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1. ETF Focus: Are ‘sin stocks’ good for one’s portfolio? A new ETF is wagering big on viceВт., 12 дек.[−]
Depending on one’s tastes, a new exchange-traded fund could be one of the most fun investments of all time.

2. ETF Focus: Tax reform and holiday shopping send retail stocks to best month in 6 yearsЧт., 07 дек.[−]
Perhaps pronouncing the death of brick-and-mortar stores was premature.

3. ETF Focus: The artificial intelligence ETF is one of the most popular fund launches of 2017Чт., 07 дек.[−]
One of the most notable success stories on Wall Street in 2017 isn’t exactly a human-interest story.

4. ETF Focus: Vanguard to launch a suite of—gasp—active ETFsСр., 29 нояб.[−]
Vanguard, the asset-managing giant whose name is synonymous with passive investing, is dipping its toe into actively managed exchange-traded funds.

5. ETF Focus: Fears grow that popularity of ETFs is a ticking time bombВт., 28 нояб.[−]
It’s a claim that has been hotly disputed, but which is being more fiercely debated by the day: ETFs have gotten too big for their own good, making them an unappreciated risk in the event of a market decline.

6. ETF Focus: Retail ETFs see big inflows amid strong start to holiday shopping seasonВт., 28 нояб.[−]
Exchange-traded funds tracking the retail sector have seen so much investor interest over the past week that spectators could be forgiven for thinking they were among the doorbuster items offered by stores ringing in the holiday shopping season.

7. ETF Focus: New ETF is a bet on the death of retail storesЧт., 16 нояб.[−]
Most sector-themed exchange-traded funds are launched to take advantage of a fast-growing segment of the equity market. A new one is offering exposure to an industry it expects to drop to zero.

8. ETF Focus: WisdomTree to buy part of ETF Securities, in latest industry consolidationПн., 13 нояб.[−]
WisdomTree Investments Inc. on Monday say it is buying parts of ETF Securities, the latest sign of fund providers scrambling to increase their market share at a time when investors are overwhelmingly favoring a few major players.

9. ETF Focus: Vanguard: please ignore how cheap our new bond ETF isПт., 10 нояб.[−]
The ETF fee war continues apace, but by now average industry costs have come down so much that fund sponsors, rather than touting how little they charge compared with their rivals, are encouraging investors to look beyond the price tag.

10. ETF Focus: An unpopular real estate ETF is remaking itself as a cannabis fundПт., 10 нояб.[−]
An exchange-traded fund has seen strong performance but little adoption this year is giving itself a makeover, and is turning to cannabis to do it.

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