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1. ETF Focus: What the blockchain ETF ‘feeding frenzy’ says about the ETF industryЧт., 21 июня[−]
One of the hottest segments of the exchange-traded funds industry in 2018 involves a technology that is extremely new, often misunderstood and has yet to be widely utilized.

2. Video: Here's how to invest in cannabis through ETFsЧт., 31 мая[−]
Investing in marijuana or cannabis stocks can be risky. Small companies that are actually handling and growing marijuana might not be legal at a federal level. Here's what you need to know.

3. FA Center: Why mutual fund managers on a hot streak may be too good for your moneyСб., 26 мая[−]
Investment success for a fortunate few can lead to disappointment for many, writes Mark Hulbert.

4. These three ETFs carry low risks but potentially high rewardsПт., 18 мая[−]
Simon Maierhofer on the contrarian nature of consumer staples, long-dated Treasuries and investment-grade corporate bonds.

5. ETF Investing: Activity in this ETF shows where investors expect retail-sales growth to come fromСр., 16 мая[−]
Consumers have been voting with their dollars over the past several years, moving decisively to online retail over brick-and-mortar stores, and increasingly, investors are as well.

6. ETF Investing: Bond ETFs saw their highest inflows in three years in AprilПн., 30 апр.[−]
Investors snapped up fixed-income exchange-traded funds in April, with the category seeing its biggest month of inflows in more than three years.

7. ETF Investing: Investors are retreating from these bond ETFs as yields riseСр., 25 апр.[−]
A swift rise in bond yields in 2018 has sent fixed-income investors scrambling, with major categories of bond exchange-traded funds seeing steep outflows, while other groups have been favored.

8. Deep Dive: These 3 cutting-edge stocks can sharpen your investment portfolioСр., 25 апр.[−]
Buffalo Discovery Fund manager taps companies with strong growth potential.

9. Deep Dive: Rising interest rates don’t scare these bond prosВт., 24 апр.[−]
Managers of Thornburg Strategic Income Fund dig deep for opportunities, writes Philip van Doorn.

10. ETF Investing: Here’s why small-cap stocks could be vulnerable to ETF outflowsПн., 23 апр.[−]
Exchange-traded funds are among the most popular ways for investors to get exposure to nearly any asset class, region, or strategy in the global market. However, rather than there being safety in numbers, this is seen as something that could become a risk factor for select types of assets.

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