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1. U.S. regulators target Facebook, alleging discriminatory housing adsСб., 18 авг.[−]

Federal regulators are alleging that Facebook Inc.'s advertising tools allow landlords and real estate brokers to engage in housing discrimination.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said in an administrative complaint this week that Facebook violated the Fair Housing Act because...

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2. Twitter restricts far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' account for a weekСр., 15 авг.[−]

Twitter is the latest social network to take action against far-right commentator Alex Jones, temporarily limiting his account after he tweeted a link to a video that violated company policies against abusive behavior.

The ban is not extensive. Jones will still be able to browse Twitter and send...

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3. Tinder co-founders and execs file $2-billion lawsuit saying the dating app's owners cheated themСр., 15 авг.[−]

The co-founders of Tinder and seven current and former executives have filed a lawsuit against the dating app’s parent companies alleging that the firms undermined the app's valuation to deny them billions of dollars' worth of stock options.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in New York state court, seeks...

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4. Fax machines may be vulnerable to hackers, new report findsПн., 13 авг.[−]

The fax machine is widely considered to be a dinosaur of interoffice communications, but it lives on as part of all-in-one printers and may present a vulnerable point where hackers can infiltrate an organization's network, according to a new report from Israeli software company Check Point. The...

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5. Google tracks and records your movements even if you turn off Location HistoryПн., 13 авг.[−]

Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to.

An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you've used a privacy setting that says it will prevent...

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6. Facebook seems to be pushing ahead with blockchainСб., 11 авг.[−]

Facebook Inc. executive David Marcus resigned from Coinbase Inc.’s board, a sign the social network giant is pushing ahead with its own blockchain work.

Marcus quit Friday, citing a new group he oversees at Facebook that is exploring potential blockchain uses. “I’ve decided it was appropriate for...

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7. Snap loses users for the first quarter ever, but its revenue beats expectationsСр., 08 авг.[−]

First, the good news: Snap Inc.’s second-quarter revenue beat projections, tempering long-held fears that the company’s loyal Snapchat users would never support a sustainable business.

Now the bad news: The number of users Snapchat can profit from could be reaching a ceiling sooner than expected....

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8. Your banking information was once off-limits to tech companies. Now they're seeking itСр., 08 авг.[−]

Facebook Inc.’s push to gain access to users’ banking data and other sensitive financial information could help make online banking more efficient — or it could backfire among those skeptical that the world’s biggest social network can reliably safeguard personal data.

The site has joined a growing...

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9. A hidden Amazon fortune: Bezos' parents may be worth billionsСр., 01 авг.[−]

It may be the most successful venture investment of all time.

In 1995, Jackie and Mike Bezos plowed $245,573 into their son’s fledgling e-commerce website, according to a prospectus two years later. It was a big gamble, Mike Bezos, the stepfather of Amazon.com Inc. founder Jeff Bezos, recalled...

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10. Slowing iPhone sales aren’t hurting Apple’s bottom lineСр., 01 авг.[−]

Apple Inc. shrugged off lower-than-expected iPhone sales Tuesday as shares rose sharply after the market’s close, when investors got a glimpse of a far more important number: the company’s sales projection for next quarter.

The Cupertino, Calif., company projected that it would take in $60 billion...

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11. Facebook says it has been targeted by a political influence campaign againСр., 01 авг.[−]

Facebook once again has been the target of a political influence campaign, months ahead of the November midterm elections.

The social network, still stung by its widely criticized response to Russian meddling in the 2016 election, said Tuesday it had removed 32 pages and accounts from Facebook...

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12. Slack buys rival workplace messaging services Hipchat and StrideСб., 28 июля[−]

Slack just gobbled up two competitors — Atlassian Corp.’s workplace messaging software programs Hipchat and Stride — further cementing its dominance in a field where its strongest competition is Microsoft Teams.

Slack will pay Atlassian an undisclosed amount over the next three years to acquire...

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13. Inside Google's shadow workforce of contract laborersПт., 27 июля[−]

Every day, tens of thousands of people stream into Google offices wearing red or green name badges. They eat in Google’s cafeterias, ride its commuter shuttles and work alongside its celebrated geeks. But they can’t access all of the company’s celebrated perks. They aren’t entitled to stock and...

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14. Facebook stock dived 20% in a single day. Here's whyЧт., 26 июля[−]

Facebook was a golden goose. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, the social networking giant introduced a shocking idea: It probably can’t sustain its enormous rate of growth.

The news helped send Facebook shares into a tailspin, dropping more than 20% on Thursday.

David Wehner, Facebook’s chief financial...

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15. 23andMe sells $300-million stake to GlaxoSmithKline and will help develop drugsЧт., 26 июля[−]

With over 5 million customers, genetic testing firm 23andMe sits on a trove of human data it believes can help drugmakers develop treatments more efficiently in an industry where 90% of medicines on trial never reach market.

The Silicon Valley startup now has a major partner and investment to tap...

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16. Qualcomm plans to abandon NXP bid; China is silent as time runs outЧт., 26 июля[−]

Qualcomm Inc. said it will abandon its $44-billion bid to acquire rival chipmaker NXP Semiconductors NV, barring last-minute antitrust clearance from China. That would end its 20-month attempt to complete the largest-ever deal in the semiconductor industry.

"We intend to terminate our purchase...

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17. Facebook agrees to prevent discriminatory advertisingСр., 25 июля[−]

Facebook Inc. can no longer block minorities or other groups from seeing advertisements, according to an agreement with Washington state.

Facebook signed a binding agreement to modify its advertising platform so third parties can’t discriminate based on ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation,...

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18. Facebook gets a toehold in China after being locked out of the country for yearsВт., 24 июля[−]

Facebook Inc. has obtained a license to set up an office in China — a first for the social media giant, which has been shut out of China's lucrative market for years despite many attempts to break in.

The $30-million subsidiary, which will open in the southern city of Hangzhou, would be set up...

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19. Google ad sales surge, propelling Alphabet revenue above expectationsВт., 24 июля[−]

Google is still raking in marketing dollars from advertisers, propelling the online search giant to another strong quarter in the face of costly regulatory trouble in Europe.

Parent company Alphabet Inc. reported second-quarter sales, minus partner payouts, of $26.24 billion. Analysts were expecting...

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20. Will trade war derail Qualcomm's deal to buy NXP? Deadline is WednesdayВт., 24 июля[−]

For 21 months, Qualcomm Inc. has been trying to buy Dutch automotive chip maker NXP Semiconductors to reduce its reliance on the slowing smartphone market.

By Wednesday, it should become clear whether those efforts were for nothing.

Qualcomm and NXP set that day as the deadline for receiving regulatory...

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21. Wireless speaker pioneer Sonos aims to raise up to $264 million in IPOПн., 23 июля[−]

Sonos Inc., the wireless speaker pioneer taking on Amazon.com Inc., Google and Apple Inc., plans to raise as much as $264.1 million in its upcoming initial public offering.

Although the wireless speakers market is booming — Sonos says its customers listen to about 70 hours of content a month —...

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22. L.A. hyperloop company lands first deal in ChinaПт., 20 июля[−]

Los Angeles-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced this week that it would work with China to bring the high-tech experimental transportation service to that country.

Hyperloop technology is still a concept that’s under development, with no operational hyperloop systems in place...

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23. Mark Zuckerberg seeks to clarify Facebook policy on Holocaust deniersЧт., 19 июля[−]

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is clarifying his stance pertaining to Holocaust deniers after getting some blowback on social media.

Zuckerberg, who is Jewish, said in an interview with Recode that Facebook posts denying that the Holocaust occurred would not be removed automatically....

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24. Google's European fine raises pressure on U.S. regulators to examine the company's business practicesЧт., 19 июля[−]

Google’s woes are no longer limited to Europe.

The tech giant now faces heightened scrutiny at home on the heels of the European Union’s record $5-billion fine levied on the company Wednesday.

Joseph Simons, chairman of U.S. Federal Trade Commission, said his agency would “read what the EU put...

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25. As cryptocurrency prices fall, miners look for other things to do with their server farmsВт., 17 июля[−]

Harry Pokrandt spent the last year scouring the Earth for real estate with two main characteristics. He needed cold weather, to keep his computer servers cool, and cheap electricity, to keep them running 24 hours a day. Pokrandt’s company, Hive Blockchain Technologies, filled up a Cold War-era...

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