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1. Why Apple’s new campus and Amazon’s HQ2 probably won’t be neighborsСб., 20 янв.[−]
Apple’s new campus will have a very different impact than Amazon’s second headquarters.

2. Anniversary of Women’s March carries new message: Power to the PollsСб., 20 янв.[−]
Hundreds of demonstrations got underway Saturday, and will continue Sunday, to mark the first anniversary of the women’s marches formed largely in a statement of protest against President Donald Trump last year.

3. Women who don’t have kids typically earn far more than women who doСб., 20 янв.[−]
Is delaying having kids a financial career move?

4. Is Amazon Prime still worth it after monthly price hike?Сб., 20 янв.[−]
The online retail giant just raised subscription fees again.

5. Called to Account: Tax bill lowered corporate tax rate, so why are some companies announcing charges?Сб., 20 янв.[−]
The tax bill that President Donald Trump signed into law in December slashes corporate tax rates, so why are some companies announcing charges instead of benefits from the change?

6. Apple, Oracle and Microsoft are expected to issue less debt in 2018Сб., 20 янв.[−]
After five years of rapid growth, technology companies are expected to issue less debt in 2018 as they start to bring some of the cash parked overseas back to the U.S.

7. MarketWatch First Take: Apple’s tax shift means less cash than you think — but still plenty for a big acquisitionСб., 20 янв.[−]
The iPhone maker will likely have $44 billion left over from its repatriation bonanza, once debts, promises and investments are taken into account. The big question is: What will the company known for strategic small acquisitions and conservative spending do with that money?

8. The Sniff Test: Apple didn’t say it was hiring 20,000 new workers, nor bringing back all of its overseas cashСб., 20 янв.[−]
Apple Inc. announced a series of plans on Wednesday that were celebrated as promises to hire thousands of workers and bring home all of its overseas cash, but that isn’t what Apple said.

9. How trading bitcoin could actually ruin your mental healthСб., 20 янв.[−]
Distress during the ups and downs of trading bitcoin. Where have we seen this before?

10. The Moneyist: My husband took 5 years off his age and denies he fathered a child — now I want separate bank accountsСб., 20 янв.[−]
This woman’s husband balked at the idea. She earns three times more than him.

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