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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. FX “Liquidity” WarningВт., 20 февр.[−]

When financial market conditions become less liquid, it's often accompanied by asset deflation. See what we see in this liquidity trend chart, right now.

2. Staying Ahead of Crypto Volatility: Tips from a ProЧт., 08 февр.[−]

The three most popular cryptocurrencies -- Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin -- have had a rough start this year. ElliottWaveTV asked Michael Madden, one of our Currency Pro Service analysts, for his take on the recent volatility -- and how it translates into the world of traditional forex markets.

3. The Tool to Help You Ride Bitcoin's VolatilityСр., 07 февр.[−]

See the charts and analysis that successfully caught Bitcoin's major move lower -- you CAN have clarity even in the wildest price swings.

4. Ethereum: “Volatile” Doesn’t Mean “Unpredictable”Ср., 31 янв.[−]

Todd Gordon is a trader who knows the Elliott Wave Principle cold: See how he turned an Elliott wave setup into a successful trade.

5. Bitcoin’s $10,000 “Line in the Sand”Пт., 26 янв.[−]

The cryptocurrency's trends continue to be fueled by investor psychology

6. The Protectionism Genie: Out of the Bottle?Пт., 26 янв.[−]

The world's leading globalists meet with nationalist Donald Trump, all under one roof at a Swiss ski resort: Is it possible to find a pattern in that tangle of ironies?

7. Volatility in Cryptos: "How Do You Keep Up"?Пт., 26 янв.[−]

"Wild" doesn't begin to describe price action in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin lately. ElliottWaveTV sat down with Jim Martens, our long-time Currency Pro Service editor, to ask him how he keeps up -- and stays ahead.

8. Dollar Index Trend: How Our Subscribers Stayed AHEAD for a DecadeСр., 24 янв.[−]

Watch as this "ordinary" Dollar Index chart transforms itself into a 10-year, exceptional series of Elliott Wave forecasts.

9. Bitcoin Spikes Below $10000. What's Next?Ср., 17 янв.[−]

As you take in the news that Bitcoin just plunged "below $10,000 with $36 billion of value wiped off in a day..." (CNBC, Jan. 17), it's worth taking a brief look at how we got here.

10. Ethereum Breaks $1000: See What Got It ThereЧт., 04 янв.[−]
When we first studied price charts of cryptocurrencies, we discovered a recognizable pattern. The crypto world now includes over 1000 currencies, each trying to become the next big thing. Of all of them, Ethereum has gotten the closest...

11. "I Wouldn't Touch Bitcoin, Risk of Collapse Too Big"Сб., 23 дек. 2017[−]

"Wild" doesn't begin to describe Bitcoin's price action. This spring, it traded as low as $1200. Last week, BTC futures topped $20,000. And on December 21, in an article by newsmax.com, EWI's Elliott Prechter gave this warning…

12. Bitcoin: Here's Why the Dec. 17, 2017 Push Above $20000 Was in the CardsВт., 19 дек. 2017[−]

It’s hard to believe, but Bitcoin started out at 1 cent in 2009. Today, there are over a thousand crypto-coins, and all of them are being bid up to astronomical levels. The CME has just launched Bitcoin futures, and our own Currency Pro Service is now offering Elliott wave Bitcoin forecasts. Which brings us to this chart…

13. Here's Why the U.S. Dollar Bears Shouldn't Get Too ComfortableЧт., 14 дек. 2017[−]

This chart shows you an indicator that's absolutely critical to the direction of the euro, and the dollar -- namely, sentiment. The market's temperature, if you will...

14. Emerging Market Currencies: What Do They Say About EM Stocks?Пн., 11 дек. 2017[−]

Market analysts should be like detectives -- looking for more than one piece of evidence. See what we see in the price action of the J.P. Morgan Emerging Market Currency Index -- EMCI.

15. E-franc, E-krona...E-volution?Пт., 10 нояб. 2017[−]

Is cryptocurrency mania the biggest bubble in history, or an epochal change for money and FX markets? It might be both -- learn why.

16. Volatility: Dead -- or Just "Sleeping"?Сб., 04 нояб. 2017[−]

Watch as our own Murray Gunn explains why you shouldn’t get too comfortable with the lack of volatility in the markets.

17. Why You Should Consider This $5-Trillion-a-Day MarketПт., 03 нояб. 2017[−]

The average daily trading volume in foreign exchange is more than $5 TRILLION. EWI's currencies expert, Jim Martens, discusses the pros and cons of trading forex vs. trading stocks.

18. Trader Extremes in the Euro: Still "Primed" For a Larger Move?Ср., 01 нояб. 2017[−]

Why look at the euro? Because of what you're about to see for yourself, in Chart of the Day.

19. Trading Forex with Elliott Doesn't Have to be ComplicatedПт., 27 окт. 2017[−]

While it's true that forex trading can be a challenge, Jim Martens makes understanding the rules and guidelines easy... Check out this excerpt from one of Jim's DVD.

20. When Is The Right Time To Exit a "Good Trade"?Чт., 26 окт. 2017[−]

How do you know the right time to exit when price action goes your way? While no forecasting method guarantees that you buy at the absolute low and sell at the absolute high, Elliott wave analysis -- and, specifically, Fibonacci relationships between waves -- can help you identify high-probability price targets.

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