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Culture at The Motley Fool

1. How to Create Moments That MatterПн., 20 нояб.[−]
My first day at The Motley Fool started with the “LEEdership and Business Tour.” The idea that a high-ranking exec (Lee Burbage, who heads up the TMF People team) would take time to tour new hires around the building felt really special. Although I entered the professional world long before the Fool, this tour remains […]Комментарии (0)

2. We Don’t Have to Go Far for InspirationСр., 15 нояб.[−]
We love it when outsiders come to visit us and share their wisdom with the Fools here at Motley Fool HQ. But did you know that our very own co-founders are celebrated speakers and thought leaders, too? Years of dedication, collaboration, and innovation have led to well-respected reputations, and both David and Tom are represented […]Комментарии (0)

3. At the Fool: Gretchen RubinПт., 03 нояб.[−]
In The Four Tendencies, best-selling author and respected thought leader Gretchen Rubin reveals a new framework for entrepreneurs and side-hustlers to follow. Understanding its four zones, Rubin argues, “lets us make better decisions, meet deadlines, suffer less stress and burnout, and engage more effectively.” Gretchen graciously made time to visit The Motley Fool during her […]Комментарии (0)

4. How Fools Tackled Hurricane ReliefВт., 31 окт.[−]
When it comes to giving, Fools go above and beyond. A Foolanthropy team recently traveled to Texas to help with post-hurricane recovery. Here is System Administrator Fool Rob Bursk’s look at the highlights of that trip. Traveling to Houston for only a few days left lasting impressions. The majority of our time was spent working […]Комментарии (0)

5. Spooky October Office TraditionsЧт., 26 окт.[−]
Halloween is one of The Motley Fool’s most celebrated traditions. Office decor is always top-notch, plus creative costumes bring Foolishness to life in brand-new ways. Halloween is only one day, yet the anticipation ramps up long before October 31. For example, our Horror Fan Club hosts a movie night every weekday in October, and shows […]Комментарии (0)

6. At the Fool: Matt PaxtonПн., 23 окт.[−]
From business leaders to best-selling authors, our internal speaker series brings MOTLEY to life through diverse programming. At the Fool highlights all levels of mastery, and exposing employees to great minds outside FoolHQ has proven worthwhile. At the Fool recently played host to Extreme Cleaning Expert and co-founder of Legacy Navigator, Matt Paxton. While the […]Комментарии (0)

7. Heroes of Conscious CapitalismЧт., 19 окт.[−]
What an honor! The Motley Fool’s co-founders, David & Tom Gardner, were recently named “Heroes of Conscious Capitalism,” joining the inaugural Class of 2017 with leaders from The Container Store, Campbell Soup Company, Middleby Corporation, Ben and Jerry’s, and more. Conscious Capitalism’s principles have made lasting impacts on The Motley Fool. To provide more context, […]Комментарии (0)

8. Cutting Message ClutterЧт., 12 окт.[−]
It was reported that 43% of workers use some type of instant messaging system. Slack functions as The Motley Fool’s primary internal communications platform, fostering 24/7 access to teams and coworkers across the globe. Despite other features that make Slack a great fit, clutter remains its number one flaw. With a tool used so often, […]Комментарии (0)

9. Anything but Cookie CutterВт., 10 окт.[−]
Samantha Whiteside has racked up numerous awards and recognitions since joining The Motley Fool in 2013, including 2017 Most Athletic Company in DC; 2016 Game Changer in Employee Health; and 2015 Washingtonian Healthiest Company Award. Sam’s role as Chief Wellness Officer continues to impact our company at-large, with over 90% of employees adopting better health […]Комментарии (0)

10. Introducing FoolWorks in Las VegasПн., 09 окт.[−]
The Motley Fool’s most valuable people strategies have been concentrated into one organizational development tool. Designed to help employees navigate professional signals, FoolWorks also aims to facilitate alignment between individuals and managers. Built and developed by in-house experts, FoolWorks promotes the framework of developing – not assessing – individuals. If you’re attending this week’s HR […]Комментарии (0)

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