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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. Market Myth #4: Interest Rates Drive Stock PricesСр., 22 нояб.[−]

Think the Fed's interest rates control the stock market? Watch as Matt Lampert shows you how to bust this market myth in 2 minutes, using real-world examples from Robert Prechter's Socionomic Theory of Finance.

2. Some Traders Hit. Some Traders Miss. Here's How to be Part of the 1st GroupСр., 22 нояб.[−]

When the trading "doors" open and a throng of people are all angling for the same opportunity as you, have you ever raced headlong into the market without a secure trading plan in place? You're not alone.

3. Want to See the Future? Start HereВт., 21 нояб.[−]

Discover how you can understand--and sometimes even anticipate--rends in pop culture and politics using the latest entries in the socionomics book series. Plus, learn what's new for socionomics members in this monthly preview video.

4. Are All Bonds EQUALLY Low Risk?Вт., 21 нояб.[−]

The junk-to-treasury spread recently closed to ZERO, for the first time EVER. Wall Street says "no big deal" -- now see for yourself how BIG this is.

5. Big Default, Small Default: Tests of Confidence in the Global Debt MarketПн., 20 нояб.[−]

What happens when HIGH consumer confidence joins LOW savings See and hear the answer right now

6. $450M for a Da Vinci: What It Might Mean for the Stock MarketПн., 20 нояб.[−]

The positive social mood that drives a bull market in stocks also drives art market prices. Just recently, this painting sold for a record-shattering $450 million. Learn how other record-high prices in the art world coincided with turns in the DJIA.

7. Commodities: And the BIG-Picture Trend Is...Пн., 20 нояб.[−]

In this new interview with Jeffrey Kennedy, the editor of Commodity Junctures and Trader's Classroom, he discusses the larger trends across the softs and grains markets.

8. Fast-Rising Margin Debt Screams an Even Faster Reversal AheadПт., 17 нояб.[−]

Investors are borrowing like never before to invest in stocks. This is not surprising to our Elliott wave experts. "Aggressive speculation is a hallmark of fifth waves...."

9. Main Street to Wall Street: Pay AttentionПт., 17 нояб.[−]

See the charts that reveal this truth: "When an outlook is as good as it gets, it's time to think about a reversal."

10. Sugar's Early 2017 Sell-Off Surprised Us, Too... But Not for LongПт., 17 нояб.[−]

In early March, sugar prices hit a sour note and embarked on a precipitous sell-off. Truth to be told, we didn't expect the decline for much later. But that didn't mean we weren't prepared when it happened.

11. 2 Charts That Illustrate European Markets' Topping ProcessЧт., 16 нояб.[−]

In this new interview with Brian Whitmer, the editor of our European Financial Forecast, he tells you why Europe is in the midst of a long, slow topping process. Find out what this slow top suggests for markets and the EU as a whole.

12. Crude: "A Slow But Steady Grind"Чт., 16 нояб.[−]

Steve Craig, the editor of our Energy Pro Service, discusses recent price action across crude oil and natural gas. Watch this new interview below to learn why he believes recent price action is significant.

13. Traders: How to Know When the Trend Has ChangedЧт., 16 нояб.[−]

How do you know when a market's trend has changed? It's the number one challenge facing traders. Today, we show you two ways to not only meet that challenge, but beat it fair and square...

14. A View From the Top: Skyscrapers, Economic Booms, and the "Impulse to Build."Чт., 16 нояб.[−]

The "impulse to build" colossal skyscrapers invariably shows up at the END of economic booms: The question is, Why? Discover Bob Prechter's answer.

15. Here's What Implies an Even Bigger Global "Credit Crisis" Than 2007-2009Ср., 15 нояб.[−]

Right now, the global financial system seems to be light years away from the awful scare that occurred between 2007 and 2009. But, another "credit crisis" may be just around the corner. Learn how credit availability in this major nation is expected to change during the next three months.

16. Will the SEC Raise Crowdfunding Limits to $5 Million? Here's What It Might ImplyВт., 14 нояб.[−]

History shows that in the world of finance, government regulators usually embrace a trend after it's been in force for years -- and usually when the trend is about to turn. With this in mind, learn why investors should be weary of what financial authorities are expressing now.

17. From Cooperation to Conflict: What's Behind Europe's Rise in SeparatismВт., 14 нояб.[−]

In the 1990s, Europe came together and formed an economic and monetary union. Now, more and more countries and regions demand autonomy or even independence. Why the change? Alan Hall gives you the socionomic answer in this interview.

18. What "Too Confident to Save" Means for StocksВт., 14 нояб.[−]

What happens when HIGH consumer confidence joins LOW savings? See and hear the answer right now.

19. Gold & Silver: ZERO Progress - Exception or the Rule?Пт., 10 нояб.[−]

Tom Denham, the editor of our Metals Pro Service, weighs in on the recent price action across metals -- and especially in gold and silver.

20. E-franc, E-krona...E-volution?Пт., 10 нояб.[−]

Is cryptocurrency mania the biggest bubble in history, or an epochal change for money and FX markets? It might be both -- learn why.

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