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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. Starbucks vs. the Stock Market: A Fascinating ConnectionПт., 22 июня[−]

There's no substitute for technical indicators when analyzing the stock market. At the same time, observing social trends can also be useful, given that many of these trends correlate with the market. Here's a case in point ...

2. Trouble Spotting Market Trends? This Can HelpЧт., 21 июня[−]

The Wall Street classic book, Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior, by Frost & Prechter, says: "... the Wave Principle often indicates in advance the relative magnitude of the next period of market progress or regress." Take a look at these illustrations of the Elliott wave model...

3. What Does Mega-Merger Mania Say About the Stock Market?Ср., 20 июня[−]

First AT&T-Time Warner. Now Disney and Comcast's battle over Fox. History says these mega-mergers send a signal about the stock market's trend. Discover what it is in this clip from an interview with EWI's Murray Gunn on WSVA radio.

4. Small Cap Stocks: "Early Innings," or 2 Outs in the 9th?Ср., 20 июня[−]

See the idealized pattern -- and the actual financial market -- that shows where the small-cap stock sector may well go next.

5. Open House Highlight: Day 2, StocksВт., 19 июня[−]

Stock market served a lot of traders a big surprise on Tuesday. For some insight, we called Robert Kelley, editor of our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service.

6. How Not to Get Fooled by This Stock Market CycleВт., 19 июня[−]

The patterns of investor psychology never change. For example, investors tend to go "all in" near tops. Learn how this applies to recent market history.

7. (TSLA) 1 Bar, 2 Bars, 3 Bars: A Chart Pattern You Should KnowВт., 19 июня[−]

In this insightful 9-minute video lesson, Jeffrey Kennedy, long-time editor of our Trader's Classroom, shows you how a so-called inside price bar pattern helped him warn his subscribers to TSLA's bullish breakout, explains how to trade this pattern next time you see it and ends the video by giving you his current TSLA forecast.

8. Who Bets on a Rally That Could Be Reversing?Пн., 18 июня[−]

The Dow Industrials rallied 7 percent from April 2nd thru June 11th: So, who's betting that the rally continues? Chart of the Day shows answers to that question.

9. Stock Market Risk Just Took a Big Jump – Here’s WhyЧт., 14 июня[−]

It seems strange, but the stock market is an arena of human activity where the professionals usually fail when it counts the most -- at major turns. With that in mind, learn how the past is related to what's going on now.

10. How Investor Psychology Has Reached a Critical JunctureЧт., 07 июня[−]

It happened just weeks before the historic October 2007 stock market top: Investors had "become utterly unconcerned with risk," as the September 2007 Elliott Wave Theorist remarked. With that in mind, this update on investor psychology should interest every market participant...

11. Talking Specifics: Third-Wave Set Ups, and ETFs vs. IndexesЧт., 07 июня[−]

Let's face it: The hunt for opportunities can be more painstaking than making a move once you find it. So, how can you get the most from your time and effort? ElliottWaveTV put that question to U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Services Editor Robert Kelly: He says Elliott Wave Set-ups -- and the right trading tactics -- can make a big difference.

12. Our Readers Saw This Cool Correlation Two Decades Before Anyone ElseЧт., 07 июня[−]

The Wave Principle not only helps you see around the corner, it can also alert you to connections that most people wouldn't even think to look for. Sometimes it does both.

13. Delivered: Opportunity Down Under, Unfolding NowСр., 06 июня[−]

The world's largest franchisee of the Domino's brand is based in ... Australia. Yet even as its business grew, that company's share price plummeted for 18 months. Now see the chart that suggests a price reversal is at hand.

14. Have Bear Markets Been Permanently Banned?Сб., 02 июня[−]

As far as we know at EWI, bear markets have not been banned. And, unless history stops repeating itself, another one is inevitable. Yet, even after a nine-year upturn, some market observers continue to anticipate only temporary dips.

15. May Move in the NASDAQ 100: Todd Gordon's Options TradeЧт., 31 мая[−]

Todd Gordon is a friend of EWI, a CNBC Contributor and a skilled options trader -- he was bullish near the start of May, and this Chart of the Day shows you exactly why.

16. Is This a Big Sign of a Big Stock Market Turn?Ср., 30 мая[−]

Stock market history teaches lessons that investors can apply today. One of those lessons is how to correctly interpret the timing of financial regulations. Hint: Congress always tries to prevent the crashes and encourage the rallies that have already happened.

17. Here's What a Financial Top Tastes LikeПт., 25 мая[−]

Financial tops and indulgence go hand-in-hand. The same psychology drives them both. A review of the past provides us with clues about what today's extravagances might imply.

18. Sentiment, Volume, Seasonality: Putting it All TogetherЧт., 24 мая[−]

When you're looking at the stock market from an intraday perspective, you have to juggle multiple indicators very fast. For tips on how to do it, ElliottWaveTV sat down with Robert Kelley, editor of our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service.

19. Why You Should Brace Yourself for Big Financial ChangesСр., 23 мая[−]

Those who linearly extrapolate social and financial trends into the future are usually surprised when big changes occur. Now is the time to learn what EWI anticipates next for financial markets, the economy and society.

20. Nvidia (NVDA): How Elliott Wave “Context” Helps Options TradersВт., 22 мая[−]

Here's what it looks like when a professional trader uses Elliott Wave analysis: See Todd Gordon's real-time options trade.

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