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1. Vitaliy Katsenelson's Contrarian Edge: Investors have misdiagnosed Amazon’s push into the pharmacy business01:55[−]
Walgreens and other established drug retailers can handle Amazon’s threat, writes Vitaliy Katsenelson.

2. New Nvidia gaming cards include AI, real-time ray tracingПн., 20 авг.[−]
At Gamescom in Germany, Nvidia Corp. announced its new line of gaming-focused graphics cards on Monday that it said were at least six times as fast as the prior generation.

3. These cities saw the biggest rebounds in home prices after the Great RecessionПн., 20 авг.[−]
California’s booming tech sector has helped the state to recover.

4. The Dog of the FAANGs strategy made Apple a winnerПн., 20 авг.[−]
Sentiment ultimately dictated the direction of Apple and Netflix shares.

5. Is this peak branding? Gucci wants you to wear this $590 advertisement for ViacomПн., 20 авг.[−]
Experts say this T-shirt is just the latest example of luxury goods companies trying to be cool.

6. Deep Dive: Ignore ‘multidecade growth’ companies in emerging markets at your own perilПн., 20 авг.[−]
Motley Fool fund manager Tony Arsta looks way beyond the short-term disruptions that are dominating the news.

7. New Nvidia chips shift the future of gaming graphicsПн., 20 авг.[−]
Main rival AMD is now one full step behind in technology, says Ryan Shrout.

8. Swiss startup that filters plastics out of water is eyeing U.S. and China marketsПн., 20 авг.[−]
A Swiss startup that sells a high-tech filter that removes pathogens from water, including plastic particles, is up and running almost a year after a crowdfunding campaign that helped it raise the funds needed to launch a product for home use.

9. London Markets: London stocks rise, buoyed by materials shares and trade optimismПн., 20 авг.[−]
London stocks trade higher to start the week, led by shares of materials companies and a global markets that is moving higher on trade optimism.

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