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1. Comment on UFC Fight Pass steps into Muay Thai with Fight Sports Asia by Khru DocЧт., 24 мая[−]

Sawasdee krab … Hello … this is amazing … SooootYODmak krab !! ;-)

2. Comment on Sam-A looking to add a ONE Championship title to his cabinet by AsherroadПт., 18 мая[−]

The Japanese Yamaguchi clearly won the fight vs. Angela Lee! C’mon judges are you blind?

3. Comment on End of Muay Siam Daily by David JanssonЧт., 17 мая[−]


Nothing like holding the Muay Siam in your hands and flipping through those pages. You feel like a kid on their birthday… and its every month :)

So long old friend.

4. Comment on UFC snaps up Chinese star Zhang Weili by JuchiВт., 15 мая[−]

With 15 of those 16 victories finishes, both KO’s and submissions, this young lady is a fighter to watch. Hopefully the UFC allows her to maintain her torrid level of activity. She fought 6 times last year in MMA and that does not include her kickboxing bouts.

5. Comment on Muay Thai Confirmed for 2021 World Games by David JanssonЧт., 26 апр.[−]

This is exciting for the growth of Muay Thai aroun the world!

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