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1. Despite Trump's promise to end family separations, officials have yet to issue a plan to reunite children with parents00:25[−]

The day after President Trump claimed he had acted to keep migrant families together, the fate of more than 2,300 children held in custody separate from their parents and that of future asylum-seeking families remained uncertain Thursday.

The confusion ensured the president’s self-inflicted political...

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2. Supreme Court ducks decision on whether president has the power to fire any top federal officialЧт., 21 июня[−]

The Supreme Court sidestepped a constitutional dispute Thursday over the scope of the president’s power to fire high-level federal employees.

Instead, by a 7-2 vote, the court ruled administrative law judges who hear stock fraud cases at the Securities and Exchange Commission are “officers” of...

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3. House postpones vote on a second immigration bill after voting down firstЧт., 21 июня[−]

With a crisis over family separations still boiling on the border, the House on Thursday voted down a conservative immigration bill and abruptly postponed a vote on a more moderate proposal pitched as a compromise between battling Republican factions, an embarrassing setback for House leaders.


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4. Lawsuit alleges improper medication of migrant children in federal sheltersЧт., 21 июня[−]

After crossing into the U.S. last year to join her mother in Houston, a 16-year-old Honduran girl was placed at a shelter for immigrants where, she said, she was given drugs for anxiety and depression.

The medication, she said, “makes me feel dizzy and sometimes makes it hard to concentrate…. Sometimes...

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5. States stand to pocket billions as Supreme Court rules internet businesses must collect sales taxesЧт., 21 июня[−]

The Supreme Court on Thursday standardized taxing rules for traditional retailers and online vendors, ruling that states and localities may collect sales taxes on all purchases over the internet.

By a 5-4 vote, the justices that ruled that online sellers can be required to collect state and local...

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6. For nearly 6 minutes, the police car became an ambulance. And a life hung in the balanceЧт., 21 июня[−]

The police officer sees the woman with a gunshot wound to the head and decides to turn his squad car into an ambulance.

Amid the mass casualties, the choice seems clear.

The scene was among 23 videos released Wednesday by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department from the body cameras of officers...

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7. 'White civil rights' rally marking Charlottesville anniversary set to be held next to White HouseЧт., 21 июня[−]

Less than a year after deadly clashes at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., the main organizer has gained federal approval for another demonstration — across the street from the White House.

The National Park Service announced Wednesday it had approved the “white civil rights”...

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8. Trump orders end to his family separation policy at the border, but relief could be temporaryЧт., 21 июня[−]

In a rare retreat to dispel outrage about his “zero tolerance” policy at the southern border, President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order to end a six-week-old practice of separating children from parents illegally crossing into the United States.

His directive seeks to keep families...

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9. Medicaid strategy favored by Trump may make care less affordable, new studies indicateСр., 20 июня[−]

Even as the Trump administration pushes to make Medicaid enrollees pay a greater share of their healthcare costs, new research suggests this strategy may prevent many poor patients from getting needed care.

An independent study of Indiana, which has helped pioneer the strategy of charging Medicaid...

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10. Painful scenes of child separations force a rare retreat from the White HouseСр., 20 июня[−]

A 2-year-old girl, with red sneakers and dark hair, crying as a U.S. Border Patrol agent searches her mother. Boys filing along white tents against a desolate desert backdrop. Toddlers screaming for their parents in a detention center in South Texas.

As wrenching scenes of the more than 2,300 immigrant...

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11. Voter interest in the midterm elections stands at a historic high with a singular focus — TrumpСр., 20 июня[−]

With about 4 1/2 months to go until a midterm election that will determine whether Democrats gain power to check President Trump, voter interest in the contest has reached historic highs, with far more intense focus than usual on one subject: the president.

Midterm elections often act as a referendum...

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12. New poll confirms Feinstein has big lead in Senate race, but nearly half of voters are undecidedСр., 20 июня[−]

Nearly half of registered California voters are still undecided in the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Dianne Feinstein and state Sen. Kevin de Le?n, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

Feinstein, who is seeking a fifth full term, holds a 36% to 18% lead over De Le?n among...

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13. A judge in Kansas just struck down one of the toughest voter ID laws in the country. Here's what you need to knowСр., 20 июня[−]

In 2011, Kansas passed a law that Republicans said was aimed at ending voter fraud by requiring people to show proof of citizenship to register to vote.

But opponents argued that it was really an attempt to reduce registration by blacks and Latinos — who tend to vote Democratic — and challenged...

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14. U.S. withdraws from U.N. Human Rights CouncilСр., 20 июня[−]

The Trump administration announced Tuesday it is withdrawing from the U.N. body that oversees human rights around the globe, saying the 47-nation council has shown an “unconscionable” bias against Israel and a blind willingness to ignore abuse elsewhere.

The decision to leave the U.N. Human Rights...

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15. Republicans in Congress look for way out of border crisis as Trump publicly stands his groundСр., 20 июня[−]

Senate Republicans mobilized on Tuesday to end the administration’s policy of separating children from their migrant parents — and the mounting political backlash — as President Trump publicly held firm, warning that those illegally crossing the border “infest our Country.”

Yet cracks appeared...

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16. Trump administration finalizes rule to allow for skimpier health plansСр., 20 июня[−]

The Trump administration Tuesday advanced its plan to promote the sale of skimpier health insurance, finalizing a new rule that would make it easier for individuals and small businesses to band together to get plans that don’t offer a full set of health benefits.

Administration officials say these...

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17. Colorado joins California in fight to prevent Trump from weakening auto emissions rulesВт., 19 июня[−]

As the Trump administration moves to roll back ambitious vehicle-emissions targets, California and several other states that rely on those standards to achieve their clean air goals have enlisted an influential new partner in the fight to keep the rules intact.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper announced...

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18. 'Freedom city'? Going beyond 'sanctuary,' Austin, Texas, vows to curtail arrestsВт., 19 июня[−]

Ever since the Texas legislature last year passed one of the country’s most aggressive “anti-sanctuary city” laws, some enclaves have fought officials over the extent to which police can ignore federal immigration law.

The state regulation known as Senate Bill 4 has been described by opponents...

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19. Family separations at the border: How did we get here?Вт., 19 июня[−]

The Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents when families are apprehended crossing the border illegally caught many Americans by surprise.

Where did the policy come from, and what’s new about it? Here are answers to some often-asked questions.

When did government...

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20. With latest China visit, North Korea's Kim can again play statesman and reassure Beijing he's an allyВт., 19 июня[−]

Decades ago, former Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung described his country’s relationship with North Korea as one of “lips and teeth” — a loosely defined metaphor from an imperial era Mao used to define a close, yet different, relationship.

It perhaps remains an apt description of their relationship...

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21. Republicans outline their latest strategy to roll back ObamacareВт., 19 июня[−]

In a bid to revive the Republican effort to roll back the Affordable Care Act, a group of leading conservative healthcare advocates is proposing a new strategy to overhaul the law.

The plan -- which is outlined in a seven-page blueprint unveiled Tuesday – faces long odds on Capitol Hill, where...

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22. CFPB nominee Kathy Kraninger faces questions on her role in 'zero tolerance' immigration policyВт., 19 июня[−]

Two Senate Democrats want to know what role Kathy Kraninger, who is President Trump’s choice to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, played in the administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy as a White House aide.

Kraninger oversees the budgets for the Department of Homeland...

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23. Trump threatens to slap tariffs on an additional $200 billion in Chinese goods, raising trade tensionsВт., 19 июня[−]

President Trump, moving to amp up pressure on China to make trade concessions, threatened late Monday to impose tariffs on an additional $200 billion in Chinese imports and to double that amount if Beijing retaliates with countermeasures.

Trump’s announcement marks the latest escalation of a brewing...

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24. Critics say CFPB nominee Kathy Kraninger lacks the experience to be the nation's top consumer financial watchdogВт., 19 июня[−]

Nominees for top federal financial regulators usually have worked in high-level government or private-sector jobs, and President Trump had been following that traditional playbook. Until his latest pick.

His choice for comptroller of the currency was chief executive of Pasadena's OneWest Bank;...

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25. Supreme Court refuses to rule on partisan gerrymandering in a setback for reformersВт., 19 июня[−]

In a setback for political reformers, the Supreme Court on Monday refused to strike down partisan gerrymandering as unconstitutional and set aside cases from Wisconsin and Maryland for procedural reasons.

In Wisconsin, several Democratic voters had sued to challenge a Republican-drawn election...

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