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1. FriendO, a quiz app with NSFW questions, goes viral with teens03:48[−]

There's a new "quiz app" going viral with teens that's a lot more NSFW than tbh.

Called FriendO, the app lets users compete in "quizzes" to find out who their "real friends" are — and teens are going crazy for it.

Sort of like a non-anonymous version of tbh, which Facebook acquired last month, FriendO has been climbing up the App Store charts over the last month.

The app has a number of "categories" that friends can quiz each other on, such as what their favorite foods and sports are, or other personality traits. Users take turns answering questions about each other, and they're then ranked in an in-app leaderboard, which shows their scores.  Read more...

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2. Jason Momoa has no time for the 'Justice League' haters03:40[−]

Whether you loved or hated Justice League, it's clear that no one involved in the project was more pumped to be there than Jason Momoa, who obviously had a whale of a time (yes, that was a sea pun) playing Jason Momoa Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, the team's resident surfer bro and reluctant King of Atlantis.

Momoa clearly approached the role with all the joie de vivre he brings to his day-to-day existence — which, judging by his social media, is often spent throwing axes, drinking Guinness and hanging out with his beautiful friends — so he's pretty "bummed" that the internet (and box office receipts) started raining on his parade by pointing out that the movie is .. not great. Read more...

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3. Come on, of course Luke and Leia will reunite in 'The Last Jedi'03:34[−]

There are some questions that answer themselves the moment you ask them. Case in point: "Will Luke & Leia reunite?"

That's the query gracing the main cover of Entertainment Weekly's special on the upcoming Star Wars sequel The Last Jedi, hitting newsstands Monday. The magazine doesn't exactly answer this  question about the galaxy's most famous twins — spoilers, sweetie! — other than to say there's a "still a chance these two could find each other again." 

Given that this story was produced with the total cooperation of Lucasfilm, among other pointers from the trailers, we've got a very good feeling about their chances.  Read more...

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4. Black Friday takes off with $99 flights to Europe02:51[−]

It's time to fly away from the impending holiday madness. 

A Black Friday sale on flights to European cities from the U.S. (by way of Reykjavik) on WOW Air is already in the works and Thanksgiving isn't until Thursday. 

The Icelandic airline is offering $99 one-way flights from Boston, Pittsburgh, and Chicago to Amsterdam, London, and Dublin — and of course, Reykjavik. 

The super-cheap rates are available for select flights starting in December. Flights from other cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are $129 — which is more, but still rather affordable for a one-way ride to Europe. Read more...

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5. Massive hairy spider traps woman inside her car for 20 minutes02:34[−]


A woman in  — you guessed it — Australia was held hostage in her car for about 20 minutes by a hair spider.

Bianca Merrick of Coffs Harbour, Australia, was driving home from work on Friday when she spotted a large spider hanging out on her visor. She decided the best choice was to keep driving for fear of a spider attack. 

“I was on my way home from work when I looked up and saw it staring at me,” Merrick told Storyful. "I considered stopping but I didn’t know how I’d get it out of the car, so I thought the best option for me was to keep driving and pretend it wasn’t there for the longest 20 minutes of my life." Read more...

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6. A very special thank you to Donald Trump for this AT&T/Time Warner fiasco02:28[−]

President Donald Trump has done something that no other president has done before—and many journalists have tried and failed to do.

He turned a boring media merger into the corporate version of a soap opera. He made it interesting. 

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it will be filing a lawsuit to block AT&T's $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner. It's just the most recent in a bizarre series of developments around what is a massively important move in the media world. 

Importance, however, doesn't mean public interest. Apart from the initial announcement, these kinds of deals tend to be pretty boring. Stories about antitrust, for example, aren't exactly on most people's must-read list. But they should be, assuming you like to watch HBO, use a smartphone to do just about anything, see movies, or read the news.  Read more...

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7. Use this portable luggage shelf to make holiday travel slightly less awful02:27[−]

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

There's a reason literally everyone puts off packing a suitcase 'til the very last minute: it sucks. How do you decide what to bring? Why doesn't anything fit? What will you forget to pack this time? Why don't you have Marie Kondo on speed dial for times like these?

These problems can become particularly apparent when you're heading home for the holidays, trying to decide on outfits that will appease both your sense of style and your very conservative grandparents. If there's one thing that can instantly improve holiday travel, though, it's the Joyus Luggage ShelfRead more...

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8. Longtime television host Charlie Rose accused of groping women and exposing himself02:21[−]

Charlie Rose, a longtime television host, was accused of sexual misconduct by eight women who talked to the Washington Post

He allegedly groped several women, exposed himself multiple times, and made lewd phone calls, according to the story, which dropped on Monday.  

All the women either worked for him or were trying to get a job on Charlie Rose, the show he's hosted since 1991. He's also co-hosed CBS This Morning since 2013. After the Post story ran, CBS suspended Rose, and PBS and Bloomberg announced they'll stop distribution of Charlie RoseRead more...

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9. Learn how to become a master of data analytics02:16[−]

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

There are many time-honored ways to impress an audience: do an elaborate song and dance number, hide a free car coupon under everyone’s chair, give someone an award and then announce halfway through that you gave it to the wrong person (accidentally, of course. You’re not a monster!) But there’s a much more reliable way to impress an audience: data. 

Even if you’re not big on zeros and ones, data is the best way to effectively make your point. Whether you’re a data science expert or a complete beginner, you can easily become a data superstar with the Data Visualization with Tableau Desktop 9 Bundle. Read more...

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10. Ford's plug-in hybrid gives police all-electric power for the first time02:01[−]

Ford is offering law enforcement agencies even more range with a brand new plug-in hybrid. 

The new vehicle, officially named the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan, marks the first time the automaker has made a car that can run on only electric power specifically for police and other government authorities.  

The car isn't meant for pursuits and beat usage like the Police Responder Hybrid the company showed off earlier this year. Instead, this is a ride Ford says it designed specially for police and fire chiefs, detectives, and other government personnel whose jobs don’t require a pursuit-rated vehicle.  Read more...

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11. Target's Black Friday Deals are here and they're offering massive savings01:49[−]

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Target released their Black Friday ad pretty early this year, and while some Grinches may think it's too early, we've been anxiously counting down the days until we can snag the hottest toys, tech, and appliances from one of our favorite retailers. 

Target is seriously bringing it this year, with Doorbuster deals on everything from 4K TVs to LEGO sets. Doors open at 6pm on Thursday and 6am on Black Friday, but you know what's always open? The internet. Read more...

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12. Journalists had to say what they were thankful for at White House briefing before asking questions01:40[−]

"I'm clearly thankful for all of you," White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at Monday's White House press briefing.

She was apparently joking since she followed up with, "In all seriousness ..." and rattled off a list of things she was actually thankful for, like her family, job, and country. 

The thankfulness didn't stop with Sanders. She implemented a rule for Monday's briefing — the final one before the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday.

"This is how it’s going to work today," she said. "If you want to ask a question I think it’s only fair since I’ve shared what I’m thankful for…you start off with what you’re thankful for.” Read more...

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13. Hate holiday shopping? Amazon Echo is a gift everyone (yes, everyone) can enjoy01:37[−]

The holidays are truly the most wonderful time of year: Family dinners, twinkling lights, maybe a high school reunion or two — but the fact remains that buying the perfect present for loved ones takes some serious work.  

What kind of present will accurately show your love for your mom and not make dad feel left out? What the heck does dad even like? What do you get for the uncle who has everything or the other uncle who also has everything?! This holiday season, consider a present that can bring joy to everyone in your life at once. 

No, it’s not a bag of chocolate-covered gold doubloons — we’re talking about the Amazon Echo. Here’s why this hands-free smart speaker is the perfect present for everyone in your household.  Read more...

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14. Two Pikachus have a delightful conversation thanks to smart home speakers01:36[−]

What does a conversation between two Pikachus sound like?

Somebody in Japan who happens to own both an Amazon Alexa and a Google Home decided to find out by using both devices and the Pikachu Talk app, which is available for both smart home assistants. The app responds to sounds with Pikachu noises, so a full-on Pikachu dialogue ensues between the devices.

Here's what it sounds like:

『Amazon Echo』のピカチュウと『Google Home』のピカチュウが会話した結果がこちらになります。ご査収ください。

— 宮原俊介 (@shnskm) November 19, 2017

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15. Watch a man put 459 straws in his mouth to beat a Guinness World Record01:14[−]

So many Guineess World Records are completely unique and outlandish. And this one is no different. 

Manoj Kumar Maharana, hails from India and he just broke a Guinness World Records title that reigned supreme for eight years.

The 23 year old broke the official record of Most Straws Stuffed In The Mouth by packing 459 drinking straws into his mouth at one time. The Guinness World Records uploaded a video last week of Maharana actually filling his mouth with the insane amount of straws.  

To properly break the record Maharana had to make sure the straws stayed in his mouth for 10 seconds without falling out. He was not able to use his hands as support during the 10 seconds but he was able to use rubber bands to hold the straws in place. Read more...

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16. Throw a fireball like Mario with this awesome fireshooter bracelet01:09[−]

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to shoot fireballs out of your hands. Ever since you first played Street Fighter II and learned how to execute a Hadouken, using your hands to make flames has been your lifelong dream. 

Sure, you may have told your parents that you had more respectable ambitions like law school, marriage, or community theater, but none of these ever held a candle to the pure nirvana that is fireball throwing. Well, thanks to modern technology, you can actually shoot fireballs now with the Ellusionist Pyro Mini Fireshooter. Read more...

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17. Woman threatened for 'f*ck Trump' sticker says f*ck the sheriff too01:02[−]

Another day, another angry sticker added to that headline-making, Trump-hating pick-up truck. This time, it's aimed at Troy Nehls, the sheriff who sought to bring disorderly conduct charges against the truck's driver, Karen Fonseca.

After Fonesca was targeted for the crude anti-Trump sticker on her truck's rear window last Thursday, she was arrested on an outstanding fraud warrant issued in July. Interesting timing, eh?

The resident of Fort Bend County, Texas, has since been released on a $1,500 bond. She celebrated her freedom in the most epic way imaginable — by trolling the sheriff with a sassy AF decal for her truck. Read more...

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18. Several NBA teams are officially on board for 'League of Legends' franchises01:00[−]

Ten teams are joining League of Legends' North American esports division as permanent franchises for the 2018 season. They'll be backed by a mix of longtime esports staples and traditional sports teams like the Golden State Warriors and New York Yankees.

The North American League of Legends Championship Series (NALCS) will have 10 permanent teams starting in 2018, taking a page out of traditional pro sports leagues' notebooks, like the NBA and MLB. The ten teams revealed today include a mix of esports teams that have competed in the NALCS for years and some newcomers with backgrounds in other esports or traditional sports. Read more...

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19. Check out the sweet Black Friday deals on TVs this weekend00:49[−]

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Black Friday is a perfect time to buy a new TV. (So. Many. Deals.)

Whether you're binge-watching a new Netflix show, playing a game on your favorite console, or just trying to flip channels to distract yourself from your relatives visiting for the holidays, you definitely want to do it on the slickest flat screen you can get. 

You're in luck, because there are some great deals on TVs this weekend, many of which are already live. Check them out below and follow along as we'll be tracking all the best Black Friday deals here. Read more...

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20. 'Weird Al' Yankovic is protecting his good name from other, terrible Als00:41[−]

You have been officially warned: do not come for "Weird Al" Yankovic, especially if you're attempting to come for other Als. 

The parody master has officially distanced himself from the likes of Al Franken, Al Pacino, and other Als when Yankovic filed a trademark application for his stage name "Weird Al" earlier this year. Just last week the move was officially approved—right on time, too, considering the sexual assault allegations that have circled Franken recently.

If you really feel compelled to insult Franken, Sharpton, Gore, Roker, or Pacino... PLEASE CHOOSE A DIFFERENT NICKNAME

— Al Yankovic (@alyankovic) November 20, 2017

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21. KFC made a $10,000 pod to help you escape the holiday internet chaos00:35[−]

KFC's Internet Escape Pod was created to shield you from the internet chaos. This little cage supposedly blocks Wi-Fi and cellular connection so you can enjoy some quality time with family. KFC says they were about to sell it for $96,485.34 but decided to sell it for $10,000 as a Cyber Monday deal.  Read more...

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22. This smart device can be just the thing you need to make the holidays magical00:33[−]

Preparing for the holidays can be pretty stressful. Between shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, organizing, and making sure you see all your friends and loved ones during the season, the holidays can often feel like a pressure cooker, with details falling by the wayside. You may find yourself  an extra set of hands … or even a spare brain at times.

Until we do have the ability to clone ourselves, Amazon Echo with Alexa is the next best thing — and our favorite right-hand holiday helper. This smart device may not be able to do everything on your to-do list, but it's like having your very own elf, always at the ready to tackle your next holiday item and to take the stress out of the season.  Read more...

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23. To buy, to sell, to hold: Know your investments inside out00:29[−]

There is a wealth of ways to invest your money, but let’s face it: you probably don’t have endless time to figure them all out. And with time at a premium, using energy to keep abreast of the ins and outs of your investment portfolio can seem impossible. Although Singaporeans are on average earning more each year, the global market hasn’t been as successful recently — and that’s enough to give anyone pause before approaching today’s complex investment landscape.

One way to get to grips with the investment climate is to take advantage of a smart investment tool, which can help to identify investment opportunities. Standard Chartered Bank now offers Personalised Investment Ideas (PII), the latest tool to give investors the info they need to grow their wealth. Thanks to technological advancements like this, you can invest wisely, and without giving up your valuable time. Read more...

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24. Bitcoin is about to grow even bigger, using your money (and you won't even know it)00:20[−]

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they invest in you.

That's the scene that bitcoin investors and enthusiasts are facing. After years as an underground digital currency and a running joke in the world of finance, bitcoin is suddenly attracting attention from the people who once called it a scam: the big institutions of finance, who collectively control trillions of dollars.

And it might not even be a matter of "if." It's now just a matter of "when."

“The institutionalization of this space is coming. It’s coming pretty quick,” former hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz said at a recent conferenceRead more...

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25. 'Fantastic Beasts' sequel teaser hints at some big clues00:03[−]

The official @FantasticBeasts Twitter account hinted at a sequel by tweeting out a photo of 2 wands with the caption: "Wands at the ready." The second wand is theorized to belong to young Dumbledore, which will be played by Jude Law in the second film. According to Warner Bros., the sequel will be the second of a 5-part series.  Read more...

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26. Submit your product for Mashable's 'Top Picks of CES 2018'Пн., 20 нояб.[−]

CES 2018, the world's largest consumer electronics show, is just around the corner.

From Jan. 9-12, tech companies, big and small, from around the world will descend in Las Vegas to show you their visions of the future and set the technology trends for the year. There will be gadgets — lots and lots of shiny new devices — and Mashable will be there bringing you only the best.

Do you have an innovative product that's emblematic of one of those trends, or might even create one? We want to hear about it and why it should be recognized as a standout product at CES. Read more...

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27. Perfect view of building demolition ruined by photobombing busПн., 20 нояб.[−]

Nothing like a good old bus photobomb.

In its quest to be relevant and produce some fire content in 2017, The Weather Channel set up a livestream to capture a controlled implosion of the Georgia Dome. 

Everything was set — the camera was placed in the distance with people in the foreground to get some perspective, the countdown began, and just as the first set of explosions occurred, a MARTA bus rolled up, stopping directly in front of the camera's view of the demolition.

"No bus! Get out of the way." the cameraman can be heard yell-whispering as the building came down  behind it. Moment later, the bus leaves, and all that's left is a plume of smoke. The building has fallen.  Read more...

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28. Barack Obama just wished Joe Biden a happy birthday with an original Obama-Biden memeПн., 20 нояб.[−]

It's former Vice President Joe Biden's 75th birthday and Barack Obama kicked off the celebration in the only appropriate way: his own twist on the legendary Obama-Biden memes. 

Obama celebrated his former colleague and their storied bromance with a sweet nod to Biden, calling him a "brother and the best vice president anybody could have." 

ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth—
ME: Joe.

Happy birthday to @JoeBiden, my brother and the best vice president anybody could have

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) November 20, 2017

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29. Mercedes-Benz shows off its new electric vansПн., 20 нояб.[−]

Daimler is expanding its electrification plans to include Mercedes-Benz's successful line of commercial vans.

The German auto conglomerate announced that it will add electric systems to all of its commercial van offerings over the next few years, starting with the brand new eVito model in 2018. Two more e-variants, the eSprinter and Citan, will follow in 2019. Mercedes-Benz Vans has pledged to invest 150 million euros (about $176.2 million) for the project. 

Daimler's plan goes beyond simply introducing electric powertrains to its current van models. Mercedes-Benz says it will also work with clients to offer a "holistic electric drive strategy," to help support the newly electrified fleets, developing individualized plans to optimize profitability and ease operators into the EV ecosystem. The company claims the eVito is the first vehicle to be developed using such a strategy.  Read more...

More about Electric Vehicles, Mercedes Benz, Daimler, Vans, and Tech

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30. 5 technologies evolving the way we gameПн., 20 нояб.[−]

It’s been almost 80 years since thousands of people lined up to challenge a computer to a game of math at the New York World’s Fair in Queens, NY. (The computer won almost every time, surprisingly.) Back then, the curious spilled into the fair to experience progress firsthand, which included a new way to play games. Little did those early gamers know they had participated in the birth of a $75 billion global industry driven by technological innovation that has reshaped our notions of sports, film, and even reality. 

From curiosity to habit, gaming has been fully integrated into our lives, with 1.8 billion people playing worldwide. While the early decades of technological innovation spurred the ubiquity of consoles, advances in AR and mobility, and accessories like the latest wireless mouse and keyboard from Logitech are pushing gaming into its next phase. We’ve rounded up some of the most significant new technologies that are evolving the industry and changing the way we play.  Read more...

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