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1. Asia Markets: Tech stocks, North Korea keep Asian markets on the fence13:28[−]
Equity markets in Asia closed mixed on Tuesday, as traders assessed fresh threats from North Korea and weakness among key technology stocks, though Hong Kong stocks erased early losses as Chinese markets outperformed.

2. Deep Dive: These companies are expected to increase sales the most in 201812:17[−]
Analysts at Goldman Sachs expect sales growth to drive stock performance over the next few years.

3. Next Avenue: How to be a great virtual grandparent12:05[−]
Some advice on overcoming the challenges grandparents face when connecting with grandkids from afar.

4. The Moneyologist: This wife took swift action to close an account her husband used to hide money11:36[−]
Her brother-in-law asked her husband to stash a six-figure cash windfall.

5. With more hidden fees, hotels begin to resemble the airline industry06:23[−]
The hotel industry collected a record number of fees in 2016.

6. The Moneyologist: A real-life Cinderella story with three sisters, an inheritance — and a father who dies without a will06:22[−]
These two sisters want to disinherit their younger half-sibling.

7. Nvidia strikes deals for AI-focused chips with Chinese tech giants06:00[−]
Nvidia Inc. CEO Jensen Huang announced late Monday evening that the company will be supplying its GPU hardware to several of China’s largest cloud computing providers and server hardware manufacturers.

8. Fake news? Trump tweeted about Iran missile launch that never happened02:36[−]
The Iranian ballistic missile launch that President Donald Trump tweeted about Saturday apparently never happened.

9. Crypto chatter on Reddit is up 930% this year. So... is THIS the top?00:13[−]
Chatter about cryptocurrencies has exploded on the “front page of the internet.”

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