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1. Peter Morici: Apple’s dangerous new nanny app20:10[−]
Apple’s new nanny app poses dangers for child development, writes Peter Morici.

2. Netflix’s junk bonds were also hammered by its weaker-than-expected numbers19:46[−]
Yields on the streaming giant’s recently issued junk bonds rose 17.4 basis points as the stock tanked 14% late Monday.

3. The Technical Indicator: S&P 500 ventures atop major resistance, slow-motion breakout attempt underway19:26[−]
Technically speaking, the backdrop for U.S. stocks has strengthened amid a grinding-higher July rally, writes Michael Ashbaugh.

4. Over 5 million U.S. consumers will cut the cord in 2018, survey says19:11[−]
Comcast, AT&T and DirecTV will be hard-hit, says consulting firm cg42

5. Amazon says U.S. Prime Day sales reach records despite early outage18:34[−]
Amazon said the shopping continued for Prime Day in the U.S. after an early issue was resolved.

6. Need to Know: We’re in a ‘buying stampede,’ so get ready for new highs, says veteran strategist17:52[−]
It may not feel like it, but Jeffrey Saut, chief investment strategist at Raymond James, says we could be in the midst of a “buying stampede” that will take us to higher highs.

7. The Wall Street Journal: Publishing execs believe Facebook is overly deferential to conservative content17:20[−]
At a private meeting late last week, some publishing executives criticized Facebook Inc. for being overly accommodating to conservative outlets, days before social-media executives are to appear on Capitol Hill to discuss how content is displayed on their sites.

8. Your Amazon Echo could make you spend more (and not just on Prime Day)16:59[−]
Half of Amazon’s shoppers are expected to have an Alexa device following two-day sales event.

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