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1. Fitness fans strip naked for outdoor yoga session13:35[−]

NAKED yoga is the latest fitness trend to take the world by storm.Комментарии

2. Woman who ate pizza everyday for a year sheds 5st after making this ONE simple changeВс., 24 июня[−]

A WOMAN has revealed how she lost a whopping 5st in body fat.Комментарии

3. Body builder twins say being fit gives them double strength sexСб., 23 июня[−]

MEET Britain’s sexiest bodybuilders – twins Jennifer and Lucy West.Комментарии

4. Diet doctor reveals how much food you should be eating per meal – it may surprise youПт., 22 июня[−]

THE Food Medic has revealed her top diet tips.Комментарии

5. Man sheds 7st in 12 months by following THIS plan: ‘It doesn’t feel like a diet’Пт., 22 июня[−]

A MAN has opened up about his recent weight loss transformation. Комментарии

6. Rio Ferdinand's WAG Kate Wright works up a sweat in the gym with gruelling workout vidЧт., 21 июня[−]

RIO Ferdinand's girlfriend Kate Wright has been keeping in shape while her lover is in Russia.Комментарии

7. This is what a week of junk food and no exercise REALLY does to your bodyЧт., 21 июня[−]

WEIGHT loss involves healthy eating and exercise – so find out what happened to these fitness addicts when they transformed their lifestyles. Комментарии

8. Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet: Portugal striker sculpts his six-pack by eating THIS muchСр., 20 июня[−]

PORTUGAL and Morocco will clash today in their second World Cup 2018 group stages. So how does Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo prep for his matches?Комментарии

9. Margot Robbie’s nutritionist reveals SIX easy ways to lose weightСр., 20 июня[−]

MARGOT ROBBIE’S nutritionist has revealed the formula to weight loss.Комментарии

10. Mum who binged on 8,000 calories a day loses 18 STONE – this is howВт., 19 июня[−]

A SIZE-32 mum who scoffed at least 8,000 calories a day has revealed how she lost 18st.Комментарии

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