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Speeches and Testimony of Federal Reserve Officials

1. Quarles, Introductory RemarksЧт., 19 июля[−]
Speech At the Alternative Reference Rates Committee Roundtable, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York, New York (via prerecorded video)

2. Quarles, Getting It Right: Factors for Tailoring Supervision and Regulation of Large Financial InstitutionsСр., 18 июля[−]
Speech At American Bankers Association Summer Leadership Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah

3. Quarles, America's Vital Interest in Global Efforts to Promote Financial StabilityСр., 27 июня[−]
Speech At the Utah Bankers Association 110th Annual Convention, Sun Valley Inn, Sun Valley, Idaho

4. Powell, Monetary Policy at a Time of Uncertainty and Tight Labor MarketsСр., 20 июня[−]
Speech At "Price and Wage-Setting in Advanced Economies," an ECB Forum on Central Banking, Sintra, Portugal

5. Brainard, Sustaining Full Employment and Inflation around TargetЧт., 31 мая[−]
Speech At the Forecasters Club of New York, New York, New York

6. Powell, Financial Stability and Central Bank TransparencyПт., 25 мая[−]
Speech At "350 years of Central Banking: The Past, the Present and the Future," A Sveriges Riksbank anniversary conference sponsored by the Riksbank and the Riksdag, Stockholm, Sweden

7. Brainard, Keeping Community at the Heart of the Community Reinvestment ActПт., 18 мая[−]
Speech At the Association of Neighborhood and Housing Development Eighth Annual Community Development Conference Build.Community.Power, New York, New York

8. Quarles, Trust Everyone--But Brand Your Cattle: Finding the Right Balance in Cross-Border ResolutionСр., 16 мая[−]
Speech At "Ring-Fencing the Global Banking System: The Shift towards Financial Regulatory Protectionism" Symposium sponsored by Harvard Law School Program on International Financial Systems, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

9. Brainard, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Currencies, and Distributed Ledger Technologies: What Are We Learning?Ср., 16 мая[−]
Speech At the Decoding Digital Currency ConferenceSponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, San Francisco, California

10. Powell, Monetary Policy Influences on Global Financial Conditions and International Capital FlowsВт., 08 мая[−]
Speech At "Challenges for Monetary Policy and the GFSN in an Evolving Global Economy" Eighth High-Level Conference on the International Monetary System sponsored by the International Monetary Fund and Swiss National Bank, Zurich, Switzerland

11. Quarles, Liquidity Regulation and the Size of the Fed's Balance SheetСб., 05 мая[−]
Speech At "Currencies, Capital, and Central Bank Balances: A Policy Conference," a Hoover Institution Monetary Policy Conference, Stanford University, Stanford, California

12. Brainard, Community Development in Baltimore and A Few Observations on Community Reinvestment Act ModernizationВт., 17 апр.[−]
Speech At the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Baltimore Community Development Gathering, Baltimore, Maryland

13. Powell, The Outlook for the U.S. EconomyПт., 06 апр.[−]
Speech At The Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

14. Brainard, An Update on the Federal Reserve's Financial Stability AgendaВт., 03 апр.[−]
Speech At the Center for Global Economy and Business, Stern School of Business, New York University, New York, New York

15. Quarles, The Roles of Consumer Protection and Small Business Access to Credit in Financial InclusionВт., 27 марта[−]
Speech At the HOPE Global Forums Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia

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