manchester to Gibraltar had to be diverted after a drunk passenger became “rowdy” onboard.Комментарии

2. BREAKING: Victim's 'face was hanging off' in brutal London HAMMER attack19:05[−]

A WOMAN'S face was left "hanging off" after a brutal and random hammer attack in London.Комментарии

3. Massive fire breaks out in Loughborough – major travel delays18:40[−]

A HUGE fire has erupted in Loughborough, causing major travel delays.Комментарии

4. Terminally ill man marries girlfriend in last-minute ceremony - then dies on wedding night18:10[−]

A TERMINALLY ill man married his girlfriend in a last-minute ceremony just hours after a shock cancer diagnosis - before dying on his wedding night. Комментарии

5. Prince Philip SHOCKS Queen with surprise appearance on holiday17:35[−]

PRINCE Philip has stunned the Queen by unexpectedly joining her on holiday – a month after vicious rumours spread on social media that he had died.Комментарии

6. London bloodbath: Man stabbed in Westminster attack17:35[−]

A MAN has been stabbed in Westminister, the Metropolitan police have confirmed.Комментарии

7. Stoke City fans PEPPER SPRAYED at Preston North End clash in shocking video17:15[−]

THIS is the moment police clashed with Stoke City fans by pepper spraying them at their team’s match against Preston North End.Комментарии

8. Brit woman saved from drowning TEN hours after falling from cruise ship17:10[−]

A BRITISH woman has been saved from drowning ten hours after falling from her cruise ship.Комментарии

9. Summer is BACK! 28C roast in UK this week, Met Office CONFIRMS15:55[−]

BRITAIN’S wobbling end to the summer will be blasted by a 28C scorcher that will roast Brits this week.Комментарии

10. Meghan Markle ‘flies home to Canada’ WITHOUT Harry amid family row10:40[−]

MEGHAN Markle has flown to Toronto on an Air Canada flight without Prince Harry, it has been reported.Комментарии

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