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Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software

1. Learning Malware AnalysisПт., 17 авг.[−]


2. Consumer Real-World Protection Test February-June 2018Чт., 16 авг.[−]

The first half-year results of the ongoing Consumer Real-World Protection Test are now available!

3. Business Security Test March-June 2018Чт., 16 авг.[−]

The first half-year report of our new Enterprise main-test series containing a Real-World Protection, Malware Protection and Performance Test has been released. Also product reviews are included. Read the report for details.

Business Security Test 2018 (March – June)

4. Anti-Phishing Certification Test 2018Чт., 16 авг.[−]

Anti-Phishing test: security products published passing the 2018 test

Every year we publish the results of our phishing protection certification test. These tests evaluate the protection provided against phishing websites. These deceptive websites can pose a real threat to Internet users, as they attempt to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

Anti-Phishing Certification Test 2018

5. Parental Control Certification Test 2018Чт., 16 авг.[−]

AV-Comparatives provides certification for parental control software. Parental control solutions are tested against 2,000 URLs with undesirable content in different categories, and 100 child-safe URLs. In order to be certified, a product must block at least 98% of pornographic websites, have no more than a few false alarms on child-friendly websites, and have no severe unresolved bugs (or design flaws) discovered during the review.

Parental Control Certification Test 2018

6. Mac Security Review/Test 2018Чт., 16 авг.[−]

We have reviewed and tested ten security solutions on Apple’s macOS High Sierra. Read our Mac Security Test & Review 2018 to see which security solutions have been approved.

Relevance of Mac security software

The closed Apple ecosystem reduces the risk of malware. This does not mean that Mac users are immune to adware, spyware and phishing. Phishing does not have to attack an operating system to do harm. Financial and personal data are easier targets with a higher reward. The security model of Apple reduces the number of malware samples found in the wild. We used 310 recent malicious Mac samples.

7. Mobile Security Review 2018Чт., 16 авг.[−]

AV-Comparatives’ latest Mobile Security Report 2018 is now available! 12 security products for Android have been thoroughly tested and reviewed! https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/mobile-security-review-2018/

8. Real-World Protection Test July 2018 FactsheetЧт., 16 авг.[−]

The factsheet of the Consumer Real-World Protection Test of July is now available! It can be found here.

9. Malware in the media – Same old song with a different meaning?Чт., 16 авг.[−]

No, we are not going to talk about the classic Motown song out of the sixties performed by the Four Tops. This month’s blog is about Mark Zuckerberg’s promise, GDPR, Facebook’s new data leak and politicians putting their money where their mouth is. The question is, will that money be put on privacy or security?

The same old song

Only three months ago, the NY Times, Guardian and Observer reported a massive data breach by Cambridge Analytica involving millions of Facebook users. When the press and politicians dived into this scandal it turned out that sensitive privacy data of 87 million Facebook users was misused.

After the incident picked up media attention, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook apologized to press and US and EU politicians and promised to take measures to prevent this from ever happening again. After the meetings Facebook announced to improve its security and privacy settings.

With a different meaning?

Well we are sad to say not really. On the 27th this month the Norwegian Consumer Council Forbrukerradet published a report ‘ deceived by design’ in which tech companies like Google and Facebook are accused of applying misleading ‘dark patterns’. These ‘dark patterns’ trick users in choosing less secure and private settings in favour of user tracking and advertising.

When these ‘dark patterns’ have the claimed effect on user privacy, these documented practices should trigger the attention of GDPR policy keepers. The goal of the GDPR is to protect the privacy of EU-citizens.

Mark Zuckerberg faced EU-parliament three days before the GDPR became effective. This explains why he only faced the (toothless) EU for 90 minutes while spending two full days to explain himself to the US-senate.

To make things worse, on the 28th this month Facebook came under fire again, because ‘Name Test’, a popular Facebook Quiz app, had exposed privacy sensitive data of 120 million Facebook users.

Put your money on privacy or security?

The ‘deceive by design’ report and the recent Facebook data breach seemingly make a strong case for a further investigation on Facebook’s GDPR’s compliance. Not complying with GDPR-standards can lead to fines up to 20 million euro or four percent of the world-wide turnover of a company (whatever is more). Facebook’s revenue surpassed 40 billion dollars in 2017.

Why is nobody mentioning the GDPR in relation to recent Facebook data breaches? Such a law case would make a great show case for privacy. Image what EU-projects and policies could be affected with a 1.6-billion-dollar budget (four percent of Facebook’s annual turnover).

To answer our own question, both press and politics have shifted their attention to other issues. The press seems to focus on US and EU immigration issues and politicians seem to be preparing the US and the EU on a future cyber war.

10. AV-Comparatives redesigned websiteЧт., 16 авг.[−]

About one month ago we launched the redesign of your new AV-Comparatives website, which illustrates our expanding role as a global leader in IT security testing for consumer and enterprise users.

To make it easier to find what you want quickly, we have split the site into two areas, Consumer and Enterprise. Each area gives you easy access to the relevant test results, methodology and charts. In both areas, the charts and test results pages have been completely redesigned.

They are not only very clear and simple, but also easy to customise to your own needs. You can select e.g. the operating system, the test type, year and month, and vendors, as well as choosing the scale and how to sort the data. The results can then easily be exported. We hope you enjoy using the redesigned site! Please make yourself familiar with all the data and additional resources provided on the website, such as:

Please also have a look at the various topics covered in our weblog, categorized as follows:

  • AVC-News: news about latest tests and reports
  • Security News: various security-related news and opinions
  • Links: collections of useful links
  • Books: interesting books for IT-security professionals

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