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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. What's the Real Reason Behind Falling Oil Prices?Пт., 09 февр.[−]

Is there really a connection between the drop in the stock market and falling oil prices? Our Energy Pro Service editor, Steve Craig, gives ElliottWaveTV some illuminating answers.

2. Oil Above $66: Will Rising Supply Kill the Rally?Пт., 26 янв.[−]

The recent IEA report suggests U.S. shale oil production will see "explosive" growth this year. Our ElliottWaveTV spoke with Steve Craig, our Energy Pro Service editor, to ask how he factors that into his short- and long-term price forecasts.

3. Oil and Stock Prices: Challenging a Widely Held BeliefСр., 24 янв.[−]

Is there a negative correlation between oil and stock prices? This chart puts a widely held assumption to the test.

4. Crude Oil: Fueled Up For A Fall?Вт., 09 янв.[−]

See the chart that shows you what sentiment in the crude oil market looks like -- and it does have a LOT to show.

5. Crude Oil Pushing $60 a Barrel: More to Come?Ср., 29 нояб. 2017[−]

Those who blame "cold weather" for rising oil prices should remember that crude had no problem falling as low as $26 a barrel in Q1 2016…smack dab in the middle of winter. To shed some Elliott wave light on the recent rally in crude, we invited our Energy Pro Service editor to the ElliottWaveTV studio. Watch Part 1, where Steve Craig explains his take on what's going on.

6. Crude: "A Slow But Steady Grind"Чт., 16 нояб. 2017[−]

Steve Craig, the editor of our Energy Pro Service, discusses recent price action across crude oil and natural gas. Watch this new interview below to learn why he believes recent price action is significant.

7. Crude Oil, Natural Gas & More: How to Spot High-Confidence JuncturesВт., 17 окт. 2017[−]

Steve Craig, our Chief Energy Analyst and editor of our Energy Pro Service, tells you how he stays on top of the ebbs and flows in energy markets. (Spoiler alert: Keeping an open mind and following Elliott wave rules is a good start.)

8. Natural Gas: When 5 Waves Down Mean... Up!Пт., 13 окт. 2017[−]

Regardless of your method, it's hard to forecast a range-bound market. Yet, even corrections have internal order, despite their "messy" appearance.

9. Metals, Bitcoin & Oil PricesЧт., 07 сент. 2017[−]

According to our Senior Metals Analyst: "Metals have blown up." Learn what to expect next ... EWI first discussed Bitcoin when the electronic currency traded at six cents. Prepare now for some major "crypto-drama" ... Hurricane Harvey hit and Hurricane Irma is on the way. Will they send oil prices higher?

10. Why the Oil Market Ignored Economics 101 When It Comes to HarveyПт., 01 сент. 2017[−]

Economics 101 says a reduction in supply causes prices to rise. So why did oil prices fall after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Gulf, shut down ten oil refineries and stopped between 380-780 million barrels of oil per day from being produced? Social mood has the answer.

11. Harvey's Here. So Why Are Oil Prices Lower?Ср., 30 авг. 2017[−]

If supply disruptions cause oil prices to go up, can you tell when on this chart the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history arrived?

12. Crude Oil, Market Sentiment - And What We Pay at the PumpЧт., 17 авг. 2017[−]

Mainstream experts watch the 'delicate balance' in supply/demand. But you can see we see in sentiment and the Elliott wave charts...

13. North Korea, Gold, European Trends and MoreПт., 11 авг. 2017[−]

Financial writers often make the news "fit" the price action of a market -- first we explore tensions with North Korea and gold's rising price. Next we reveal the biggest sign a key European sector is overheating. Plus, our Chief Energy Analyst discusses the two types of energy ETFs to be aware of.

14. Energy ETFs: What You Need to KnowЧт., 10 авг. 2017[−]

Steve Craig tells you about energy ETFs and explains how they let you gain exposure to energy markets without the leverage involved in futures trading.

15. A New Twist on "Peak Oil"Пн., 31 июля 2017[−]

In the mid-2000s, the world feared it was running out of oil. Speculators, in turn, became feverishly bullish on oil's price. A 78% crash soon followed. Now, the phrase "peak oil" has been re-introduced, but in a different way.

16. Crude Oil Prices: Jumping on the Wrong "Freight Train"Чт., 20 июля 2017[−]

Some trends pull prices like a freight train, and jumping on the wrong one can cost you dearly. That's why, in the Elliott wave approach, identifying the trend is paramount. Let's look at crude oil prices as an example.

17. Europe, Metals & Energy – New Forecasts & AnalysisПт., 14 июля 2017[−]

New insights from our European Markets Expert Brian Whitmer. Plus, learn what momentum is signaling across the metals markets. And lastly, this is why it's important to keep the bigger market trend in mind -- case in point: crude oil.

18. How Price Action in Energy ETF Preceded Sell-Off in Crude OilЧт., 06 июля 2017[−]

On Feb. 4, 2017, a major financial publication proclaimed: "Oil Prices Headed Higher in 2017." Conversely, one day earlier, EWI's energy analyst said "we need to respect the possibility that a significant top is in place." That top remains intact.

19. Crude Oil Sinks 20%: Why "Oversupply" Isn't the Half of ItЧт., 22 июня 2017[−]

On January 1, OPEC and Co. sealed a deal to slash crude oil supplies and by proxy, keep prices afloat. And yet, on June 20, crude raked in its worst first-half of a year since 1997. We think there's a simple reason why.

20. Crude Oil Opportunity: Cut to the Front of the LineЧт., 15 июня 2017[−]

Dear crude oil traders, the key to the market's next big move isn't in the next inventory report, or OPEC supply cut, or (fill in the blank). It's on the market's price chart, right now!

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