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Avast security experts write about cybersecurity threats and share solutions and tips you can use to stay secure in the digital world.

1. Three new threats at large and one thrown behind bars | AvastПт., 22 июня[−]

SamSam ransomware is back with a surprising addition

The ransomware strain that locked up the city of Atlanta in March of this year has returned, cybersecurity experts report, but with one mysterious addition. This new variant of the most infamous ransomware in the world requires input from the attackers themselves in order to fully execute. In a 5-step process, the fifth step necessitates a password to be entered from the ransomers. Some experts speculate this new measure has been put in place to lock out researchers from examining the intricacies of the malware, in case they find a working version. Others speculate this strain was developed for more nefarious purposes than simply making money, as it allows cybercriminals to handpick their individual victims.

2. Take the Avast quiz!Чт., 21 июня[−]

When was our birthday? (Hint: Start at 2018 and count backwards)





We had a bit of an identity crisis early on. What did we call ourselves?





Every hero needs an origin story. Which virus were we created to stop?





Avast was born from broken dreams. What did our founders, Eduard Ku?era and Pavel Baudi?, want to do before going into computers?





Kids, skip this question: why is HideMyAss’ mascot a donkey?


Because it’s another word for “butt”

Because we stubbornly protect people’s privacy

Because we work “as hard as a mule”

In 1997, one of our competitors tried to buy us out: who?





There’s no excuse not to be safe online. When did we release our first free antivirus?





Whoa! We’re getting all Carl Sagan in here! What’s this a picture of?


The vast, beautiful universe

Some funky new video game

A visualization of our enormous database of files (viewable in VR!)

Who is our famous chess-playing spokesperson?


Pavel Baudis

Vince Steckler

Garry Kasparov

Everything needs protection, including your phone. When did we make the first android antivirus so you could do just that?





Which of the following passwords do you think is the most secure:




Neither, don’t share your passwords online!

We might not be youtube famous, but what was the first video we posted there?


“Meet Avast”

“Avast Free Antivirus gets Gold”

“The Daily Buzz with Avast”

Say… what does “Avast” actually mean, anyway?





We’re all over the world but we’ve got one home: where’s our HQ?



The Czech Republic

The United States

What makes Avast so great?


Our blob logo.

Vince, our CEO

You, our users!


Ready for some fun? We hope you realize...these are our most advanced questions. Enjoy ;)

Who do you love more? Your Mom, or your antivirus?


Mom -- she bakes awesome brownies

AV -- it protects all my, um… “private data”

We really hope you didn't take this question seriously. Your mom is an angel

When a pop-up asks for your credit card number, you should


Hand it over — but only if it asked nicely!

Give them your mom’s, just in case it’s a hoax.

Panic and throw your computer out the nearest open window.

Do you understand the dangers of clickbait?


Wait, it’s dangerous?

If I win a GODDAMN large sum of money, there can’t be anything wrong with that!

It’s only dangerous if you’re on the receiving end — muahahaha — CLICKNOW2win

What does VPN stand for?


Very Punctual Norwegians

Vicki Picks Noses

Vicious Police Nuggets

When the internet keeps telling you about cookies


I’m on a diet, please, stop sabotaging my road to recovery

Wait, they track me, right? Is it the Po-Po?

I make cookies in my sleep

And ... that's all! Hope you learned a thing or two about your favorite antivirus. Thanks for playing!

Ops, you are wrong!

You are right!

3. Mark your summer calendar for these IT and channel events | Avast BusinessСр., 20 июня[−]


4. Managed Workplace patch changes the patching game | Avast BusinessВт., 19 июня[−]

As the world’s largest corporate enterprises expand ever-larger, absorbing acquisition after acquisition, the SMB (small to medium-sized business) finds itself working harder than ever to keep a foothold in the marketplace. It leans heavily on its MSP (managed service provider) to keep all things tech running smoothly day in and day out.

5. 7 things you didn’t know about AvastВт., 19 июня[−]

It’s our 30th birthday! We’ve been taking a look back at how we got to where we are today, and we’ve collected a few interesting tidbits you may not know about us.

6. Don’t forget to reboot your router | AvastПн., 18 июня[−]

UPDATE June 18th: US consumers who practice poor router security are at high risk from cyberattacks designed to take over their connected devices, steal passwords and gather other sensitive personal information. Half of people surveyed (51%) in the US by Avast, the global leader in digital security, have never even logged into their router’s web administration interface to change the factory login credentials. And, 72% have never updated their firmware. Given the vulnerabilities users face with VPNFilter, it is highly recommended to update your router firmware and change your router admin password. See the article below for the full story.

UPDATE June 6th: Many more devices are affected by VPNFilter than originally thought. Ars Technica estimates that over 200,000 additional models may be affected. Click here for the full list of routers.

The FBI recently issued an immediate call-to-action for every small office and homeowner out there: power cycle (reboot) your router ASAP. The malware is coming. Chances are your router might be hiding in plain sight — you probably take it for granted since it just does its thing — but it needs your attention, and the sooner the better. If you are like many, you don’t always update your router firmware (only 14% of those recently surveyed have done so). Or, change the default administrator password (only 18% of those recently surveyed have done so) according to Broadband Genie. But, this time, you really need to.

7. STF Consulting celebrates 18 years in business, credits Managed Workplace for smart growth | Avast BusinessПн., 18 июня[−]

The Company

Recognized by CRN as a top managed service provider (MSP), STF Consulting provides customized IT services and security to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises in the Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex counties of New Jersey.

Sean Furman, president of STF Consulting, started the company in 2000 with just one client. He now has a staff of seven and points to his company’s specialized focus for its success. Says Sean, “We are a real boutique provider and have always worked with clients through an exclusive contract-based model. Our clients have high expectations, and our model provides the right foundation for high-quality services through one contract, so deliverables are clear and achievable. This also enables us to be very proactive and easily add new services as clients evolve their businesses.”

8. Avoiding accidents on the cyber highway | AvastСб., 16 июня[−]

I spoke on politics and human rights at an important forum in New York last May, and my fellow speakers included many current and former politicians and academics there to talk about everything from North Korea to press freedom to cybersecurity. Former US Congressman Mike Rogers was one of them, and he gave a polished presentation about many of the risks we are facing today in the digital sphere, both for personal and national security. As the former Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, he was faced with these urgent concerns on a daily basis. (Unfortunately, the Committee has now become a political battleground, a very dangerous situation because security shouldn’t be a partisan issue.)

9. Major Microsoft fixes and risky Android devices | AvastПт., 15 июня[−]

Microsoft fixes 50 flaws for Windows, Adobe, Spectre, and more

Microsoft packed a lot into its Patch Tuesday updates this week, providing 50 fixes for vulnerabilities covering everything from the Windows OS, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office to Microsoft Edge and ChakraCore JavaScript. The full list of patches includes fixes for eight recently-discovered Spectre flaws, which allow for Speculative Store Bypass, a trick thieves can use to steal info through websites. Also included in the massive patch is a Flash Player update that fixes an Adobe zero-day vulnerability patched out-of-band last week, as well as three other Adobe bugs.

10. Join the incredible Avast Cyber Adventure this Saturday | AvastПт., 15 июня[−]

This Saturday, June 16, we are throwing open our doors at Avast HQ in Prague for an unforgettable all-day adventure, and you’re invited. Whether you’re a developer, engineer, security expert, amateur hacker, or just someone interested in cybersecurity and hacking, you’re more than welcome to attend.

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