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1. Trump congratulates Putin after Russian president's re-election victory00:34[−]

Trump says he wants to meet with Putin for arms talks soon.


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2. Cambridge Analytica board suspends CEO, pending probe into misuse of Facebook user data00:27[−]

Alexander Nix's suspension is effective immediately.


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3. Historic agreement for talks between Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un will soon face major testВт., 20 марта[−]

U.S.-South Korea military drills that usually anger North Korea start soon, testing the historic agreement for talks between Kim Jong Un and Trump.


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4. 15 years of war in IraqВт., 20 марта[−]


5. Stephen Hawking's ashes to be placed in Westminster Abbey near Newton's graveВт., 20 марта[−]

A spokesman for the abbey said Tuesday the ashes will be placed there later this year at a thanksgiving service.


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6. Man rides world's fastest zip-line in human propulsion jet suitВт., 20 марта[−]

Richard Browning, the founder of a British aeronautics and technology start-up, dons jet suit to fly up 'Velocity' - the world's fastest zip-line. Video provided by Reuters


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7. And the best city in the world to live is ...Вт., 20 марта[−]

London, New York or Paris may be exciting places to live.


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8. Ryanair to buy major stake in LaudamotionВт., 20 марта[−]

Ryanair has agreed to buy a majority stake in the new Austrian leisure airline founded by former motor racing champion Niki Lauda in a major push on the German and Austrian markets dominated by Lufthansa. Kate King reports. Video provided by Reuters


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9. Rare skeleton of extinct cave bear is up for saleВт., 20 марта[−]

A rare skeleton of a cave bear that became extinct around 24,000 years ago is being sold at an auction for as much as $35,000. Veuer's Sam Berman has the full story.


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10. Syrian volunteers rescue boy, men amid shellingВт., 20 марта[−]

The Civil Defense search-and-rescue group in Syria released dramatic footage of their volunteers rescuing a young boy from a building and two men lying on the side of the road, all injured amid continuous airstrikes on Monday. (March 20)


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11. The day in picturesВт., 20 марта[−]


12. Saudi women do not need to wear black abayas, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman saysВт., 20 марта[−]

Prince Mohammed bin Salman says women should choose for themselves whether they want to wear black robes and face coverings.


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13. Live stream: Former Cambridge Analytica employee Chris Wylie gives speechВт., 20 марта[−]

Former Cambridge Analytica employee Chris Wylie is speaking at the Frontline Club on the company's data mining practices.


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14. Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino, dies at age 45Вт., 20 марта[−]

The rhino famously signed up to Tinder in a bid to save his species from extinction.


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15. Expelled Russians depart embassy in LondonВт., 20 марта[−]

A removal van was seen outside the Russian embassy in London on Tuesday, as Moscow is awaiting nearly two dozen Russian diplomats ordered to leave Britain as part of a standoff over a nerve agent attack on British soil. (March 20)


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16. 45 year old Sudan, world’s last male northern white rhino diesВт., 20 марта[−]


17. Iraq recovers bodies of 38 Indians kidnapped by ISIS in 2014Вт., 20 марта[−]

The men had been building a hospital in Mosul when they were kidnapped in 2014.


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18. Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president, in police custody: reportВт., 20 марта[−]

An investigation has been underway since 2013 into the case, involving funding for his winning 2007 presidential campaign.


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19. March political cartoons from the USA TODAY NetworkВт., 20 марта[−]


20. World's last male northern white rhino dies in KenyaВт., 20 марта[−]

World's last male northern white rhino dies in Kenya Video provided by AFP


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21. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in police custodyВт., 20 марта[−]

A judicial source says former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been placed in custody as part of an investigation that he received millions of euros in illegal financing from the regime of the late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.


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22. World’s last male northern white rhino, Sudan, diesВт., 20 марта[−]

World’s last male northern white rhino, Sudan, dies


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23. In further thawing of tensions, South Korean K-Pop singers to perform in PyongyangВт., 20 марта[−]

The singers will be part of a 160-member artistic delegation that will perform in the North's capital in the coming weeks.


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24. The U.S. is the reason for obesity across the globeВт., 20 марта[−]

Michael Milken of the Milken Institute explains why.


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25. Body of missing American student found in BermudaВт., 20 марта[−]

The body of St. Joe's University freshman, Mark Dombroski, has been found after being reported missing in Bermuda.


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26. Palestinian leader Abbas calls US ambassador to Israel 'son of a dog'Вт., 20 марта[−]

Mahmoud Abbas calls US ambassador to Israel 'son of a dog' Video provided by AFP


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27. Retailers urge Trump against China tariffsВт., 20 марта[−]

Several large retail companies, including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Macy's, are making a direct appeal to President Donald Trump not to impose tariffs on goods imported from China. Aleksandra Michalska reports. Video provided by Reuters


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28. Latin America's 'magic tree' slowly coming back to lifeВт., 20 марта[−]

Latin America's 'magic tree' slowly coming back to life Video provided by AFP


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29. What you didn't know about Russian President PutinПт., 16 марта[−]

Putin is a former KGB spy who earned a PhD in economics and has a judo blackbelt.


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30. Life in North Korea: What you are allowed to seeПт., 09 марта[−]


31. The best and worst countries for womenЧт., 08 марта[−]


32. Kids catch air and culture at Swiss museum exhibitСр., 07 марта[−]


33. The best and worst countries for life expectancyСр., 20 дек. 2017[−]


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