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1. AP FACT CHECK: Trump and the mirage of overseas profitsбез даты[−]
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump speaks often of a pile of money sitting overseas that will come rushing back into the U.S. once his tax plan is in place. That's something of a mirage....

2. Why GOP tax plan could mean cuts in state and local servicesбез даты[−]
WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's a tax provision that could prove costly for schools, police forces, drug treatment centers and other state and local public services....

3. GOP betting that its fix for US economy will defy warningsбез даты[−]
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The tax overhaul of 2017 amounts to a high-stakes gamble by Republicans in Congress: That slashing taxes for corporations and wealthy individuals will accelerate growth and assure greater prosperity for Americans for years to come....

4. A look at some winners and losers under the GOP tax planбез даты[−]
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Count President Donald Trump among the personal winners in the $1.5 trillion tax package that congressional Republicans are on the verge of passing. It's not only a political score for Trump but likely a windfall for his real estate empire, too....

5. For witnesses, calling out sexual harassment is complicatedбез даты[−]

6. Treasury chief can't rule out shutdown, but expects dealбез даты[−]
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he can't rule out a possible government shutdown later this week if Congress deadlocks on another temporary Washington spending bill, but thinks it's unlikely....

7. Will the Whopper be delivered? "Working on it," CEO saysбез даты[−]
NEW YORK (AP) -- Burger King. Tim Hortons. Popeyes. All three fall under the same person, Daniel Schwartz, the CEO of their parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. His strategy: spread those fast-food chains around the world....

8. Defiant Theresa May: UK 'proving doubters wrong' on Brexitбез даты[−]
LONDON (AP) -- British Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday her government is "proving the doubters wrong" after European Union leaders agreed that Brexit negotiations can finally move on to their next phase in the new year....

9. For GOP, tax bill's most visible win may be averting failureбез даты[−]
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Despite the sheer size and society-spanning impact of the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul, the quickest and most potent political victory that Republicans would savor by pushing the bill through Congress next week may be what it averts: another big GOP legislative crash in the age of Trump....

10. 'The Last Jedi' opens with $220M, 2nd best weekend all-timeбез даты[−]
NEW YORK (AP) -- "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" will happily settle for second....

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