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1. 10 psychological retail tricks to make you splurge Black Friday03:13[−]
Watch out for these retail strategies when shopping this holiday season.

2. The Wall Street Journal: Uber may face multiple investigations after admitting year-old data breachЧт., 23 нояб.[−]
Government officials worldwide said they would look at Uber Technologies Inc.’s handling of a major data breach last year.

3. What Netflix, Comcast and others are saying about the FCC’s plan to end net neutralityЧт., 23 нояб.[−]
The Federal Communications Commission is charging ahead with its plan to end “open internet” protections, referred to as net neutrality, that it says were unnecessarily heavy-handed regulations.

4. Market Extra: One stock is conspicuously absent from Goldman Sachs’ top 5 hedge fund favoritesЧт., 23 нояб.[−]
Apple is not feeling the love on this list even though it’s the most valuable company in the world with a market cap nearing $1 trillion.

5. Nearly a decade after Bernie Madoff, Americans still lose their life savings to Ponzi schemesЧт., 23 нояб.[−]
There are more than a dozen new legal cases involving Ponzi schemes every month.

6. Charlie Rose’s sophisticated hunt reveals the often unseen, insidious side of sexual harassmentЧт., 23 нояб.[−]
Sexual harassment could range from a text or a compliment to even a look.

7. When is the best time to fly or drive on Thanksgiving?Чт., 23 нояб.[−]
Traffic is expected to hit a 5-year high this Thanksgiving.

8. This one mistake could put your kids in danger this holiday seasonЧт., 23 нояб.[−]
Former Obama cybersecurity commissioner gives some timely safety tips.

9. NerdWallet: 7 Black Friday shopping hacks to get even bigger dealsЧт., 23 нояб.[−]
Try these hacks to get the deals you want, whether you decide to shop from your couch or at the mall.

10. 6 things NOT to buy on Cyber MondayЧт., 23 нояб.[−]
You may be better off waiting for prices to go even lower on some products throughout the holiday season.

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