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1. FA Center: Index fund investors will lose in a bear market if they fail this testПн., 20 авг.[−]
Buy-and-hold investment strategy must be kept through thick and thin, writes Mark Hulbert.

2. FA Center: How to know if ‘bond-king’ Bill Gross has really lost his touchСр., 15 авг.[−]
It’s tough to prove that a winning fund manager’s reign is over, writes Mark Hulbert.

3. ETF Trader: Turkey ETF sees highest inflows in 5 years amid currency crisisСр., 15 авг.[−]
The largest exchange-traded fund to track Turkey’s equity market has tumbled in recent trading, but it has also seen an influx of assets as investors attempt to play the troubled region.

4. Market Extra: Fidelity announces zero-fee funds, in a big milestone for the industryЧт., 02 авг.[−]
In the “race to zero,” someone just crossed the finish line.

5. ETF Investing: Stock ETFs saw big inflows over July as the market ralliedСр., 01 авг.[−]
Investors returned to risk over the month of July, plowing money into stock-based exchange-traded funds as the second-quarter earnings season came in ahead of forecasts, reassuring market participants that economic fundamentals were strong enough to justify valuations.

6. Mutual Funds Weekly: What you think you know about investing can hurt youПт., 20 июля[−]
Check out this week’s top money and investing features.

7. ETF Investing: Stock-market volatility sparks third month of ETF outflows so far this yearЧт., 05 июля[−]
The exchange-traded funds universe could be about to do something in 2018 that it has seldom done before: shrink.

8. The Wall Street Journal: Vanguard set to offer rivals funds for free as ETF fees approach zeroПн., 02 июля[−]
Vanguard Group plans to eliminate online commissions on its rivals’ exchange-traded funds, a move by the asset management giant to lure new assets and steer more customers to financial advice.

9. Jeff Reeves's Strength in Numbers: Stick with U.S. stocks — and avoid these 7 emerging-market trapsПн., 02 июля[−]
Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the ugliest stock market of all?

10. This is how some ETFs are run like a shell-game scamСр., 27 июня[−]
Intraday pricing on the funds means arbitrageurs make the money at the expense of individual investors, says Ivan Martchev.

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