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1. It’s CMS Critic Awards Time ... Nominate Joomla!Ср., 01 авг.[−]

Joomla has made it an habit to win one of the key CMS Critic awards for the past four years. It is time to make it happen again this year and make it a Fantastic Five!

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2. Pizza suppliers love Joomla!Ср., 25 июля[−]

Joomla 4.0 is on the horizon, but over 200 bugs and feature requests are untested, which means, they cannot go into the Joomla core. As a main rule, new functions for Joomla have to be tested before they can be merged into an official release. Usually it takes only a few minutes and Joomla becomes better and better.

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3. Joomla needs your help!Вт., 17 июля[−]

Since the beginning of May a dedicated Joomla Team have been working on a Privacy Tool Suite to help ensure compliance of your websites with privacy regulations.

We need your help to reach the next milestone! Community testing is very important in an Open Source project, like Joomla, to ensure a quality product.
Community members and extension developers, please test these new extensions in every way possible so that we can merge this Privacy Tool Suite to Joomla 3.9 and then enter the release lifecycle (alpha, beta, release candidate and stable).
If you don’t know exactly what the Privacy Tool Suite is, we encourage you to read this thread:

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4. The New Joomla Shop is here!Сб., 05 мая[−]

You have waited a long time for a place to buy a Joomla mug, t-shirt, cap, hoodies ... to show the world your Joomla love! I couldn’t make you wait anymore so, here it is, the new Joomla shop is online!

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5. Joomla at CloudFestВт., 27 марта[−]

A Joomla delegation attended CloudFest 2018, the world's largest cloud festival (over 6500 attendees, 200 exhibitors, and 250 speakers) to raise awareness about the Project.
The event occured at Europa Park (Rust - Germany) from March 10th to 16th, 2018 and I was there to promote Joomla.

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