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1. The New Joomla Shop is here!Сб., 05 мая[−]

You have waited a long time for a place to buy a Joomla mug, t-shirt, cap, hoodies ... to show the world your Joomla love! I couldn’t make you wait anymore so, here it is, the new Joomla shop is online!

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2. Joomla at CloudFestВт., 27 марта[−]

A Joomla delegation attended CloudFest 2018, the world's largest cloud festival (over 6500 attendees, 200 exhibitors, and 250 speakers) to raise awareness about the Project.
The event occured at Europa Park (Rust - Germany) from March 10th to 16th, 2018 and I was there to promote Joomla.

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3. JET Program Award Recipients AnnouncedПн., 26 марта[−]

The JET Team are pleased to announce the recipients of the JET Award for JandBeyond 2018.

There were 14 Applications and 7 applicants were granted an award

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