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1. The depressing reason women out-earn men in these 7 places in the U.S.00:01[−]
Men are paid more than women in nearly all of these 2,700 counties, with just a handful of exceptions.

2. How a SoftBank buyout of Qualcomm could change the world of technologyПт., 16 марта[−]
The company with the most to lose would be Intel, says Ryan Shrout.

3. The Tell: This stock’s up almost 25,000% since 2009 and you probably haven’t even heard of itПт., 16 марта[−]
You’ve heard all about Netflix’s nosebleed ascent, Apple’s move toward a $1-trillion valuation and Amazon’s destruction of all things retail and more, but what about Patrick Industries?

4. IPO Report: Zscaler shares more than double after IPO as CEO touts cloud-based securityПт., 16 марта[−]
Zscaler Inc. shares skyrocketed on their first day of trading Friday after the cloud-based security company priced its initial public offering above its already-raised range late Thursday.

5. Next Avenue: If you’re over 40 and work, you’re in for some big surprisesПт., 16 марта[−]
Higher taxes and millions of displaced workers are predicted in the next decade. But there’s an upside.

6. Toys ‘R’ Us’ is still facing major challenges in the liquidation processПт., 16 марта[−]
Toys ‘R’ Us, which announced that it will close its U.S. stores, will have to manage a liquidation process that experts call a “big undertaking.”

7. Deep Dive: This emerging-market ETF continues to blow away the competitionПт., 16 марта[−]
The index tracked by Vanguard’s huge EM index funds has changed to include Alibaba and Baidu, but EMQQ keeps outperforming.

8. Top Ten: Weekend roundup: Warning sign from Home Depot | Bitcoin’s ride | Side effect of being young, female and sickПт., 16 марта[−]
The market looks ahead and sees a worsening economy; a thoughtful piece on how men and women perceive others’ suffering.

9. From 53 matches to 4 dates: What a month on Tinder is really likeПт., 16 марта[−]
A dating app user quantified his experience looking for love.

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