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1. Need more 'Star Wars'? These special airline jets may do the trick03:09[−]

Japanese airline ANA has made a splash by painting four of its Boeing jets with Star Wars-themed designs.


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2. Hot vacation rental trend: Renovated barnsСб., 16 дек.[−]

Take a look inside the top 12 barns, many of them striking architectural renovations, for rent on HomeAway.


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3. 50 states: 50 gifts of tasteПт., 15 дек.[−]

These regional specialties add a taste of place to the season, from natural Florida sea salt to succulent Maine lobster.


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4. 10 college stadiums where the scenery’s as good as the footballПт., 15 дек.[−]

Sometimes the most memorable part of a football game has nothing to do with the action on the field.


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5. Meal kit gift guideПт., 15 дек.[−]

See how popular meal kit services stack up, from Marley Spoon's Dinnerly to Chef'd.


6. Holiday gifts that do more than just charge your devicesПт., 15 дек.[−]


7. Disneyland's California Screamin' coaster closes Jan. 8Пт., 15 дек.[−]

The popular ride in California Adventure will close as Paradise Pier is turned into Pixar Pier.


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8. Quiz: Name that airportПт., 15 дек.[−]

Calling all road warriors! Do these airports look familiar?


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9. Take a look at hotels' holiday lobbiesПт., 15 дек.[−]

Hotels have dressed up for the holidays


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10. Christmas travel rush: What to expect if you're flyingЧт., 14 дек.[−]

You’ll have lots of company at the airport if you’re flying for Christmas or New Year's. Arrive early, brace for crowds and pack smart.


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11. Seven things not to do at hotel checkoutЧт., 14 дек.[−]

Checking out of a hotel seems like a simple enough process, but it can sometimes trip up even experienced travelers.


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12. Take a look inside the Versace Mansion in Miami, now a hotelЧт., 14 дек.[−]

You can stay at Gianni Versace's former mansion, and here's what it looks like.


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13. How Cincinnati fell in love with one of America's weirdest dishesЧт., 14 дек.[−]

The dish is, in short, the ultimate anti-foodie food.


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14. These 10 Charleston artisans are creating goods with a Southern accentЧт., 14 дек.[−]

Meet these makers in the Holy City


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15. Photo tour: Holiday treasures at European Christmas marketsСр., 13 дек.[−]

Travel through Europe this time of year and you’re sure to come across traditional Christmas markets, in big cities and smaller towns and villages.


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16. Browse through treasures at Europe's Christmas marketsСр., 13 дек.[−]


17. Affordable bed and breakfasts in every stateСр., 13 дек.[−]


18. A ski vacation rental for every budgetВт., 12 дек.[−]

TripAdvisor has found a budget-friendly option and an over-the-top splurge option in eight ski destinations across the country.


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19. TripAdvisor's top lodging picks for a ski tripВт., 12 дек.[−]


20. Best and worst U.S. cities for driving: Annual Waze rankingsПн., 11 дек.[−]

Everyone likes to kvetch about traffic and driving conditions, but drivers in some cities have far fewer complaints.


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21. This map shows the most popular holiday candy in every stateПн., 11 дек.[−]

The average consumer spending around $110 on holiday candy and food


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22. Readers' Choice winners: These are your holiday favoritesПн., 11 дек.[−]

These winners bring loads of holiday cheer


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23. A flavorful gift from each stateПн., 11 дек.[−]


24. Best and worst cities for driving (2017 edition)Сб., 09 дек.[−]


25. Inside America's cider revolutionПт., 08 дек.[−]

The artisanal cider movement is currently having a moment.


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26. Hipster counterparts of America's most popular national parksПт., 08 дек.[−]

Trade the crowds, long lines and parking hassles for these lesser-known parks


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27. In Japan, mochi is way more than just dessertСр., 06 дек.[−]

Mochi has a long and storied role in Japanese cuisine


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28. Help us choose 2017's best new restaurants, hotels and attractionsСр., 06 дек.[−]

Vote for your new favorites


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29. The all-in-one travel jacket everyone is talking aboutПт., 01 дек.[−]

The world's most travel-friendly sweatshirt, the BauBax boasts 15 features.


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