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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. DJIA’s Recent Wild Ride in 3 ChartsПт., 17 авг.[−]

If you're an investor or trader, you really care about where the stock market will go tomorrow.

2. Facebook: From "Skyrocket" to "Air Pocket"Чт., 16 авг.[−]

Have you ever wondered why market observers sometimes ignore "bad news" -- but, at other times, focus on it entirely? Here's the key insight that you need to know, as we focus on the sentiment surrounding Facebook.

3. Why Oil Prices Fell -- Stockpiles or Price Pattern?Чт., 16 авг.[−]

On August 15, crude oil prices plunged 3% to a two-month low. Many experts cited a shockingly bearish same-day inventory report as the catalyst. One look at these charts, though, and you'll see a very different side to the story.

4. Is the Emerging Market Crisis "Containable"?Вт., 14 авг.[−]

Stories say the Turkish Lira's plunge "erodes confidence." But, what if eroding confidence caused the sell-off? See the chart that shows the facts about the currency trend.

5. Junk Bonds: No One Expects Volatility… Here’s Why YOU ShouldВт., 14 авг.[−]

Ironically, financial markets are most risky when they appear to be the least so. With that in mind, let's sift through some "junk," with the aid of this chart.

6. Before Blaming DJIA’s Sell-Off on Turkey, Consider ThisПн., 13 авг.[−]

It would be easy to blame the Dow Jones Industrial Average's triple-digit Friday (Aug. 10) sell-off on an escalating financial crisis in Turkey and a very anti-Turkey same-day tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump. But "easy" isn't always right.

7. Bull vs. Bears 24-to-1: What a "Meltup" Looks LikeПт., 10 авг.[−]

All signs point in one direction: Investors are bullish. Even so, there are times when it's NOT wise to follow the herd. See the evidence for yourself.

8. Deflationary Mindset Hits Real Estate – AgainПт., 10 авг.[−]

Signs of weakness are showing up in the U.S. housing market. A big-city newspaper just said, ". . . home sellers lower list prices as market cools way down." But how about the big-picture trend for real estate? Take a look at these two revealing charts...

9. Moving Averages Help You Define Trend – Here’s HowПт., 10 авг.[−]

This simple moving average "works equally well in commodities, currencies, and stocks"

10. Crude Oil Sheds 3.2%: Two Ways to Look at What HappenedПт., 10 авг.[−]

A curious thing happened to crude oil prices on Wednesday (Aug. 8). The market tanked 3.2%, but that's not unusual; the curiosity is in crude's fundamentals, which were said to have sent prices lower.

11. "Trade Wars": Time to Sell... or Buy?Чт., 09 авг.[−]

The "trade war" between the U.S. and China began near the July lows in Asian stock markets. Since then, most have rallied. Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor Mark Galasiewski puts the action in a proper perspective.

12. EU Stocks, Brexit & "Trade Wars"Чт., 09 авг.[−]

The August European Financial Forecast delivers all-new insights on Brexit, the German economy and more. Editor Brian Whitmer delivers distinct insights on these topics, the clear Elliott wave patterns in British stocks and elsewhere in Europe.

13. Tired of Getting “Chopped Up” Trading Options?Вт., 07 авг.[−]

Todd Gordon -- frequent CNBC contributor, Wall Street veteran, options trader, TradingAnalysis.com founder.

Wayne Gorman -- Wall Street veteran, options trader, EWI's Head of Educational Resources.

Watch these two titans of Elliott wave and options trading share their thoughts on this rapidly growing market.

14. Dreaming of a “Comfortable Retirement” on a Public Pension?Вт., 07 авг.[−]

Many employees of state and local governments in the U.S. are expecting a financially "comfortable" retirement. But, a big shock likely awaits. Here's a sobering perspective.

15. Aussie PayPal Explodes HigherПт., 03 авг.[−]

See the June 2018 GMP forecast - and what happened since then - for yourself. The August chart speaks for itself. Don't miss it.

16. The AAPL of the NASDAQ’s Eye: See What’s Next for Apple’s StockСр., 01 авг.[−]

Yes, Apple is the first U.S. company to hit a $1 trillion valuation. Will Apple's valuation and earnings be enough to support the lofty price... or is there more to the story?

17. Keeping a "Watch" on Signs of a Financial TopСр., 01 авг.[−]

The optimism that drives financial markets higher also drives the pursuit of luxury. This has been evident throughout financial history. Learn how this insight is relevant in 2018.

18. What the Stock Market Did During the Greatest Achievement in Human HistoryВт., 31 июля[−]

We spell out the “what,” “when” and “where” of this event: Look for yourself to see if you can find it on our chart of the Dow Industrials.

19. Sneak Peek: The Socionomist - August 2018Вт., 31 июля[−]

Letter from the Editor

20. Israelis and Palestinians: When Will the Violence Subside?Вт., 31 июля[−]

Violence between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza appears intractable. When might it end? Socionomics has a thought-provoking, evidence-based answer.

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