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1. Sarah Palin's oldest son, Track, arrested on domestic violence charges05:25[−]

Track Palin, the oldest son of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was arrested Saturday in Alaska on charges of domestic violence. It marks the second time he’s been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in two years.

The charges seem to stem from an incident in his family’s hometown of Wasilla,...

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2. Trump: 'No, I'm not' firing Mueller, as allies step up attacks on special counsel probe03:10[−]

Amid increasing Republican attacks on Robert S. Mueller III over the scope and impartiality of his investigation of Russian campaign meddling, President Trump denied on Sunday that he had any intention of firing the special counsel.

“No — no, I’m not,” Trump said on Sunday as he returned to the...

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3. One year in, Trump tries to define his national security strategy to fit his 'America first' vision02:45[−]

President Trump has found it much easier to say "America first" than to fit the nationalist slogan into actual national security strategy. Now, nearly a year into his term, he is seeking to define his vision — often articulated in impulsive tweets — in a comprehensive overview.

The president will...

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4. From a 911 call, a friendship bloomed between Baltimore cop and widow, 98: 'All she wanted was somebody to talk to'Вс., 17 дек.[−]

She was born in the segregated South, and over 98 years outlived those old ways, three husbands and many friends in Baltimore. In the end, few remained to visit Hazel Reed-Oden.

There was a devoted handyman. A nurse. A pastor. Happenstance brought Reed-Oden her final friend: the Baltimore police...

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5. Government paying private firm $297 million to help hire 5,000 Border Patrol agentsВс., 17 дек.[−]

With a mandate from President Trump to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents, Customs and Border Protection awarded a $297-million contract to a private company to help recruit and hire the new agents and other workers.

The contract with a division of Accenture, an international professional services...

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6. A Florida city tried to shut it down, but a massive Christmas display is backВс., 17 дек.[−]

The sparkle is back in Mark Hyatt’s yard, and it’s brighter than ever.

His family’s massive Christmas display lights the night with a seemingly infinite number of bulbs.

The Plantation attraction — one of South Florida’s most controversial — is in full swing, drawing groans from neighbors and cheers...

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7. Bakeman's Restaurant is closing after 47 years, and patrons are already missing this slice of pre-digital SeattleВс., 17 дек.[−]

In digital-drunk Seattle these days, everything’s rising — rents, buildings, eyeballs, salaries, stock holdings. Even the Space Needle, a World’s Fair antiquity from the hippie era, is getting a posh face lift.

Downtown, a phalanx of cranes towers over construction sites. And one recent morning,...

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8. A New York lawsuit asks: Is graffiti art protected under federal law?Вс., 17 дек.[−]

For more than a decade, they came from across New York City and around the world to leave their mark at the place they called 5Pointz.

Armed with cans of spray paint, they left bubble-lettered tags, outlined buxom cartoon women and undertook elaborate murals of a green Mother Earth and of a white-haired...

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9. Cost of Republicans' tax cuts likely to be greater than they appear on paperВс., 17 дек.[−]

With a final tax overhaul bill in hand, congressional Republicans say they have enough votes to pass legislation next week and deliver a major victory for themselves and President Trump by Christmas. But at what cost?

On paper, the tax package hammered out Friday carries a price tag of a net $1.5...

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10. Democratic Nevada congressman, facing inquiry over sexual harassment allegations, won’t seek reelectionВс., 17 дек.[−]

Ruben Kihuen, a Nevada congressman seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party, said Saturday he will not seek reelection next year amid allegations of sexual harassment and the launch of a House Ethics Committee investigation.

The 37-year-old freshman congressman is the latest lawmaker to say...

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11. Las Vegas victims' fund has raised $22 million — but it's not enough, so thousands will get nothingСб., 16 дек.[−]

The Las Vegas committee overseeing the millions of dollars donated after the mass shooting in October has expanded the scope of those that could make a claim on money, but thousands will remain ineligible to receive any cash under the final guidelines.

Scott Nielson, chairman of the Las Vegas Victims...

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12. From Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris to 10,000 teenage girls: 'Speak up'Сб., 16 дек.[−]
At the annual Girls Build L.A. leadership summit, two of the nation's most prominent political women offered advice to young girls: Be more prepared than everyone else, and take on tough challenges.

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13. Female Kansas congressional candidate drops out over sexual harassment claim by male subordinateСб., 16 дек.[−]

Given the months-long stream of allegations of sexual harassment by powerful people, the big political news in Kansas on Friday sounded numbingly familiar: A prominent Democratic congressional candidate quit the 2018 race after journalists unearthed a former subordinate’s claim of sexual harassment.


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14. GOP tax plan builds momentum as Rubio, Corker announce support ahead of next week's voteСб., 16 дек.[−]

Key holdouts on the GOP tax bill fell in line Friday, boosting momentum for passage as Republicans released the final version of their tax overhaul ahead of next week’s expected vote.

Leaders won over Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who had been the Senate’s lone GOP opponent of the $1.5-trillion package...

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15. This Colorado city declined to allow pot sales. Now it's having second thoughtsПт., 15 дек.[−]
Five years after Colorado legalized marijuana a handful of cities in the state do not allow it to be sold. Among them: Colorado Springs, the state's second most populous city. Why? A mix of conservative politics and religious values have kept this city from raking in big bucks from legal pot.

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16. Trump administration fans confusion over its stand on talks with North KoreaПт., 15 дек.[−]

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson took the rare step on Friday of sharing a public stage with a senior North Korean official but fanned confusion about the Trump administration’s stance toward formal negotiations with Pyongyang over its nuclear arms.

According to a draft of his remarks circulated...

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17. President Trump seeks public exoneration as Democrats and Republicans battle over ending Russia probesПт., 15 дек.[−]

The White House and Republican lawmakers are pressing for an end to multiple investigations into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia, aiming to clear the president as soon as possible before the taint of scandal further damages his presidency.

President Trump expects to be publicly absolved...

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18. A senator stumped a Trump judicial nominee with basic legal questions. Here are the answersПт., 15 дек.[−]
Matthew Spencer Petersen, a lawyer nominated by President Trump to be a federal judge, struggled to answer basic legal questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee. So what were those questions?

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19. Trump administration wants tighter security measures for countries in U.S. visa waiver programПт., 15 дек.[−]

The Trump administration announced tighter screening and security measures Friday at airports in Britain, Japan and other countries whose citizens are allowed entry into the United States without obtaining visas before they travel.

Travelers probably won’t notice any immediate changes under the...

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20. Trump says Americans are 'very, very angry' at FBI before he pledges his supportПт., 15 дек.[−]

President Trump gave a distinctly mixed message to the FBI on Friday, saying “people are very, very angry” about what they see as a political bias in the bureau but vowing unqualified support for law enforcement.

“Well, it’s a shame what’s happened with the FBI,” Trump told reporters at the White...

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21. Roy Moore accusers feel vindicated by his Senate defeatПт., 15 дек.[−]

For Tina Johnson, Roy Moore’s defeat is just beginning to sink in.

Johnson, one of the women who accused Moore of sexual misconduct as he ran for U.S. Senate in Alabama, had never voted before Tuesday.

Watching returns with family and friends in Gadsden, Ala., she was nervous about Democrat Doug...

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22. A Kentucky lawmaker accused of molestation commits suicide. Now his widow wants his seatПт., 15 дек.[−]

The widow of a Kentucky lawmaker who killed himself this week after he was accused of molesting a teenager has announced plans to run for her husband’s old seat.

State Rep. Dan Johnson was found dead Wednesday, two days after an investigative news report revealed that a 17-year-old girl had accused...

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23. Sen. Marco Rubio becomes latest obstacle to GOP tax bill, complicating next week's voteПт., 15 дек.[−]

Sen. Marco Rubio on Thursday became the latest holdout on the Republican tax plan, depriving leaders of crucial backing as they struggle to build support for the bill before next week’s expected vote.

The Florida Republican, who warned leaders he would vote no unless changes were made to the current...

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24. FCC votes to repeal net neutrality rules, a milestone for Republican deregulation pushПт., 15 дек.[−]

Federal regulators voted on Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules for internet traffic — a major victory for telecommunications companies and another milestone for the Republican deregulation push under President Trump.

The 3-2 party-line vote by the Federal Communications Commission...

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25. U.S. and Mexico agree to agree — and skirt controversyПт., 15 дек.[−]

Call it not talking about the Wall in the Room.

Senior U.S. and Mexican government officials on Thursday pledged to continue working together to fight international drug-trafficking organizations and other cross-border criminal enterprises.

They would not, however, be drawn into discussing ways...

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