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Avast security experts write about cybersecurity threats and share solutions and tips you can use to stay secure in the digital world.

1. Google tracking, a fax attack, and a vote of “un-confidence” | AvastПт., 17 авг.[−]

Google may still be tracking you...

Adding to the growing mistrust consumers have about what tech companies do with the data they collect, we learned this week from an Associated Press investigation that Google still tracks and stores your whereabouts even if you turn off “location history” in your privacy settings. It turns out that disabling location history, on Android devices and iPhones, only removes your location from the Google Maps Timeline feature — which shows you where you've been in Google's data — but some Google apps still store your time-stamped location data, in part so they can better target ads based on where you’ve been. The company argues that it makes clear to users how to disable this setting and delete location history. So, what can you do to prevent Google from saving these location markers? First, disable a setting called “Web and App Activity,” which stores a variety of information from Google apps and websites to your Google account. Then, delete your location data in your Google account at

2. At least 32,000 smart homes and businesses at risk of leaking data | AvastЧт., 16 авг.[−]


Today, we hear a lot about IoT, which stands for internet of things. All these smart boxes, light bulbs, shades, thermostats, voice assistants, and smart machines are slowly sneaking into our households, businesses and industrial environments. It’s a logical and inevitable next step, as we include more devices in our homes, that we develop some way to control them.

3. Foreshadow casts more shade on Intel | AvastЧт., 16 авг.[−]

Intel started 2018 with an unfortunate bang — the Spectre and Meltdown flaws inherent in the architecture of their chips was the main topic of conversation in the cybersecurity world. While damage control continues regarding those vulnerabilities, another flaw has been flagged. Intel refers to the new flaw as Level 1 Terminal Fault, or L1TF, but security researchers have dubbed it something more colorful — Foreshadow, and it is present in Intel Core processors and Xeon chips.

4. Hackers attack Instagram | AvastЧт., 16 авг.[−]

Here’s the news #nofilter: hundreds of Instagram users are reporting that their accounts were hacked this month, possibly the result of a so-called spam bot attack.

5. How to Create a Strong Password and Beat the Hackers | AvastСр., 15 авг.[−]

Every week, our researchers round up the latest security news and report our findings in these blog pages. If you’ve been reading, you may have noticed a particularly nasty trend claiming new victims week after week — data breaches. In the last two months alone, we’ve reported on the Ticketmaster UK breach, the Macy’s breach, the MyHeritage breach, the Prince Hotels breach, and the Equifax breach. And that’s only some of them.

6. Hacking the Amazon Echo | AvastВт., 14 авг.[−]

At DEFCON last week, white hat hackers explained during a presentation that it is indeed possible to hack an Amazon Echo. Security researchers from Chinese conglomerate Tencent described the steps they took to turn a regular, working Echo into a spying device, completely through remote activation. And while this may sound like alarming news, it’s important to note that a key factor of the hack is that the interceptor must be on the same LAN.

7. The MSP Guide to Vertical Market Success | Avast BusinessВт., 14 авг.[−]

For managed service providers (MSPs), it’s more difficult than ever to differentiate services and build a viable business. Declining prices, increasing commoditization, and intensifying competition all contribute to this new reality. For some MSPs, building a sustainable business in the face of these trends means taking on any new client whether or not they understand their business or have the skill set to deliver the services they need. This horizontal approach can quickly backfire. Without a deep understanding of a client’s business environment, it can be difficult to add unique value, which leads to service commoditization.

8. Staying safe in a connected worldСб., 11 авг.[−]

Between ransomware, data breaches, cryptojacking, supply chain attacks, and mobile malware, it’s never been more important to protect your digital life.

9. New Google software, new smartphone flaws, and the high cost of ransomware | AvastПт., 10 авг.[−]

A slice of Pie

Grabbing headlines this week was the release of Google’s Android 9 Pie software, which started rolling out on Tuesday to Google Pixel phones. Standard whiz-bang OS enhancements aside, from a security perspective, here’s what we found noteworthy: The software update "restricts access to mic, camera, and all SensorManager sensors from apps that are idle.” That means that when you stop using an app, that app will no longer have permission to access your phone's mic, camera, etc. As app permissions have become increasingly invasive, this is a very welcome update.

10. New Wi-Fi attack can crack your passwords | AvastЧт., 09 авг.[−]

When you’re using a Wi-Fi network these days, chances are you are counting on one of these protocols: WPA or WPA2. In short, your Wi-Fi signal is protected by the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA or WPA2) encryption standard. These wireless industry standards were designed to prevent potential hackers from intercepting the signal and reading your browsing data. Here’s the bad news: It was just reported that while investigating the new WP3 standard, a security researcher managed to break the encryption. So what’s the good news? At least now we know.

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