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1. Amazon Prime card has the same pitfalls as every other brick-and-mortar store card08:02[−]
Cardholders will now get 5% cashback when they shop at Whole Foods.

2. NerdWallet: These 12 Olympic athletes scrimped and saved their way to the top03:09[−]
We talked to athletes competing in the 2018 Games about their money challenges and how they make ends meet.

3. Is it safe to travel to Cuba after mysterious ‘sonic weapon’ attacks?01:57[−]
The U.S. State Department recently released a travel advisory after diplomats reported hearing and memory loss.

4. Why terrified Florida students live-streamed the mass shooting at their high school01:55[−]
The changing role of social media in mass shootings.

5. Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize-winning economist, says Wells Fargo is ‘slimy’01:55[−]
The father of nudge theory says the bank is using ‘sludge’ theory to avoid refunding customers’ money.

6. The Moneyist: Should I sell my $565,000 duplex and invest the money — or continue to collect rent?01:54[−]
This retiree is 60, has no debt and owns two other properties.

7. Personal Finance Daily: How you can benefit from rising interest rates and gas mileage myths that are wasting your money01:47[−]
Tuesday's top personal finance stories

8. Want to get rich? Put your finances on cruise controlВт., 20 февр.[−]
A slew of digital money-tracking services are competing to manage your money.

9. The Moneyist: My ex-husband took $15,000 from our daughter’s 529 plan and bought a $10,000 car with her inheritanceВт., 20 февр.[−]
This New Jersey woman wonders if she has any recourse against his actions.

10. This habit can actually extend your life — and improve its qualityВт., 20 февр.[−]
How to boost your ‘health span’

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