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Real estate news for Los Angeles, Southern California and beyond, including Hot Property (celebrity homes), home tours, and more.
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1. Commercial real estate recovery extending 3 years but retail retrenching, survey showsСб., 17 февр.[−]

The San Diego County office market outlook has turned decidedly positive, according to the recently released Allen Matkins UCLA Anderson Forecast.

The industrial building outlook has dropped slightly since the June survey but it is still considered positive.But the survey of developers, lenders...

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2. Buying a Bay Area home is now a stretch even for Apple and Google engineersПт., 16 февр.[−]

Bay Area home prices are out of reach for many middle-income families, but surely if you’re a highly prized engineer at Apple or Google you can afford a house there, right?

Not so fast.

These days even high-paid tech workers — the very people often blamed for driving up home prices — have to stretch...

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3. Last year's housing market broke recordsСр., 14 февр.[−]

The housing market reached new price peaks in 2017, shattering records left over from the 2005 housing boom.

Home prices rose as the number of homes for sale continued to drop — even more so than previous years. Meanwhile, the number sales stayed about the same.

Strong job growth, low unemployment...

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4. East Village: 'They are creating a skid row'Вт., 13 февр.[−]

With San Diego's move to buy an Imperial Avenue building for a new homeless "navigation center," some East Village downtown property owners are saying it’s the last straw.

The city has announced it will spend $7 million to buy 1401 Imperial Avenue and turn it into a one-stop housing "navigation"...

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5. Salsa singer Marc Anthony lowers Tarzana home price in hopes of wooing a buyerПн., 12 февр.[−]

It’s been on again, off again and now it’s on again. Latin music artist Marc Anthony and his wife, model Shannon de Lima, have put a second home they own in Tarzana back on the market.

This time the asking price is $3.35 million, a cool million less than they were asking when they first listed...

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6. From Bel-Air to Encino, a look at L.A. County's high-water home sales in JanuaryСб., 10 февр.[−]

A contemporary mansion with big-band ties, the onetime estate of a sandwich king and the new home base of a former baseball player were among the most expensive homes sold in January in Los Angeles County. Here’s a larger look.

$22.5 million — Bel-Air

On Somma Way, a contemporary mansion built...

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7. City selling $1 lots: Is this the future of 'affordable housing' for the middle class?Чт., 08 февр.[−]

The cities of San Diego and Lemon Grove are poised to sell lots for $1 each to a nonprofit land trust that will build houses reserved for middle-class families.

Maximum prices, for new three- to four-bedroom houses, will be $350,000.One project is 16 lots on vacant land in Nestor, near a trolley...

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8. Sadly, no one will get to testify on alleged fraud committed by Trump UniversityСр., 07 февр.[−]

Donald Trump, president of the United States, has been given the go-ahead by a federal court to pay $25 million to settle charges that he committed acts of fraud on thousands of Trump University students.

The decision by the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco puts the kibosh on...

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9. Hot Property: Seeing starsСб., 03 февр.[−]

Between looking at home sales prices and owner names, we start to find patterns. This week’s roundup highlights a few “doubles” and a “triple.”

For starters, a popular talk show host and comedian has priced her Bel-Air home at nearly twice the price she bought it for. Then there’s a Beverly Hills...

10. Rob Zombie's onetime lair was among the priciest homes sold last year in Hancock ParkЧт., 01 февр.[−]

Named after the Hancock family, who made a fortune by selling plots of land once their oil derricks ran dry, Hancock Park became a hot spot during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Now, the upscale area between Wilshire Boulevard and Melrose Avenue plays home to diverse groups of people, and its streets...

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11. Fancy spec homes were in high demand last year in Hollywood Hills WestСр., 31 янв.[−]

Once characterized by bears, coyotes and a few hunting cabins, Hollywood Hills West eventually gained a reputation as a hot spot for musicians and movie stars during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The hillside homes now vary from 1920s Spanish-style homes to contemporary showplaces, but the spectacular...

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12. These were the most expensive homes sold in La Ca?ada Flintridge last yearВт., 30 янв.[−]

Built on a history of territorial disputes, armed ranchers and governmental land grabs, La Ca?ada Flintridge has since calmed down.

Now, the city is more known for its wealthy residents and excellent schools, and it offers a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In 2017, there...

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13. San Diego home price increases, once again, among highest in U.S.Вт., 30 янв.[−]

San Diego had the fourth highest price gains in the nation in November, said a key real estate index released Tuesday.

The region’s home prices rose 7.4 percent in a year, said the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices. Only Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco had bigger increases in the 20-city...

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14. Floyd Mayweather lands a spot in Beverly Hills' top home sales of 2017Вс., 28 янв.[−]

The storied history of Beverly Hills begins with a stream-fed pool that the Tongva people called “The Gathering of the Waters” and ends with an ecosystem of luxury defined by famous streets, iconic hotels and ritzy mansions.

Now, the 90210 is a city filled with homes as luxurious as anywhere in...

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15. Pechanga Indian tribe buys La Jolla-owned Temecula golf resortСб., 27 янв.[−]

Pechanga’s massive growth spurt has spread beyond the casino.

On Friday, the Pechanga Band of Luise?o Indians announced it had purchased the Temecula Creek Inn golf resort from La Jolla-based JC Resorts for an undisclosed price.

Earlier in the week, a March 1 date was set for the official unveiling...

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16. Outfielder Nori Aoki's new home in the O.C. mirrors his first MLB stadiumПт., 26 янв.[−]

Professional baseball player Nori Aoki, who has played for a handful of MLB teams during his baseball career, has paid about $2.456 million for a new home base in Newport Beach.

The outfielder’s new digs mirror the stadium of his first American team, the Milwaukee Brewers. Just as Miller Park features...

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17. Southern California median home price breaks record set last decade during housing bubbleЧт., 25 янв.[−]

The Southern California median home price in December finally surpassed bubble-era highs, a milestone that took more than a decade to achieve and is once again raising concerns that housing is too costly.

The six-county region’s median price surged 8.2% from a year earlier to $507,500, real estate...

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18. San Diego median home price ends year in record territoryЧт., 25 янв.[−]

The San Diego County median home price finished the year at one of its highest points.

The county median home price increased 9.1 percent in a year.December's median price of $540,000 was the second-highest of the year, tied with NovemberNearly 500 new homes sold in December, the most in one month...

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19. Tijuana condo craze continues in to 2018Вт., 23 янв.[−]

Tijuana continues to build vertically with more residential options in 2018 than last year.

There will be roughly 500 condos for sale this year.Many condos are under construction, likely to be completed over the next three years.Crime, currency woes and competition among builders has not slowed...

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20. San Diego in midst of hotel building boomПн., 22 янв.[−]

In the span of a year, the number of hotel rooms under construction in San Diego County doubled, outpacing all other counties in Southern California.

New year-end figures released by Orange County-based Atlas Hospitality Group document a continued building boom up and down the state, with a record...

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21. Get your credit score ready for the home-buying processВс., 21 янв.[−]

Dear Liz: What score do you need to be approved for a mortgage? Is 520 even close? If not, how do I get that score higher quickly?

Answer: A score of 520 on the usual 300-to-850 FICO scale is pretty bad. Theoretically, you might be able to get a mortgage if you can make a large down payment, but...

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22. 2017 was the year LeBron James doubled down in BrentwoodПт., 19 янв.[−]

With its ritzy Westside homes and exclusive country clubs, Brentwood has always been a suburb dedicated to luxury. Today, new Hamptons-style mansions are replacing original developments, but its focus on upscale living remains unchanged.

In 2017, Brentwood recorded a little over 200 single-family...

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23. San Diego slips to 32nd in builder interest: Planning groups at fault?Пт., 19 янв.[−]

San Diego County slipped from 23rd to 32nd in a national ranking of developer and builder interest among 78 metro areas covered in the Urban Land Institute’s annual “Emerging Trends” report.

The top market was Seattle, followed by Austin, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Raleigh/Durham, N.C.San...

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24. Apartments replacing an old Ikea in Burbank? Some see it as an answer to the housing crunchПт., 19 янв.[−]

The city of Burbank has been going through a growth spurt, adding more than 16,500 jobs from 2010 to 2016 as employers such as Warner Bros. Entertainment boosted payrolls.

But, like much of Southern California, the city’s housing supply hasn’t kept up. Burbank built only 294 homes during that period,...

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25. Neighborhood Spotlight: Bell's advantageous location bumps its past scandal down a few pegsПт., 19 янв.[−]

In the 1800s, the king of Spain was in the habit of extravagantly rewarding the civil servants and soldiers who helped tend to his far-flung empire, providing eye-poppingly large land grants to generals and back-office non-commissioned officers alike.

So it was that Cpl. Don Antonio Maria Lugo,...

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