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1. Do you grind your teeth? Here's how to save your smile before it's too lateПт., 22 июня[−]

TEETH Grinding can wreak havoc on your gnashers if left untreated – but treatment options have historically been thin on the ground.Комментарии

2. Type-2 diabetes cases may be caused by the type of TOOTHPASTE patients useПт., 22 июня[−]

TYPE-2 diabetes symptoms may be triggered by the white colouring used in toothpaste.Комментарии

3. Cannabis oil could be made legal... here’s the highlightsСр., 20 июня[−]

CANNABIS oil could be made legal in the UK after a landmark case. But so far only for medicinal use.Комментарии

4. Doctors urge EVERYONE to take vitamin D pills in winterСб., 16 июня[−]

DOCTORS want everyone to be forced to take vitamin D pills in winter – to help save the NHS.Комментарии

5. Five reasons why drinking beer is GOOD for your healthПт., 15 июня[−]

IN CASE you needed another reason to celebrate National Beer Day, here are five health benefits related to drinking pints.Комментарии

6. Type-2 diabetes CURE? Doctors reveal how to reverse symptoms in four weeksЧт., 14 июня[−]

TYPE-2 diabetes symptoms affect thousands of Brits – so ITV: The Fast Fix revealed how to prevent them.Комментарии

7. Hay fever vs cold: How to tell the difference? Which do you have?Ср., 13 июня[−]

HAY FEVER or a cold? This is a question that plagues more than 16 million Brits at this time of the year.Комментарии

8. Prostate cancer symptoms: New ?7 saliva test will identify men most at risk of diseaseСр., 13 июня[−]

A PROSTATE cancer saliva test that can identify men most likely to get prostate cancer could be available on the NHS by 2020, according to researchers.Комментарии

9. Bowel cancer symptoms: How to spot early warning sings in your pooСр., 13 июня[−]

BOWEL cancer is the fourth most common cancer with one in 14 men in the UK affected by the disease.Комментарии

10. Man afflicted with oral lesion after 'performing too much fellatio'Вт., 12 июня[−]

A MAN puzzled doctors after a mysterious red circle appeared in the roof of his mouth.Комментарии

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