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1. Philippine bus careens into ravine, killing 19, injuring 1704:46[−]
Police say at least 19 people were killed when a passenger bus careened off a road and fell into a ravine south of the Philippine capital.

2. Clandestine videos roil Peru ahead of impeachment vote04:25[−]
The revelation of videos allegedly showing attempts to buy a lawmaker*s political support is shaking Peru*s political establishment days before a scheduled impeachment vote against President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

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3. Thousands in Rio demand answers about murder of councilwoman03:42[−]
Thousands of Brazilians are demanding answers about the assassination of a black councilwoman in Rio de Janeiro.

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4. UN gives strong backing to Lebanon's political independence03:16[−]
The U.N. Security Council reaffirmed its strong support Tuesday for Lebanon's political independence following a report by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who said "crises in the region continue to pose a risk to the stability" of the country.

5. Former President Obama arrives in New Zealand for 3-day trip02:59[−]
Former U.S. President Barack Obama has arrived in New Zealand for a three-day visit, where he will speak with community leaders, meet the nation's prime minister and play some golf.

6. Assailants cut Mexican students' hair; 13 evacuate drug zone01:16[−]
Officials in southern Mexico say assailants stormed into a middle school and cut students' hair by force near the resort of Acapulco.

7. Ex-refugees struggle with their Afghanistan homecoming00:45[−]
Former refugees returning to Afghanistan who spent years in Pakistan have struggled to adjust to life in their native country.

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8. Balkans tour by Russian bikers loyal to Putin stirs uneaseВт., 20 марта[−]
Members of a Russian motorcycle club known for its allegiance to President Vladimir Putin are touring the Balkans, the volatile European region where Moscow wants to expand its influence.

9. Greece: Woman wanted in Malta journalist's death surrendersВт., 20 марта[−]
Greek police say a Russian woman wanted by Malta in connection with the car bomb slaying of an investigative journalist last year has surrendered voluntarily in Athens.

10. Ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal allegedly poisoned: What to knowВт., 20 марта[−]
What to know about Sergei Skripal, the former Russian spy who British authorities said was poisoned by a nerve agent.

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11. Guatemala removes investigators from anti-corruption panelВт., 20 марта[−]
The United Nations' anti-corruption commission in Guatemala says the government has removed 11 police investigators working with the panel to uncover graft.

12. Top Greek prosecutor seeks retrial for ex-statistics chiefВт., 20 марта[−]
A Greek supreme court prosecutor has called for the retrial of the country's former statistics chief, convicted a year ago for alleged breach of duty in a highly politicized case.

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13. Pennsylvania college student's body found at base of 'significant drop' in BermudaВт., 20 марта[−]
Officials in Bermuda on Tuesday revealed new details about a missing U.S. college student's disappearance after his body was found Monday night at the bottom of a "significant drop" on the British island territory.

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14. Chinese dissident, official trade barbs at UN rights bodyВт., 20 марта[−]
A Chinese diplomat repeatedly interrupted a brief speech by prominent Chinese dissident in a failed attempt to block him from speaking at the U.N. Human Rights Council.

15. Italian fashion chamber working toward sustainability goalsВт., 20 марта[−]
The head of the Italian Fashion Chamber says the body is working toward creating clear criteria of what it means for the fashion industry to be environmentally sustainable.

16. Maldives former dictator, judges charged with terrorismВт., 20 марта[−]
Maldives authorities have charged the country's former dictator and two top judges with terrorism amid state of emergency.

17. Ukrainian lawmakers must leave guns outside parliamentВт., 20 марта[−]
Ukraine's parliament has approved a bill requiring lawmakers to lock up their guns before entering the chamber.

18. Canada proposes tightening controls on gun salesВт., 20 марта[−]
Gun retailers in Canada would be required to keep records of firearms inventory and sales for at least 20 years under government legislation introduced Tuesday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government.

19. European countries criticize US protectionism at G-20 summitВт., 20 марта[−]
Spain's economy minister says several European countries attending a G-20 ministerial summit are criticizing protectionist measures by the United States.

20. Free-roaming hippo transported to zoo in southern MexicoВт., 20 марта[−]
A hippopotamus that has been roaming loose in a swampy area of southern Mexico has been caught and transported to a zoo.

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