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1. Strongmen Everywhere!Ср., 21 марта[−]

Vladimir Putin. Recep Erdogan. Abdel el-Sisi. And now Xi Jinping. What do the new authoritarians have in common? What does their rise to power say about the markets? EWI's Mark Galasiewski gives you the answers and puts the trend in perspective in this audio clip from the Josh Tolley Show.

2. Post-PyeongChang, What’s Next for Asia?Ср., 28 февр.[−]

With the 2018 Olympics in the rearview mirror, EWI's Mark Galasiewski talks about prospects for Asia's bull market on KLZ radio's Rush to Reason show

3. Two Asian Pacific Markets, Two OpportunitiesЧт., 15 февр.[−]

Our Asian-Pacific opportunities expert, Mark Galasiewski, tells you about some of the hottest new opportunities in the region.

4. Does Korea’s Olympic Cooperation Signal Opportunities in Emerging Markets?Пт., 26 янв.[−]

From hydrogen bombs to ice hockey, discover how you can use the dramatic developments on the Korean Peninsula to understand trends in Asia's soaring stock markets.

5. What the Decline in A-REITs Says About Aussie Home PricesВт., 12 дек. 2017[−]

Most investors miss key turns in financial markets. Put another way, investors usually give patiently accumulated gains right back to the market. The Elliott wave model provides a solution for major markets across the globe.

6. Emerging Market Currencies: What Do They Say About EM Stocks?Пн., 11 дек. 2017[−]

Market analysts should be like detectives -- looking for more than one piece of evidence. See what we see in the price action of the J.P. Morgan Emerging Market Currency Index -- EMCI.

7. Our Forecast BEFORE the 47 Percent, 12-Month GainПн., 11 дек. 2017[−]

Have a look at prices -- and the forecast -- when we did NOT know what 2017 would hold…

8. A Hopeful Sign for Palestine?Пт., 08 дек. 2017[−]

With the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it's worth talking about the mood in the region. Here's a chart of the market you rarely hear about: the Palestinian Al Quds stock index -- and it helps explain what we mean by "mood."

9. Did You See the 30% Rise in This Major Global Stock Index?Пн., 02 окт. 2017[−]

See for yourself how GMP subscribers were ready ahead of time for the thirty-percent-plus rise in this major world stock market.

10. Why You Should Seek Financial Opportunity Beyond U.S. ShoresПт., 22 сент. 2017[−]

Investment opportunities can be found around the globe. But you must know where to look. See how one of EWI's global analysts spotted an important juncture in an index that has since risen nearly 30%.

11. Indian Stocks Show You the Greatest Irony in All of InvestingПт., 15 сент. 2017[−]

The majority is never right at major turns -- not in any major market. See this very real example of why not to follow the herd.

12. What's Next for Asia's 50 Blue Chips?Ср., 16 авг. 2017[−]

See our new forecast for this key index of Asia's 50 blue chips when you watch this clip from a new interview with our Global Opportunities Expert, Chris Carolan.

13. Any Market, Any Time: "Waves of Uncertainty" Vs. Elliott WavesВт., 15 авг. 2017[−]

No one said it would be easy navigating the volatile near-term terrain of emerging markets, such as MSCI Taiwan SGX. But thanks to Elliott wave analysis, it doesn't have to be impossible.

14. Real Threats, Real Markets: GMP Preview Looks at "What to Fear"Сб., 08 июля 2017[−]

Global market charts you won't see elsewhere show "What" -- and What Not -- to Fear.

15. Will Japanese Stocks Continue to Defy the Short-Sellers?Пн., 26 июня 2017[−]

The patterns of investor psychology are the same the world over, and have repeated throughout financial history. Let's look at stocks in the U.S. and Japan, then and now, and see if we can find similarities.

16. The Chinese Yuan's "Cat-and-Mouse" Game Ends NowСр., 21 июня 2017[−]

Is the Chinese yuan controlled by monetary policy? Mainstream wisdom says yes. But our charts show a different force driving the yuan's major trends since 2014 -- investor psychology.

17. Brazil's Stock Market Flips "Market Fundamentals" on Their HeadПт., 09 июня 2017[−]

Mainstream financial wisdom tells you that negative news events and economic data cause stock prices to fall. But if that were true, then 2016 should've seen Brazil's stock market crash. Instead, it soared to a five-year high. There's only one explanation that makes sense.

18. GMP Preview: Has Investor "Courage" Gone "Crazy"?Вт., 06 июня 2017[−]

See 3 global market charts that answer the question, Has Investor "Courage" Gone "Crazy"?

19. Chinese Yuan: How One Forecasting Tool Nailed the RallyПн., 05 июня 2017[−]

In this new interview, Chris Carolan, our Global Opportunities Expert and editor of Asian-Pacific and European Short Term Updates, shows you what helped him forecast the recent strength of the Chinese yuan against the U.S. dollar.

20. Contracting Triangle: How This Bullish Forecast Worked OutВт., 30 мая 2017[−]

In 2016, the prevailing sentiment toward China's economy was negative. Yet, if investors had avoided China's internet sector, they would have missed a significant advance. The whole episode teaches a valuable lesson.

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