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1. Mob slaughters nearly 300 crocodiles in wildlife preserve after Indonesia man is killed15:39[−]

A mob in Indonesia armed with knives, hammers and clubs slaughtered nearly 300 crocodiles at a sanctuary after a man was killed by one of the reptiles.


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2. Protesters ready messages for Trump, Putin15:36[−]

Pockets of protest - and welcome - cropped up across Helsinki on Monday morning, as US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared to meet in the Finnish capital. (July 16)


3. Trump-Putin summit kicks off in Helsinki15:33[−]


4. Trump-Putin summit kicks off an hour late with trade, nuclear arms and China on agenda15:24[−]

Before meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump complains about the special counsel's investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.


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5. July political cartoons from the USA TODAY NETWORK15:22[−]


6. Trump, Putin start summit in Helsinki15:00[−]

Kicking off the Finland summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump says "I really think the world wants to see us get along." (July 16)


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7. Putin, then Trump, arrive at presidential palace14:46[−]

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump have arrived at Finland's Presidential Palace, the site of their much-anticipated meeting due to start later today. (July 16)


8. Trump hits media, the Obama administration ahead of Putin summit14:34[−]

President Trump blasted the media, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration ahead of his meeting with Vladimir Putin!


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9. The best books to read during summer 201814:30[−]

As you get ready to sit back on the warm beach with a cool drink in your hand, you might want to grab, download or even listen to these must read summer books to ensure your holiday is as relaxing as it is inspirational.


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10. Trump campaign racks up $1.2 million in legal fees so far in 201814:27[−]

President Trump’s re-election campaign is racking up a lot of legal fees this year, according to multiple reports. In the center of it all is Stormy Daniels, the porn star who says she had an affair with the president.


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11. Central California wildfire kills one firefighter14:24[−]

A wildfire that killed a California firefighter grew quickly and forced the closure of a key route into Yosemite National Park on Sunday. Officials say heavy fire equipment operator Braden Varney, 36, died early Saturday on the fire line. (July 16)


12. Raw: Vladimir Putin arrives late in Finland for summit14:14[−]

Russian's Vladimir Putin plane landed in Helsinki, Finland 30 minutes later than planned, pushing back his meeting with US President Donald Trump. Putin's spokesman said he hopes the summit is a "baby step" toward fixing US-Russian relations. (July 16)


13. Croatia's remarkable journey to the World Cup final13:32[−]

SI's Grant Wahl examines the Croatian national team and their remarkable journey to the World Cup final.


14. Massachusetts police officer, bystander killed in shooting13:17[−]

A Massachusetts police officer has been shot several times and critically wounded while in a foot chase with a suspect following an auto crash. (July 15)


15. Trump arrives in Helsinki ahead of Putin summit13:08[−]

US President Donald Trump arrived in Helsinki on Sunday. Trump will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks in the Finnish capital on Monday. (July 15)


16. Trump has breakfast with Finland's President13:04[−]

US President Donald Trump had breakfast with Finnish President Sauli Niinistro on Monday, ahead of his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (July 16)


17. What to expect from Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki10:06[−]

Trump arrived in Helsinki Sunday for a summit with his Russian counterpart amid questions about Russian interference in U.S. elections.


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18. No refuge from politics but France victory a fitting climax09:46[−]

This World Cup was never going to be a refuge from politics when it was being staged in Putin's Russia, but the players did their best to keep the tournament for themselves


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19. Polls show European politicians with anti-immigrant message remain as popular as ever03:05[−]

Across the European Union, right-wing anti-immigrant leaders have won over voters who, like their counterparts in America, were drawn to a populist and blunt-talking politician. A series of recent polls has only reaffirmed how European voters are enthusiastically supporting strongman leaders.


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20. Thai boys pulled from cave mourn navy Seal who died during rescue operation02:45[−]

The 12 young soccer players rescued from a cave in northern Thailand paid homage to the former navy Seal who lost his life in the operation to save them. The boys were rescued a week ago after more than two weeks trapped in the partially flooded cave.


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21. Trump calls European Union a 'foe'02:17[−]

The European Union is a "foe" of the United States because of "what they do to us in trade," President Donald Trump said. In an interview at his golf club in Turnberry, Scotland, with CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor, Trump said the U.S. has many foes.


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22. France's Kylian Mbappe, 19-year-old phenom, will donate World Cup earnings to charity02:02[−]

The first teenager to score in the championship since Pele, he has been a supporter of Premiers de Cordee, which brings sports to sick children.


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23. France’s World Cup champions a multiethnic success story00:25[−]

SI's Grant Wahl explains what makes France's squad worth emulating and admiring after World cup victory.


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24. President Trump calls European Union a 'foe' of the United States00:22[−]

President Trump explains why he calls the European Union a foe during an interview with CBS News


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25. Prince William, Prince Charles reportedly refused to meet with Trump00:20[−]

Prince Charles and Prince William reportedly snubbing President Trump, refusing to meet him during his UK visit with the Queen. For more on the story here is Zachary Devita.


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26. UK’s Theresa May: Trump 'told me I should sue the EU' over BrexitВс., 15 июля[−]

President Donald Trump thinks Britain should sue the European Union to improve leverage in the strained negotiations over Britain's exit from the economic bloc, British Prime Minister Theresa May said. May said Britain was determined to continue negotiations.


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27. The day in picturesВс., 15 июля[−]


28. The running of the bulls kicks off in SpainЧт., 12 июля[−]


29. Kelly was upset about the food at NATO breakfast, not Trump Germany remark, Sanders saysЧт., 12 июля[−]

A number of news outlets, including the Post, speculated that Kelly's body language was related to the remarks Trump was making at the time about Germany being "totally controlled by Russia."


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30. Life in North Korea: What you are allowed to seeЧт., 05 июля[−]


31. Kim Jong Un's unofficial visit to ChinaСр., 28 марта[−]


32. The best and worst countries for womenЧт., 08 марта[−]


33. Kids catch air and culture at Swiss museum exhibitСр., 07 марта[−]


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