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1. New way to recycle lithium-ion batteries could be a lifeline for electric cars and the environmentПт., 16 марта[−]

The promise of a global electric-vehicle transformation has a looming problem.

The cathodes in the lithium-ion batteries typically used in electric vehicles are made of metal oxides that contain cobalt, a metal found in finite supplies and concentrated in one of the globe’s more precarious countries.


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2. Snap stock slides after Rihanna denounces domestic violence-themed adЧт., 15 марта[−]

Pop singer Rihanna criticized Snap Inc. for running an ad that asked Snapchat users to decide whether they wanted to slap her or punch Chris Brown, saying it made a joke of her history as a victim of domestic violence.

Snapchat removed the ad, which was placed by a video game company, and apologized,...

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3. California lawsuits accuse Uber and Lyft of discriminating against wheelchair usersЧт., 15 марта[−]

If a person wants to drive for Uber or Lyft but doesn’t have a car, both ride-hailing companies steer them toward rental cars.

If a driver doesn’t feel like getting behind the wheel when it rains, both companies sweeten the deal by offering additional pay.

If a driver’s car isn’t wheelchair accessible,...

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4. What is 5G and why did Trump nix a huge tech deal to boost America's lead in its development?Ср., 14 марта[−]

Self-driving cars. Internet-connected homes. Smart cities.

Innovations like these are expected to reshape the technology industry and society at large — but none will take off without stronger wireless infrastructure, known as 5G.

The fifth-generation mobile network will vastly expand the speed...

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5. Blocking of Qualcomm takeover could end the tech industry's cozy ties to BeijingВт., 13 марта[−]

Thanks to its breathtaking market size and unparalleled manufacturing base, China has long held sway over U.S. technology companies.

But the Trump administration’s unusual decision Monday to block a foreign hostile takeover of chipmaker Qualcomm could limit the companies’ ability to continue accommodating...

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6. Trump blocks Broadcom from buying Qualcomm, citing national securityВт., 13 марта[−]

In the latest example of his tough stance against foreign takeovers of U.S. technology companies, President Trump on Monday blocked Broadcom Ltd. from acquiring Qualcomm Inc., scuttling the proposed $117-billion deal on national security grounds.

The president issued the executive order on a recommendation...

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7. Dropbox dials down its valuation goals as its IPO nearsВт., 13 марта[−]

Silicon Valley darling Dropbox Inc. is aiming to go public at a valuation well below the $10 billion it clocked in at after its last private funding round, despite posting healthy revenue growth and turning cash-flow positive in the intervening four years.

The file-sharing company is targeting...

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8. Qualcomm's chairman steps down, and Intel reportedly considers acquiring BroadcomСб., 10 марта[−]

Qualcomm Inc. longtime executive Paul Jacobs is taking a reduced role on the company’s board of directors — a move likely aimed at appeasing angry shareholders as the San Diego cellular giant tries to fend off a hostile takeover from Broadcom Ltd.

Meanwhile, rival chipmaker Intel Corp. — not eager...

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9. Snap Inc. lays off more than 120 engineers as it looks to be more efficient and one day turn a profitПт., 09 марта[−]

The maker of the youthful video messaging app Snapchat is cutting more than 120 engineering jobs, reining in costs as it seeks to mature its business.

Snap Inc. says the job cuts aren’t related to its finances and that it intends to fill some of the open positions. The company plans to bring on...

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10. Snap Inc. reportedly plans to lay off 100 engineersЧт., 08 марта[−]

Snap Inc. plans to lay off about 100 software engineers, or 10% of its engineering workforce, according to multiple news reports.

The planned cuts were first reported by the video news outlet Cheddar, which cited unnamed sources.

Snap did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Venice...

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11. Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick starts investment fund focused on 'large-scale job creation'Чт., 08 марта[−]

There’s life after Uber for Travis Kalanick.

The ride-hailing giant’s co-founder and controversial former chief executive tweeted Wednesday that he will start an investment fund called 10100.

“Over the past few months I’ve started thinking about what’s next,” Kalanick wrote. “I’ve begun making...

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12. Broadcom hopes a $1.5-billion pledge will ease national security concerns over Qualcomm dealСр., 07 марта[−]

Broadcom Ltd. said it plans to create a new $1.5-billion fund to ensure America’s lead in future wireless technology, responding to U.S. government concerns that the chip maker’s proposed takeover of Qualcomm Inc. could hurt its competitiveness and threaten national security.

The Committee on Foreign...

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13. U.S. outlines national security concerns over Broadcom's bid to buy QualcommСр., 07 марта[−]

U.S. officials worry that if Broadcom Ltd. succeeds in its hostile takeover of Qualcomm Inc., that might weaken the San Diego chip maker and open the door for China to become the leader in next-generation wireless technologies, among other national security concerns.

The Treasury Department laid...

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14. BlackBerry sues Facebook over messaging tech, alleging patent infringementВт., 06 марта[−]

BlackBerry Ltd. is suing Facebook Inc., accusing the social media giant of patent infringement. The former smartphone maker is alleging that Facebook’s massively popular messaging applications use technology that BlackBerry invented.

Apps including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp use some messaging...

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15. Broadcom's bid to take over Qualcomm is delayed for a national security reviewВт., 06 марта[−]

Qualcomm has been handed a 30-day reprieve from Broadcom’s $117-billion hostile takeover bid so U.S. regulators can conduct a national security investigation of the potential deal.

In an unusual move late Sunday, the interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. ordered Qualcomm to delay...

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16. Likes, comments and sometimes sales — how Instagram is shaping the art worldПн., 05 марта[−]

As a member of a millennia-old profession, 28-year-old artist Laura Rokas can do her job — painting, sculpting, drawing, weaving — without the help of most modern technology. But the Bay Area artist makes one exception: Instagram.

Since its launch in 2010, the photo and video sharing app has become...

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17. Spectacles at first did not succeed, but Snap will try, try again, report saysСб., 03 марта[−]

Snap Inc. is reportedly giving Spectacles, its camera-equipped sunglasses, at least two more tries.

The Venice maker of the video messaging app Snapchat is working on two new versions of the glasses to improve upon its poorly selling original version, according to the video news outlet Cheddar.


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18. Snap is said to skip bonuses and struggle with low morale after hard yearЧт., 01 марта[−]

On Wednesday, Snap Inc. sent employees a survey asking a broad set of questions to understand what they're happy about, what they want to improve, and what they want to say, anonymously, one year after the Snapchat maker’s initial public offering.

Grievances will be aired.

Just last month, the...

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19. Twitter CEO pleads for ideas on how to make the social network more civilЧт., 01 марта[−]

Twitter Inc. just admitted it’s become a swamp for toxic conversations.

Chief Executive and co-founder Jack Dorsey tweetstormed a plea for ways to make Twitter’s social network a nicer place by measuring "collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation." He said Twitter accepted...

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20. SoftBank leads $535-million investment in DoorDash food-delivery appЧт., 01 марта[−]

The latest winner of the SoftBank Group Corp. lottery is DoorDash Inc., a food-delivery app. SoftBank’s Vision Fund is leading a $535-million investment in the San Francisco company, almost triple the amount of capital DoorDash had raised in the last five years.

The deal, which includes funding...

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21. Snap Inc. puts more than half its Venice office space up for lease, ending an eraЧт., 01 марта[−]

When Snapchat was housed in a sky blue beachfront bungalow on the Venice boardwalk, fans of the fledgling disappearing-video app used to take selfies in front of the company’s now famous ghost logo.

Evan Spiegel, the company’s founder and chief executive, could walk out onto the promenade, talk...

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22. By buying Ring and other smart home start-ups, tech's biggest firms try to lure more people into their ecosystemsЧт., 01 марта[−]

When Amazon.com approached Jason Johnson, founder and chief executive of August, nearly three years ago and asked to integrate his company’s internet-connected locks with a new device called the Amazon Echo, he thought it was a gimmick.

Smart speakers hadn’t yet taken off. Voice control was nascent....

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23. Qualcomm proposes more talks with Broadcom over possible sale — but price remains a hurdleПн., 26 февр.[−]

Qualcomm said Monday it is ready for further talks with rival and potential buyer Broadcom to see if the two sides can negotiate a sale of the San Diego cellular technology giant, with price remaining a key sticking point.

In a letter sent to Broadcom on Monday, Qualcomm Chairman Paul Jacobs revealed...

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24. Dropbox, valued privately at $10 billion, files for IPOСб., 24 февр.[−]

Dropbox Inc., a file-sharing company that has been privately valued at $10 billion, filed Friday for a U.S. initial public stock offering, saying it was at scale and capable of moving fast.

The San Francisco company filed with an offering size of $500 million, according to a filing with the U.S....

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25. Propaganda, lies and social media: Harvard's Nicco Mele on how the tech we love hurts usПт., 23 февр.[−]
Nicco Mele's outlook on the effect of technology on democracy is both grim and hopeful.

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