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1. Market Extra: Are investors getting more risk with passive bond funds than they bargained for? BIS asksСр., 14 марта[−]
The Bank for International Settlements said bond indexes end up favoring the most leveraged issuers, and those arguably representing bigger risks to investors.

2. ETF Investing: Half of investors will own an ETF by 2020: BlackRockСр., 14 марта[−]
Exchange-traded funds, long one of the fastest-growing segments of Wall Street, could become the dominant investing vehicle in just a few years — not even 30 years after they were first introduced.

3. ETF Investing: Inflation and rate fears result in rough quarter for Treasury bond ETFsВт., 13 марта[−]
Exchange-traded funds that track U.S. Treasurys have struggled thus far in 2018, with investors retreating from the sector—particularly bonds with longer durations—as fears over inflation and higher rates have returned to the market.

4. Market Extra: Men make up 90% of portfolio managers, but not because they’re good at their jobsВт., 13 марта[−]
Wall Street is dominated by men, but it’s not because they’re inherently better investors.

5. ETF Investing: The best sector of this bull market is the ‘greatest investment story ever told’Чт., 08 марта[−]
While the strategy of investing in internet-related companies will likely always be first associated with the dot-com era, the past decade has proved to be just as strong a period for the sector that has now influenced nearly every aspect of the economy.

6. ETF Investing: Gold ETFs see outflows in February amid price volatilityВт., 06 марта[−]
Investors retreated from gold-based exchange-traded funds in February, as volatility in the price of the precious metal made it a less-attractive safe haven asset despite U.S. stocks seeing sharp losses over the same period.

7. ETF Investing: Italy ETF down for 5th straight day after electionПн., 05 марта[−]
The largest exchange-traded fund to track Italy’s equity market fell on Monday, in the wake of a national election that yielded no clear-cut winner and added to the region’s political uncertainty.

8. ETF Investing: Tariff talk sparks exodus from largest industrial ETFПн., 05 марта[−]
The largest exchange-traded fund to track the industrial sector has seen massive outflows over the past month, an exodus that was driven in large part by President Donald Trump’s surprise announcements of tariffs last week.

9. Jeff Reeves's Strength in Numbers: 5 ETFs that nervous investors can use as insurance against a stock-market crashПн., 05 марта[−]
These may not make you lots of money, but you might want them to preserve capital, writes Jeff Reeves.

10. ETF Focus: An ‘unprecedented’ change to the stock market will create a concentrated sector of trading favoritesПт., 02 марта[−]
Technology’s status as the hottest segment on Wall Street may be coming to an end— and not for reasons that have anything to do with the high-flying sector’s fundamentals.

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