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Opera press releases

1. Opera Mini gives access to exclusive content for Indonesian Idol Season NineСр., 13 дек.[−]
Indonesian Idol, the most popular singing competition in Indonesia, is back to indulge its loyal viewers all around the country with exciting and inspiring performances from undiscovered talents. For its ninth season, Indonesian Idol is collaborating with the leading mobile browser application, Opera Mini, to give viewers exclusive content access to watch and follow closely with updates from their favorite reality TV competition. Powered by Opera Mini’s built-in AI newsfeed engine, fans can now watch Indonesian Idol conveniently from their mobile devices.

2. AI-powered Opera Mini browser lands on Andromax mobile devicesВт., 12 дек.[−]
Further putting down its roots in Indonesia, Opera is announcing a strategic partnership with Andromax, one of the leading local 4G smartphone brands available for less than one million rupiahs. Through this partnership, the all new Andromax smartphone and 4G feature phones will be pre-installed with the Opera Mini browser. Both companies believe that the partnership will bring a smarter and better browsing experience to more Indonesians.

3. Opera integrates web payment solution first in KenyaПт., 08 дек.[−]
Opera, the Norwegian developer of Opera Mini, the most popular mobile browser app in Africa, has integrated a new web payment platform in Kenya called OPay. The service directly runs on the Opera Mini browser, which will bring a new level of convenience to a nation that has become a world leader in leapfrogging its IT infrastructures with innovative, web-based solutions. This is part of the Opera’s $100 million investment initiative to grow the African digital economy announced earlier this year.

4. Share and experience the web like never beforeСр., 08 нояб.[−]
Opera today launched a new version of the Opera browser for computers to make other browsers obsolete. This includes a fun snapshot editing tool, a handy search pop-up tool, integrated popular social messengers and support for watching online video content using VR headsets to make web browsing even more interactive and convenient.

5. Opera names Chelsea Islan as brand ambassador in IndonesiaСр., 20 сент.[−]
Opera Software has appointed Chelsea Islan, one of the most popular and talented Indonesian artists, as its brand ambassador in Indonesia. Representing the new generation of the Opera Mini browser, she will be featured in Opera’s first Indonesian TV commercial, digital campaigns as well as a range of collaborative projects throughout 2018. This announcement also signals Indonesia’s importance to Opera’s global user growth.

6. Opera TV introduces a new EPG designed for the future of contentЧт., 14 сент.[−]
Opera TV, the global market leader in enabling OTT, today revealed a new, modern electronic program guide (EPG) which manufacturers of Smart TVs and set-top boxes can use to transform their end-consumer experiences to address current market trends and requirements.

7. Opera TV partners with leading European broadcasters to pioneer next-gen technologiesЧт., 14 сент.[−]
Opera TV, the global market leader in enabling OTT, today announced that it is the first vendor to showcase pan-European support for dynamic content insertion and media synchronization using the latest HbbTV standards. Furthermore, Opera TV will bring these technologies to market in 2018, accelerating its ability to deliver these features at massive scale across its customer base.

8. AI news engine lands on Opera Mini for iPhoneВт., 05 сент.[−]
Catching up with the world has never been easier. Opera has released a new version of its most popular mobile browser app, Opera Mini, for iPhone users. The revamped user interface features a newsfeed on its start page and helps users get the news four times faster than the previous version. An artificial intelligent (AI) news engine is also rolling out to selected countries, bringing the latest and most insightful news to the user without any effort setting it up.

9. African women use mobile internet more heavily than menСр., 09 авг.[−]
Opera and digital reading non-profit Worldreader have joined forces to understand how women in Africa use mobile internet. Two studies undertaken by the organizations have found that women in Africa use mobile internet to empower and entertain themselves.

10. Nearly half of smartphone users in Indonesia are not satisfied with their default browsersСр., 24 мая[−]
A survey conducted in the six biggest cities in Indonesia revealed that nearly half of respondents are not satisfied with their default browsers because of slow browsing speed, high data consumption and frequent crashes.

11. Opera TV Partners with ALi Corporation to accelerate Hybrid OTT Set Top Box Chipset DeploymentsПн., 22 мая[−]
Opera TV, the market leader in enabling OTT, and ALi Corporation, a leading Set-Top Box (STB) chipset provider, today announced the integration of Opera TV’s solution into ALi Corp.’s System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Set-Top Boxes (STB). This market-ready solution enables STB manufacturers and Pay TV Operators the opportunity to deliver consumers with immediate access to premium OTT content through an engaging viewing experience directly from their STB device.

12. Opera announces Victor Moses as brand ambassador in AfricaПн., 15 мая[−]
Opera is kicking off a partnership with football professional Victor Moses, Chelsea starter and Nigerian national team star player. Moses will be the brand ambassador of Opera Mini, the most popular browser in Africa. Starting today, Moses will be featured in the new Opera Mini TV commercial as well as a range of collaborative projects extending throughout 2018. “Football is one of the most popular types of content consumed by Opera Mini users throughout Africa”, says J?rgen Arnesen, Global Head of Marketing and Distribution at Opera. “Victor Moses is a perfect match for Opera, being not only a high performer, but also a great role model and natural ambassador of his home country Nigeria”

13. New Opera browser adds support for social messengersСр., 10 мая[−]
Today, Opera becomes the first major browser to integrate social messenger services, allowing users to chat side-by-side as they browse. With the release of the new browser, codenamed “Reborn”, Opera continues on the path to redefine what a web browser should be.

14. Opera invests $100 million USD to grow African digital economyВт., 09 мая[−]
Opera, the developer of the most popular mobile browser in Africa, today announced its plan to invest $100 million USD (30 billion Nigerian nairas) over the next two years to facilitate the growth of African digital economy. The company will use the investment to speed up internet adoption in Africa and strengthen the internet ecosystem with local partners.

15. New Opera Max 3.0 makes your Android apps lighter and saferПт., 05 мая[−]
Opera Max, the most popular Android data management and data saving app, today rolled out its new 3.0 version. This is a major update with an all new design, optimized for easier use of the powerful data savings and data management tools inside Opera Max. Additionally, the new version introduces a huge improvement to the data savings technology by adding support for Facebook savings.

16. Opera TV Join Forces with JW Player to Help Content Creators Get Ready for PrimetimeВт., 02 мая[−]
Opera TV is continuing to expand its partnerships to enable millions of video content creators to quickly and easily distribute their content on millions of Smart TV devices around the globe. JW Player, a leading digital and mobile video platform and player company with customers ranging from individual bloggers to Fortune 500 companies, is the newest Opera TV Snap partner. Together, Opera TV Snap and JW Player will enable JW Players’ over two million supported websites to package online video channels into ready-to-run TV apps.

17. Introducing Opera CricketЧт., 06 апр.[−]
Today, Opera rolls out Opera Cricket to keep users in India on top of this cricket season. The new feature not only provides lightning fast cricket scores, commentary, video, and notifications when on the move but will also allow users to keep track of their favorite teams & players in one place.

18. Opera with built-in VPN grows in the U.S. after repeal of internet privacy rulesВт., 04 апр.[−]
Interest in using virtual private networks, or VPN, when browsing the internet is now surging. On March 28, the United States Congress voted and approved to repeal restrictions which stop internet service providers from selling personal browsing data and information. Since then, the number of new U.S. users of Opera, the only browser with a free, built-in VPN, has doubled in just a few days.

19. Opera TV and Leading Broadcaster to Demonstrate Latest HbbTV 2.0.1 FeaturesВт., 28 марта[−]
Opera TV, the global market leader in enabling OTT, today announced that the Opera TV Hybrid TV Module, which previously included support for HbbTV 2.0.1, now also features Companion Screen and Media-Synchronization capabilities. To showcase the complete solution, Opera TV has collaborated with BBC Research and Development to jointly demonstrate these features at TV Connect, taking place between March 28 – 30 in London.

20. New Opera browser release focuses on speedВт., 07 февр.[−]
Today, Opera has released a new version of its browser with instant page loading and Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) on board. Over the last year, Opera has brought a large set of unique features to the browser. With today’s release, Opera focuses purely on making the browser super fast.

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