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1. ETF Focus: Health-care ETF tumbles, pressured by pharmaceutical company weaknessПн., 05 февр.[−]
Exchange-traded funds that track the health care and pharmaceutical sectors tumbled on Monday, with the group leading the overall market lower.

2. ETF Focus: Gold ETFs see steep inflows as investors look to hedgeЧт., 25 янв.[−]
The largest exchange-traded fund to track gold has seen heavy adoption thus far in 2018, with massive inflows amid a rally in the precious metal’s price, as well as interest from investors looking to hedge their portfolios.

3. ETF Focus: Airline-related ETF on track for worst day since Aug. 2016 after United resultsСр., 24 янв.[−]
The largest exchange-traded funds that primarily tracks the airline industry tumbled on Wednesday, falling in its biggest decline in more than a year as the sector broadly sold off following a key component’s quarterly results.

4. ETF Focus: New products let bulls and bears make turbocharged bets on techВт., 23 янв.[−]
Investors who want to continue playing one of 2017’s hottest trades can now do so in turbocharged fashion.

5. ETF Focus: Biotech ETFs rally to records on merger newsПн., 22 янв.[−]
The largest exchange-traded funds to track the biotechnology sector rallied on Monday, hitting record or multiyear highs after a pair of multibillion-dollar deals were announced.

6. ETF Focus: Ignore the ‘blockchain gimmicks’ say the men behind the new blockchain ETFsЧт., 18 янв.[−]
Some of the most remarkable moves in the U.S. stock market over the past few months have been in companies announcing an initiative related to blockchain, the decentralized ledger technology best known as the foundation behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

7. ETF Focus: The final frontier market? An ETF related to outer space could blast off soonСр., 10 янв.[−]
An exchange-traded fund that could soon hit Wall Street will quite literally be out of this world.

8. ETF Focus: Tech ETF hits record in 2018, surpassing peak from March 2000Вт., 09 янв.[−]
It nearly took 20 years, but the bursting of the dot-com bubble has at long last been fully repaired.

9. ETF Focus: Stock ETFs see outflows in the first week of the new yearПт., 05 янв.[−]
In the first week of the new year, investors pulled money out of U.S. equity-based exchange-traded funds, a category that saw record-shattering growth over the course of 2017. The outflows came despite ongoing strength on Wall Street.

10. ETF Focus: Expect ‘elevated volatility’ in ‘the vast majority of U.S. ETFs’ in 2018Пт., 05 янв.[−]
The U.S. stock market was historically quiet in 2017—daily moves were slight, volatility was near record lows, and major indexes have gone a nearly unprecedented length of time without even mild pullbacks.

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