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1. Learn how to make 3D models by taking this online course that's on sale todayПт., 19 янв.[−]

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So you dropped a ton of cash on a 3D printer. Now it's time to learn how to use it.

If you're looking to learn how to create 3D models, then you might want to take a look at this online course for Blender, a popular 3D model creator, that's on sale today.

This Blender tutorial is perfect for complete beginners and designers who want to develop more skills. As the course informs you on the basics of 3D modeling, effects, and animation, it encourages you to apply those skills in real time through various projects. The course is also regularly updated to respond readily to student suggestions. Read more...

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2. Where are all the sex toys for older adults?Пт., 19 янв.[−]

It isn’t every day you see a sex toy on a billboard, and it’s even more rare you’ll see one in the hands of a person in their seventies.

But thanks to Grace and Frankie, the Netflix sitcom starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, that’s exactly what people saw when the show’s third season premiered last year. The series, which centers around two friends who face many challenges while trying to create a vibrator for seniors, has brought to light an interesting real-life question: Where are all the sex toys for older people?

Last season followed the unlikely roommates as they conceptualized, prototyped, and focus-grouped the “Ménage à Moi.” It’s a vibrator made for and — perhaps more importantly — marketed to older women, particularly those who have a hard time using traditional models because of their arthritis.  Read more...

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3. Going back to school or changing careers? Re-learn how to learn first.Пт., 19 янв.[−]

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Career advice: Employers only want employees who have great skills.

This may not have been that big of a deal 20, or even 10 years ago — if you could operate Microsoft Excel, you were golden. However, today's job market is competitive AF. Middle school students are now learning the stuff previously taught in college and the rest of us are just trying to play catch up. (Since when are coding and Photoshop "preferred skills"?) And if you've been out of school for even a minuscule amount of time, you may have forgotten what it's like to learn. Read more...

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4. You'll still get NOAA weather forecasts and warnings during the government shutdownПт., 19 янв.[−]

The government shutdown is likely to stifle scientific research in the U.S., particularly at health agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

However, people whose job includes performing activities deemed essential to protecting life and property, such as issuing warnings for severe weather conditions and providing weather information for boaters and airline pilots, will stay on the job regardless of a shutdown, government plans show. 

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5. 'The Last Jedi' director offers perfect response to critics of the movie's endingПт., 19 янв.[−]

Consider yourself warned if you haven't seen The Last Jedi yet: there are spoilers within.

Cranky Star Wars fans, Rian Johnson has had enough of your guff.

The director of The Last Jedi took to Twitter on Friday to clap back at fans who are furious at the trick Luke Skywalker pulls on Kylo Ren in the movie's climactic fight scene on the planet Crait. 

During that battle, Kylo confronts what turns out to be a Force projection of Luke. The real deal is actually back on Ahch-To. A younger-looking Luke (with his old-school blue lightsaber — a major clue!) puts Kylo through the emotional ringer before blowing his mind by peacing out into thin air.  Read more...

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6. 8 Secret Netflix Hacks for Big-Time BingersПт., 19 янв.[−]
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7. Learn the skills you need to launch a successful startup with these online coursesПт., 19 янв.[−]

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Everyone and their mother has an idea for a startup, but the impressive part is getting it off the ground. Luckily, there are a few critical skills that will help you succeed in the startup world no matter which industry you plan to disrupt. The Startup School Bundle, which is just $40 right now (a massive 97% discount) offers ten courses that can help you learn essential skills for any field.

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8. We asked the network behind Shark Week about Trump's shark fears. Here's what it said.Пт., 19 янв.[−]

There's a lot to fear with Donald Trump in the White House — but his worst fear? Sharks, apparently. Which isn’t sitting well with Discovery Channel.

Mashable reached out to the Shark Week network after reading a report alleging that Trump once said, “I hope all sharks die.” Its response was measured.

“Shark Week celebrates the wonder of these majestic creatures and their critical importance to the ecosystem,” a Discovery Channel representative told Mashable when asked for comment about the president’s Shark Week viewing habits and fears. “Their safety and conservation is the most important message conveyed throughout the week.” Read more...

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9. The coldest village on Earth can make your face look like a popsicleПт., 19 янв.[−]

A village in Russia's Yakutia region named Oymyakon is apparently the coldest "permanently settled" place on earth. People's eyelashes actually freeze and the thermostat hits -58 degree Celsius (-72.4 degrees Fahrenheit) with temperatures dipping even further.

Proudly known as "The Pole of the Cold", Oymyakon has a population of about 500 people. Despite everything being frozen, people still know how to have some fun. Read more...

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10. Trump just basically said he's anti-childbirthПт., 19 янв.[−]

Wow, Donald Trump might have just become the most anti-life President of all time... because he seems to be against, um, childbirth itself.

While speaking at the "March for Life" anti-abortion rally at the National Mall on Friday, Trump said, "right now, in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's womb in the ninth month. It is wrong, it has to change."

Um, hopefully the law would allow that? Because having a baby in the 9th month is just called CHILDBIRTH?

Here's the clip.

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11. Justin Baldoni's new web series wants to help men growПт., 19 янв.[−]

It is, in many ways, a terrifying time in Hollywood. Women are reliving some of their worst traumas on a daily basis, whether by outing a sexual predator to a major news outlet or simply reading about another as more accusations surface. 

Women, of course, have been and should be the leaders here. But the reality is that if one of the goals of this current moment of cultural reckoning is a better tomorrow, we're going to need men's voices and assistance as well (after they've spent a good long time listening, first). 

"We’re having to unlearn and confront our privilege and biases that we didn’t even know we had," actor Justin Baldoni, best known for his work on Jane the Virgin, explained to Mashable recently when asked what men's role looks like in this current reckoning in both Hollywood and beyond. "If you’d [have] told me three years ago that I was privileged, I would’ve not known what you were talking about. Three years ago I wasn't a bad guy; I just wasn’t as aware as I am today." Read more...

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12. Intense video shows plane landing during extreme crosswindsПт., 19 янв.[−]

A pilot flying a Dash8 Q400 got caught in a heavy wind storm that battered Europe on Thursday. With wind speeds reaching 68 mph, the pilot attempted to land at Düsseldorf Airport in Germany. 

As the small prop plane comes in for the landing it can be seen getting tossed in seemingly every direction with the intense crosswinds. But when the runway becomes visible it's clear just how intense the landing will be.

Thankfully, the pilot manages to set the plane down without incident, though they were forced to come in nearly sideways to stick the landing. While landing in crosswinds looks intense, it's a common occurrence among professional pilots, though maybe not as extreme as the clip here.  Read more...

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13. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reveal their newborn's nameПт., 19 янв.[−]

Chicago West. 

No, we're not referring to the west side of the city of Chicago. We are, of course, referring to the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's newborn daughter. 

The couple welcomed a baby via surrogate on Monday, and announced the news Tuesday via Kim's website. On Friday, a new post from Kim's website revealed her name.

Chicago West

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) January 19, 2018

Chicago is, of course, a sweet nod to Kanye's hometown. We will admit, however, that we were holding out for Calabasas West.  Read more...

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14. Michael Phelps opens up about his struggle with depression and anxietyПт., 19 янв.[−]

Over the years Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, has used his voice to become a prominent advocate for mental health.

The legendary swimmer recently spoke at the Kennedy Forum's annual mental health conference in Chicago to open up about his struggle with depression and anxiety, CNN reported.

In the 20-minute interview with political strategist David Axelrod, Phelps discussed everything from his post-Olympics depression to the moment he sought help, revealing he's struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past.

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15. The long, strange history of the backlash against women in techПт., 19 янв.[−]

This column is part of a series called "Voices of Women in Tech," created in collaboration with, a global enterprise that supports women in technical fields, as well as the organizations that employ them and the academic institutions training the next generation.

As we prepare for the second annual Women's March this weekend, it's tempting to see the last 12 months as a time of unique empowerment. But honestly, the more things begin to change, the more obvious it becomes that we must fight against inertia and the tendency for our industry to revert to the same old tired excuses about why women can’t have seats at the table. Read more...

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16. Calm down, everybody. Very, very, very few teens are trying to eat Tide Pods.Пт., 19 янв.[−]

You'd be forgiven for thinking that every person under the age of 25 now lives off a diet of Tide Pods.

If you've gone online recently, you've heard of the Tide Pods meme, the challenge, and the widespread outrage the little detergent capsules have caused. Though the craze may have roots in a 2015 Onion piece, a lot of people over the past few months agree that the poisonous and colorful little packets look pretty appetizing.

Some people have actually bitten into them. 

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17. Patreon changes ‘archaic’ reporting tool, adds more human moderatorsПт., 19 янв.[−]

Patreon, the crowdfunding site popular with vloggers, podcasters, and other content creators, is updating its Trust and Safety department with better tools and more human moderators, making it easier to report inappropriate content.

The decision comes as the 4-year-old startup becomes an even more of an attractive source of revenue for content creators, especially in the wake of YouTube's rule changes for monetization.

With the update, there are no changes to Patreon's terms of service or community guidelines. Rather, it's fixing Patreon's "archaic" content reporting tool, Patreon’s head of legal Colin Sullivan told Mashable.  Read more...

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18. This signal commuter backpack makes running and biking a breezeПт., 19 янв.[−]

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If you've ever ridden a bike or gone for a run in the dark, you know all too well the anxiety that comes with wondering whether drivers can even tell you're on the road. Though you use arm signals, stay in bike paths, and don reflective gear religiously, it's no secret that some drivers are more aware of who's texting them than who's on the road.

Bake yourself a bit more visible by wearing this Turn Signal Commuter Backpack, the accessory of every daily commuter's dreams. Read more...

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19. Please let this clip of a cow frolicking in snow free you of your worriesПт., 19 янв.[−]

Isn't it funny how short work weeks always feel the longest? You're forever thinking it's Friday, when in reality it's Wednesday and you have four looming deadlines. Now that it actually is Friday, cleanse your Twitter-adled brain with this pure clip from the Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York. 

Watch Diane the cow frolic in fresh snow, and let the emotional grime leftover from your daily news binge wash away. You've earned this, pal. Read more...

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20. A hotel has banned all bloggers after an escalating feud with this YouTuberПт., 19 янв.[−]

If ever you doubted the internet's ability to completely escalate a situation, just take a look at this ongoing feud between a British blogger and a hotel.

It all started Tuesday, when The White Moose Café in Dublin, Ireland, shared the following post on their Facebook page:

Paul Stenson, who wrote that post, clearly isn't the biggest fan of YouTubers and bloggers. He's even previously produced a House of Cards-style parody called "House of Influencers".

This time, though, the social media influencer in question bit back. Read more...

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21. Facebook and WhatsApp malware attack is yet another stark reminder: Be wary of linksПт., 19 янв.[−]

Hackers continue to successfully dupe people into clicking on shady (though carefully disguised) links, thereby gaining access to the text messages, Facebook accounts, and e-mails on both computers and phones. 

A new in-depth cybersecurity report — undertaken by the cybersecurity firm Lookout and digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation — shows that professionals of all persuasions are making poor clicking decisions: military personnel, medical professionals, journalists, lawyers, and universities.

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22. This cryptocurrency dude's r/relationships post is a nightmare, even for RedditПт., 19 янв.[−]

Cryptocurrency: it can make a bad situation a lot worse!

Take, for example, the tale of this man, who is being thoroughly criticized for a post ( since deleted) on the subreddit r/relationships. In the post, he wonders how to make his girlfriend, with whom he has a tense and sometimes incendiary relationship, realize that he cares about her.

Reddit my girlfriend wants a break because I keep asking her to leave her job, I crashed my car while drunk driving, and I also invested a large amount of money in crypto currencies

— Ed Zitron (@edzitron) January 19, 2018

More about Reddit, Bitcoin, Culture, Web Culture, and Consumer Tech

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23. Issa Rae had a really awkward moment when paparazzi confused her with another black womanПт., 19 янв.[−]

Issa Rae might be living a real life Insecure episode. 

The Insecure creator was minding her own business at the airport when she heard paparazzi behind her. Most celebrities are used to the flashing lights of cameras, so she didn't think anything of it.

That is until paparazzi began snapping pictures of someone they thought was Issa Rae. Talk about making it big or being a very awkward situation. 

At the airport, heard Paparazzi behind me say, “That’s Issa Rae” and then watched as they went to snap a picture of a black actress who was not me #Famous

— Issa Rae (@IssaRae) January 18, 2018

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24. Get this highly rated wide-mouth juicer on sale for $85 right nowПт., 19 янв.[−]

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Get rid of bottles and all that processed junk by making juice from your own fruit and veggies using this Slow Juicer Machine by Aicok for 72% off.

SEE ALSO: Make a dragon-shaped cake with this pan because what else are you gonna do until 'Game of Thrones' comes back?

This highly rated kitchen machine uses 60 rpm and has a 3-inch mouth that can fit wide items like apples. It will automatically separate juice from pulp in case pulp isn't your thing can also be easily taken apart and cleaned with a dishwasher. Read more...

More about Food, Juice, Drink, Drinks, and Food And Drink

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25. Tech companies have endured a PR nightmare, not that the business world caresПт., 19 янв.[−]

Tech companies, once a shining beacon of American innovation and optimism about the future of technology, have endured a brutal run of press in the past couple years. 

Not that it's making much of a difference, at least in the business world. 

Fortune magazine has released its list of the "World's Most Admired Companies" and, as expected, it's a who's who of mega-giants that dominate our every day life.

Just so we're all on the same page, here's the top 10:

  1. Apple

  2. Amazon

  3. Alphabet

  4. Berkshire Hathaway

  5. Starbucks

  6. Walt Disney

  7. Microsoft

  8. Southwest Airlines

  9. FedEx

  10. JPMorgan Chase

More about Google, Apple, Youtube, Tech, and Big Tech Companies

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26. 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' edited without any men was inevitable, and now it's hereПт., 19 янв.[−]

A couple days ago, a man who was Mad Online about women being in Star Wars: The Last Jedi re- cut the film into a 46-minute mess that featured no women at all.

On Thursday, Dorkly decided to do the opposite, editing out all the men who, to be frank, just got in the way of the overachieving women in The Last Jedi. The result, though legally not viewable, is supposedly coherent and more streamlined than the original cut of the film. It turns out the men in The Last Jedi just mucked things up.

The anonymous Dorkly writer said that the De-Meninized Fanedit comes in at 36 minutes long, and explained how some key parts of the movie would change if there were no men causing problems. Read more...

More about Movies, Star Wars, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Demininized, and Dorkly

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27. Turn your wired speakers into wireless ones with this tiny deviceПт., 19 янв.[−]

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

These days, the thought seems to be "if it's not wireless, we don't want it." It’s easy to start from scratch and buy entirely wireless components, but what if you already have wired speakers that you don’t want to replace? Good news: You don’t have to. We're in the future now, and you can turn your existing wired speakers into wireless ones with the Bluetooth Audio Receiver with NFC.

More about Wireless Technology, Audio, Bluetooth, Nfc, and Bluetooth Speakers

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28. Why Apple's upcoming iPhone battery update is a bad ideaПт., 19 янв.[−]

In case it wasn't already really clear, Apple is really, really sorry about slowing down old iPhones with creaky batteries, and it's taking steps — ALL the steps — to make things right.

Upset iPhone owners can already get a new battery replacement at a reduced $29 cost, and Apple has pledged to release a software update that'll show people the health of their batteries and let them turn any performance optimization on or off.

Said software update will be a great way to pacify the angry mob, but it's also a bad idea.

In an interview with ABC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized again for the company's poor communication on iOS's built-in power management feature that throttled iPhone performance in order to prevent the phones from unexpectedly shutting down or restarting as the result of an old battery.  Read more...

More about Apple, Iphone, Ios, Software Update, and Batteries

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29. Here's what LG's foldable phone could look likeПт., 19 янв.[−]

Samsung's not the only one reportedly working on a foldable phone. LG might be developing one, too.

GSMInfo (via The Verge) has discovered an patent with illustrations that hint at what the Korean electronics giant's foldable phone might look like.

The patent was filed in July 2017 and made public last week on Jan. 12. It describes "a mobile phone with a flexible display which can be folded in half." 

There's not much in terms of detailed hypothetical use-cases (as is usually the case with most patents), but the included illustrations do provide some fodder for the imagination. Read more...

More about Lg, Patents, Foldable Phones, Tech, and Smartphones

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30. A new lifesaving drone just rescued two swimmers in 70 secondsПт., 19 янв.[−]

Two swimmers were stranded in rough waters off the coast of Lennox Head, New South Wales in Australia.

Lifeguards piloted a drone to the swimmers and used it to release a floatation device. Both swimmers reached the shore unharmed.  Read more...

More about Australia, Drones, Ocean, Rescue Mission, and Real Time Video

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