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1. Uncover tech-stock exposure through a VC firm that finds the disruptorsСб., 23 июня[−]
Technology stocks are scoring all-time highs yet again, but you may have tired of betting on the same old Nasdaq names. A less-familiar publicly traded venture-capital firm offers another way to get exposure to the sector’s growth.

2. How NOT to bet during the World Cup, according to behavioral scienceСб., 23 июня[−]
The psychology behind betting on sporting events may help you score a win.

3. People use Venmo to spy on cheating spouses—it’s proving more effective than FacebookСб., 23 июня[−]
The mobile-payment app is an effective tool for aspiring detectives and would-be psychologists.

4. There’s been a spike in university ‘enrollments’ of emotional support animalsСб., 23 июня[−]
Stressed-out students are increasingly petitioning their colleges to allow them to live with their pets.

5. How your ‘poker face’ can make you money at business as well as cardsСб., 23 июня[−]
A new study shows how people can perform well in high-stakes situations.

6. Top Ten: Weekend roundup: A Starbucks beating | The benefits of immigration | More on the KPMG scandalСб., 23 июня[−]
Sales growth slows but dividends rise; immigration by the numbers and an ongoing accounting mess.

7. Next Avenue: If you’re over 40 and work, you’re in for some big surprisesСб., 23 июня[−]
Higher taxes and millions of displaced workers are predicted in the next decade. But there’s an upside.

8. Amazon could actually benefit from the Supreme Court ruling on sales taxСб., 23 июня[−]
Amazon is already equipped to comply with the Supreme Court’s sales tax ruling, and could help others comply as well.

9. Amazon shares fall after Supreme Court ruling on sales tax, as brick-and-mortar retailers gainСб., 23 июня[−] Inc. shares slid 1.3% Thursday, after the Supreme Court ruled that states have the right to collect sales taxes on internet companies that do not have a physical presence in their states.

10. MarketWatch First Take: Micron earnings prove the doubters wrong againСб., 23 июня[−]
Micron Technology Inc. once again countered all the doubts surrounding the stock Wednesday, as executives forcefully contended that the current strength in memory markets is not just a cyclical upturn.

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