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1. The Technical Indicator: Charting a November breakout attempt, S&P 500 rattles cage on the 2,600 markВт., 21 нояб.[−]
Technically speaking, the S&P 500’s latest breakout attempt is underway, writes Michael Ashbaugh. The index has tagged a nominal record high, and continues to challenge resistance matching the 2,600 mark.

2. The Technical Indicator: Charting a bull-trend downdraft, S&P 500 nails first supportВт., 14 нояб.[−]
Technically speaking, the U.S. benchmarks’ persistent bull trend has thus far weathered a respectable mid-November downdraft, writes Michael Ashbaugh.

3. The Technical Indicator: Charting a slow-motion November breakout, S&P 500 approaches the 2,600 markВт., 07 нояб.[−]
The major U.S. stock benchmarks have concurrently registered consecutive record closes, punctuating a bullish, if less than spectacular, November start, writes Michael Ashbaugh.

4. The Technical Indicator: S&P 500’s powerful bull trend meets seasonal tailwindВт., 31 окт.[−]
The U.S. stock benchmarks' best six months seasonally — November through April — are poised to kick off amid an already powerful 2017 bull trend, writes Michael Ashbaugh.

5. The Technical Indicator: Charting a persistent bull trend, S&P 500 nails first supportВт., 24 окт.[−]
The major U.S. benchmarks are trending persistently higher with the best six months seasonally — November through April — just one week away, writes Michael Ashbaugh.

6. The Technical Indicator: U.S. benchmarks take flight, charting the approach of Dow 23,000Вт., 17 окт.[−]
The big three U.S. benchmarks continue to take flight, concurrently registering consecutive all-time highs, writes Michael Ashbaugh. In the process, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has briefly tagged the marquee 23,000 mark against the backdrop of a still rotational, and firmly-grounded, bull trend.

7. The Technical Indicator: Charting the S&P 500’s break to ‘clear skies’ technical territoryВт., 10 окт.[−]
Technically speaking, the major U.S. benchmarks’ powerful 2017 uptrend is firmly intact, writes Michael Ashbaugh. Each index has reached record territory with an unseasonal October technical breakout.

8. The Technical Indicator: Charting a fourth-quarter breakout, S&P 500 confirms bull trendВт., 03 окт.[−]
The U.S. markets’ bigger-picture technical backdrop continues to strengthen as the fourth quarter kicks off, writes Michael Ashbaugh.

9. The Technical Indicator: Nasdaq’s FAANG-fueled downturn masks otherwise healthy sector rotationВт., 26 сент.[−]
Technically speaking, the major U.S. benchmarks’ bull trend has weathered a late-September market whipsaw punctuated by healthy sector rotation, writes Michael Ashbaugh.

10. The Technical Indicator: Bull trend confirmed, S&P 500 reaches uncharted territory ahead of the FedВт., 19 сент.[−]
The S&P 500 has reached uncharted territory atop the 2,500 mark, confirming its primary uptrend, writes Michael Ashbaugh..

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