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1. Federal judges appointed by Trump are starting to leave their mark13:00[−]

In 2015, Donald Zimmerman, a conservative city councilman in Austin, Texas, tried a novel strategy to win reelection: suing his own city.

Zimmerman thought the city’s $350 limit on municipal campaign donations violated the 1st Amendment.

A federal judge disagreed. After Zimmerman appealed, the...

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2. Once their rallying cry, Obamacare is suddenly a sticky campaign issue for Republicans13:00[−]

For the first time in nearly a decade, Republicans are heading into a national election divided and defensive over healthcare, the very issue that once propelled them to majorities in the House and Senate.

After failing to deliver on their years-long promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act and...

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3. They call it the canicula . In this Texas border town, the peak of a deadly summer is surrounded by superstitions13:00[−]

This week marks the end of the dog days of summer, the 40 hottest days of the year known along the south Texas border as the canicula.

Canicula is Latin for “dog star,” a reference to the Canis Major constellation that appears above the sun during the hottest days of the year.

Even before it started,...

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4. Trump sees political win in some Democrats' calls to abolish ICE02:30[−]

President Trump brandished two of his favorite political weapons at the White House on Monday: a phalanx of uniformed law enforcement officers by his side, and an angry denunciation of Democrats as a party of lawlessness and open borders.

Unabashedly politicizing the federal agency established...

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5. Trump administration's rewrite of Clean Power Plan will be a boon to the coal industry02:10[−]

The Trump administration is poised Tuesday to unveil a sweeping rewrite of emissions rules for power plants that would be a boon to the coal industry, laying the groundwork for a revival of the most polluting facilities and abandoning Obama-era mandates for reorienting the electricity sector toward...

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6. Donald Trump redefined what's possible in presidential politics. Enter Michael AvenattiПн., 20 авг.[−]

The hamburgers and hot dogs were all consumed by the time Michael Avenatti arrived and delivered what the Donald Trump-loathing crowd was hungering to hear.

“When you are the party of Davids, you cannot afford to show up without a slingshot,” he told several hundred picnickers on a pleasantly breezy...

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7. In new outburst over Mueller probe, Trump insists that White House Counsel McGahn is no 'rat'Вс., 19 авг.[−]

President Trump insisted Sunday that he’s unconcerned by reports that White House Counsel Don McGahn has cooperated extensively with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe into possible Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

The president said on Twitter that McGahn was not a “rat”...

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8. Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emergesВс., 19 авг.[−]
A Kansas archaeology professor believes he's found the lost city of Etzanoa, spurring a rethinking of traditional views on the Native Americans' early settlement of the Midwest.

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9. Canoe voyage from Hawaii to California aims to raise environmental awareness, connect with island cultureВс., 19 авг.[−]

A double-hulled voyaging canoe crafted using an ancient design set sail from Hawaii on Saturday to raise awareness about an all-too-modern problem.

As it travels from Honolulu to San Francisco, the Hikianalia, a contemporary take on a traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe, will traverse the vast...

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10. Trump backed 'space force' after months of lobbying by officials with ties to aerospace industryСб., 18 авг.[−]

When President Trump spoke to Marines at Air Station Miramar in San Diego on March 13, he threw out an idea that he suggested had just come to him.

"You know, I was saying it the other day, because we're doing a tremendous amount of work in space — I said maybe we need a new force. We'll call it...

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11. Beads, booze and babies? New Orleans' French Quarter debates whether to become more family friendlyСб., 18 авг.[−]

The family stepped warily onto Bourbon Street and hurried past a burlesque joint, an absinthe bar and neon signs touting “Leather Lingerie Love Toys” and “Hunk Oasis Male Strippers.”

Heather and Chad Bruton, a clean-cut couple from Texas, didn’t want to visit this historic city for the first time...

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12. Lies from Papadopoulos harmed Russia investigation, special counsel saysСб., 18 авг.[−]

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III urged a federal judge to sentence George Papadopoulos to up to six months in prison, saying in a court filing Friday night that his lies harmed the Russia investigation.

“The defendant’s false statements were intended to harm the investigation, and did so,”...

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13. Federal immigration lawyers have asked to reactivate thousands of closed deportation casesСб., 18 авг.[−]

Federal immigration prosecutors have sought to reactivate thousands of closed deportation cases, following a recent court decision by Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions that curbed the power of immigration judges to indefinitely suspend cases.

Attorneys with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement this...

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14. Trump escalates feud with U.S. spy chiefs after Brennan flap, hinting he'll strip more security clearancesСб., 18 авг.[−]

President Trump escalated his feud with the nation’s law enforcement and intelligence community Friday, threatening to revoke the security clearance of a Justice Department official and defying a bipartisan backlash of complaints that he is seeking to stifle criticism and politicize national security.


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15. It's hurry up and wait as jury deliberates at the Manafort trialСб., 18 авг.[−]

Washington is known for its political blockbusters, but the biggest show in town this steamy summer is the Paul Manafort trial, where nervous lawyers, edgy reporters and chattering gawkers are on a hair-trigger wait for the jury to return with a verdict.

As the second day of deliberations wound...

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16. U.S. ending funding for Syria recovery projects, shifting burden to other nationsПт., 17 авг.[−]

Making good on President Trump’s stated desire to reduce the U.S. role in Syria, the State Department announced Friday it was eliminating $230 million in funding for “stabilization” projects in the war-ravaged country.

The slack will be made up by donations from other countries who have agreed...

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17. De Le?n captures California's anti-Trump furor, but struggles to gain traction in run to oust FeinsteinПт., 17 авг.[−]

No one needs to tell Kevin de Le?n that his campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is a long shot.

He’s reminded all the time. Clifford Tasner, a liberal activist, approached De Le?n at a Bel Air synagogue on a recent Saturday and offered to make him a video.

“You’ve got to throw a bunch...

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18. 13 former U.S. spy chiefs accuse Trump of trying to stifle free speech and politicize intelligenceПт., 17 авг.[−]

In a remarkable rebuke to President Trump, 13 former U.S. intelligence chiefs have signed a harshly worded letter in support of former CIA Director John Brennan after Trump abruptly revoked his security clearance.

"We feel compelled to respond in the wake of the ill-considered and unprecedented...

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19. A president who built his fame on reality TV finds others can play the same gameПт., 17 авг.[−]

With most of official Washington on vacation from the swampy, August heat, the reality television side of the Trump White House dominated the news this week, with headlines about secret recordings, enemies lists and whether or not the president had used a particular racial slur.

Omarosa Manigault...

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20. Online trolls are using immigration as a wedge issue for 2018 midterm electionsПт., 17 авг.[−]

Clad in military jackets, with bandannas hiding their faces, Eddie Alvarez and other members of the Brown Berets clashed with other protesters in Murrieta in July 2014.

On one side, more than 200 anti-immigration activists waving American flags stopped buses carrying 140 migrant women and children...

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21. Pompeo announces Iran Action Group to ramp up pressure on TehranПт., 17 авг.[−]

In an effort to ramp up pressure for political changes in Iran, the State Department has set up a task force to coordinate punitive measures, including sanctions and oil boycotts, Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo said Thursday.

Pompeo said the Iran Action Group would “closely synchronize” policy...

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22. Newspaper editorials take aim at President Trump, who castigates media as 'opposition party'Пт., 17 авг.[−]

Hundreds of newspapers nationwide pushed back Thursday against President Trump’s frequent attacks on the press and his assertion that the news media is “the enemy of the people.”

In a coordinated campaign, the newspapers — from Massachusetts to Hawaii — released editorials calling on Trump to curb...

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23. U.S. and China to resume trade talks amid tariff battleЧт., 16 авг.[−]

U.S. and Chinese officials said the two nations will resume lower-level trade talks this month in hopes of resolving an escalating battle over tariffs that threatens to damage both economies.

At the invitation of the Trump administration., China’s vice commerce minister, Wang Shouwen, will lead...

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24. Is Trump finally ready to turn his sights toward remaking the 9th Circuit Court?Чт., 16 авг.[−]

There’s been a noticeable exception to President Trump’s otherwise successful effort to appoint young, conservative judges to the nation’s appellate courts: the liberal-leaning U.S. 9th Circuit, which has jurisdiction over California and eight other Western states.

Since Trump took office, the...

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25. Omarosa releases audio of Trump campaign's job offer said to be in exchange for her silenceЧт., 16 авг.[−]

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman on Thursday released an audio recording to back up her claim that President Trump's campaign offered her a high-paying job to stay quiet about her tenure inside the administration.

MSNBC aired the recording, in which the president's daughter-in-law...

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